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Dr Jim Yao

 Perth - Thornlie

Perth tutor in Engineering, Industrial Technology, Maths, Physics, Statistics, Math 2AB, 2CD, 3AB and 3CD, Math Specialist 3AB and 3CD and Physics 2AB and 3AB for high school and bridging students, All level of university mathematics, Physics, Electrical and Electronics, mechanics statics/dynamic, Control Systems & etc. for university students

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Unlock your genius with Dr. Jim, a right step toward to your bright future

Dr. Jim is a home-returning university lecturer from Singapore Polytechnic and has being tutoring in Perth since 2010. He offers tutoring on Math and Physics to school students and various engineering subjects to university students. His teaching emphasizes on topic comprehension, problem analyzing and solving methods, thus his student's learning capabilities being raised to a higher level. As the result his students
can make progress in study quicker than their mates and move their rankings ahead than their mates.

Katrina Pereira is last years Y-12 student of Rossmoyne Senior and she took my tutoring on Math3C, D, MAT 3C, D and Physics 3A, B in her Y-12 study (Year 2013). She is a front-runner of Y-12 students and achieved ATAR of 96.6. Due to her excellent study and performance she was awarded with ambassadorial role by Department and Local Government and Communities of WA.

Sharon took my tutoring for two years while she was Y11-Y12 student, she achieve a score of 97 on physics of 2012 WACE.

Jun was last years Y-12 student of Willeton Senior and he took my tutition on Math 3C, D, Mat3C, D and Physics 3A, B during year 2013. He was among Top-5 among Y-
12 students of his school and achieved ATAR of 99 after 2013-WACE.

Colin, current Y-12 a current Y-12 student of Rossmoyne Senior, has been taken my tutoring on Math3C, D and MAT3C, D since beginning of 2013. He is a front-runner among 200 plus Y-12 students in his school. His current predicting ATAR score predicted by his school is 98.8.

Sunny was an international student of Curtin University and followed my tutoring for about three years from 2011 to 2013. Although Sunny missed a lot of his lessons from Curtin due to his part-time work, he managed to pass each exam with majority units being awarded with distinction. With my help his thesis was highly appreciated by Western Power and he was offered employment by Western Power even before his graduation.

I could not tell all successful stories of my tutees, however one thing is common that they took Dr Jim�s tuition. Here I put the reviews of Stuart Reeves, who followed my tuition while doing Master degree study, in the following to end this introduction.

"Finding tutors that really understand engineering and in particular control systems theory are rare. Finding one that can actually teach the subject is almost impossible. Jim Yao got me through a subject that I doubt I would have ever passed without his patience and persistence. His ability to go through difficult concepts in several different ways until I finally understood it was excellent. I would recommend Jim to any engineering or maths students needing assistance"

All tutoring is conduct at my workshop at Thornlie which is equipped with all high tech equipment for tutoring efficiency and furniture for your comfort.

Contact me either on my email: or mobile: 0405260298 to find more on my tutoring and book sessions for you.

For High school students Applicable Mathematics
ATAR mathematics methods Y11 and Y12 ATAR mathematics specialists Y11 and Y12
ATAR Physics Y11 and Y12

For University and continuous-study students Math and Physics for bridging courses Engineering Mathematics (All levels)
Mathematics for economics, Linear Algebra, Physics for Scientists & Engineers
Electronics (Analog and Digital), Electric Circuits Analysis
Electrical Machine, Power System Analysis, Mechanic Statics, Mechanic Dynamics
Control Systems, Computer Programming, Mech Eletronics, Embedded System & etc.

Contact: email:, mobile 0405260298. Address: 21 Constantine court, THORNLIE, WA6108, where is not far from THORNLIE railway station and having a number of bus stops nearby such as route 206, 210, 212, and 214.

Thank you for reading my self-introduction and look forward to hearing from you soon.



Tutoring, in Perth for four years (to school, university and distance study students),
Teaching at university for 20 years (Singapore Polytechnic and Norwegian Institute of
Being supervisor for diploma, bachelor and master degrees for more than 10 years,


PhD awarded by Norwegian Institute of Technology 1990
Master degree of Science awarded by Science Academy of China, 1982


Tuition fee :
Y7-Y10 school students:
$50 per hour
Y11-Y12 High school students
$60 per hr
University students:
$70 per hour
Post graduate students:
From $80 per hour depending on course module.

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Special Offer - Discount could be available for group tuition.




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Tutoring Location
  • Tutor's Place in Thornlie
  • Private & Group Tuition


Maths (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Statistics (Secondary, Tertiary)


Physics (Secondary, Tertiary)


Engineering (Secondary, Tertiary)
Industrial Technology (Secondary, Tertiary)

Other Subjects

Math 2AB, 2CD, 3AB and 3CD, Math Specialist 3AB and 3CD and Physics 2AB and 3AB for high school and bridging students, All level of university mathematics, Physics, Electrical and Electronics, mechanics statics/dynamic, Control Systems & etc. for university students

"Dr Jim is a fantastic tutor. I started year 11 needing help in Mathematics 3AB and Mathematics: Specialist 3AB and slightly in Physics and I my results have improved by him teaching me."

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