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Mr Jing Han

 Sydney - Sydney South

Exquisite HSC Chinese IB Mandarin Tutor Teacher10 years experience

Sydney tutor in Mandarin

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Sydney CBD, East Sydney, South Sydney, North Sydney, Northwest

(9 student reviews)

Intensive Online lesson using ZOOM and Google document now - Improve your children‘s HSC IB result in a short time

Hi, my name is Jing. I am an experienced HSC IB mandarin tutor with a Master's degree from the UK. I also have a law bachelor's degree. I have been teaching Chinese for 10 years. I use to teach high school students both in UK and Australia. I provide 1-1 HSC Chinese tuition, IBDP, and other IB Chinese tuition.

A tutoring system is used to help high school students to improve their Chinese results.
HSC Chinese IB Chinese
VCE Chinese

Speaking and listening: I have a unique method to improve student’s pronunciation in 2-3 months' time. Intensive tone practice 15 mins each time + homework about listening. Students not only can get high marks in exams but also be able to communicate in Chinese fluently.

Professional essay writing improves lessons — for continuers and extension learners, writing is a great way to improve their Chinese.

This is from my HSC mandarin student Ryan, he got the top five in the 2019 exam.

"Dear Jing, Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐! Thanks for the wishes. I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas and a superb new year. By the way, I got my exam results. 我觉得我考得非常好。I think I did really well. In 2 Unit Chinese, I got 93/100 (九十三分) and in 3 Unit Chinese (Extension) I got 96/100 (九十六分). I
This means that in Chinese Extension I came 5th in the state. (5th position out of 30 candidates)
My ATAR (mark) is 96.25. I’d like to thank you for all the help and support you provided this year! All the best!
- Ryan 😁"
---------------------------------------- I also teach Adult professional Mandarin, Children's Mandarin.

I have worked as an employees' Chinese tutor in several companies in London including Citibank, JP Morgan, Four Seasons Hotel, and Clifford Chance... In my 9 years of teaching experience (3 years in London) I tried to improve the teaching quality of each lesson. Learning Mandarin isn't easy but with an attractive method, you will get to love the language. I use interesting songs and audio in my lessons. Nothing makes me happier than watching my students progress towards mastery of mandarin.

1. A specific speaking (oral) training method is used to make sure you can speak like a native Chinese person. Most of my students (beginners) can master everyday Chinese in 3 months. The course has been designed to help you quickly and efficiently gain a rock-solid foundation in tones and pronunciation, helping you finally break through in your Chinese study. Here is a student’s recommendation.

STUDENT TESTIMONIALS - William (Writer and editor):
“I highly recommend Jing as a Mandarin teacher, for many reasons. Most important to me is pronunciation; I have tried evening classes and CDs before and didn't really get it. Since taking lessons with JING, for the first time what is coming out of my mouth actually sounds like Chinese. I'm not a natural linguist and I don't kill myself doing homework.”

The programs spend more time building sound foundations in pronunciation and tone which allow faster development in vocabulary and grammar later in the course.

2. I like to design dramas and role plays to encourage my students to use the language naturally. It helps you to understand the content you learned rather than just reading a textbook. What’s more, tests are arranged in each lesson. I tailor a comprehensive exam to my students every three months.

3. The lesson is designed based on the HSK Chinese exam curriculum. Generally, after three months’ study, you can reach HSK level 2.

Exquisite beginner speaking lessons - You can develop your speaking abilities in 2-3 months' time, some of my beginner students could discuss easy topics fluently in a month.

Andrew (Manager of Four Seasons Hotel):
"I highly recommend Jing as a Mandarin tutor. His ability to connect with me and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced sentence construction and character recognition, are truly superior. He has good written and verbal communication skills.”

Nigel (Freelance artist):
"Jing turns up with a well thought out lesson plan that builds on what I have previously learned so that each lesson I come away with more”

Sara (Lawyer of Clifford Chance):
"As a person, Jing is organized, punctual, flexible, a good judge of my learning pace and generally a very nice guy to work with”

(References are available. You can call my current students. Contact me for their details through email or message)

Please do not hesitate to contact me by email or Phone at 0498165010 JING
(I will return all calls and messages)
Flexible working time:7 days /week including evening and weekend

80 dollars for 1-1 HSC Chinese Tuition
80 dollars for 1-1 IBDP Chinese Tuition

Group online lessons also could be arranged.




I used to work in a local school as a teacher also I worked as employees' Chinese tutor in several companies in London including Citibank, JP Morgan, Four Seasons Hotel and Clifford Chance...

10 years’ teaching experience (3 years in London)

Beyond Chinese Beginner lesson - reference available
HSC VCE Mandarin - reference available


Chinese Language Teaching Certificate


80 dollars for 1-1 HSC Chinese Tuition
80 dollars for 1-1 IBDP Chinese Tuition

Student Discount

Special Offer - 10 hours advanced payment with 5% discount

Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in New South Wales until 25-Jun-2024 (details available on request)




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Mandarin (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)

"Jing is a highly talented tutor who is very personable, he has helped me significantly through my mandarin learning journey through the past year and a half, aiding me with my homework, exams and assessments and general mandarin knowledge. I am currently a high achieving extension IB student and was previously a high achieving MYP student and much of my success can be attributed to Jing, who is able to help me with all thing I have struggled with and extended me whenever it was needed. He has always had additional work at hand if I have had nothing specific to work on making all my lessons highly useful and education. I have had many different mandarin tutors previously and Jing is by far the best."

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