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Mr Kiran Rasaratnam


99th Percentile (3300) Specialised UCAT Tutoring and 99.95 ATAR

Melbourne tutor in UCAT

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My name is Kiran Rasaratnam, graduated with 99th percentile in the UCAT and a 99.95 ATAR, along with the Sir John Monash Scholarship for Distinction for Medicine at Monash University.

IMPORTANCE of the UCAT: • The GOLDEN TICKET to landing interviews including early interviews (Adelaide, University of Queensland) to use in preparation for Monash
• Getting below the 90th percentile, remarkably boosts ATAR requirements into the 99s • Conversely getting above the 90th percentile can lower ATAR requirements to land an interview, to as low as 95

I was very anxious about the UCAT and it’s importance to making it into medicine. I thought a single off-performance or a muck up, and there was absolutely no chance I could get in. This perception is completely false. The point of UCAT tutoring and practise, is to get you to a standard so high that ‘stuffing up’ no longer becomes getting below 90 but rather missing out on 99th percentile.
Only a minority of people receive tuition for the UCAT, and those that are able to take on board the strategies on offer and commit themselves find themselves reaching heights and scoring marks they never would’ve expected.

After intense work I realised that natural ability has ABSOLUTELY NO ROLE in success, whilst preparation was EVERYTHING!

Throughout primary and high school, I absolutely enjoyed sharing and teaching students on the wonders of each of them and how important a skill it is to learn for our future. I've tutored many of my friends and siblings informally and have been encouraged by them to start formal tutoring in order to assist students who need that extra help to achieve their dreams.
I really want to invest everything I have in helping you guys excel in the UCAT and take one step closer to medicine.

• Received a total score ~100 points above the cut-off for 99th percentile • 99.95 ATAR • Studied the UCAT extensively for 2 years, undertaking courses in SINGAPORE and the U.K in order to amass the best and most niche strategies • Scores of hours of tutoring experience helping many in my own cohort excel in the UCAT

• Effective small group tutoring • Tests and exam preparation materials I’ve amassed from companies overseas

• Macrostrategies to apply for each section of the UCAT, which are several broad strategies that can be re-used reliably
• Microstrategies to apply for specific instances within each of these sections in order to MAXIMISE efficiency and marks for certain question types/scenarios • Notes are a succinct balance of theory and hand-picked questions meant to test the efficacy of the theory being studied • Core focus on understanding theory and strategy as the key foundation for success
• Learning about medicine, the medical professional as a whole and by extension interview preparation (whilst studying the SJT)

Lesson are open to ALL year levels but content and difficulty is in preparation for the actual exam (aka Year 11/12 oriented).

Lesson times: Negotiable

Lessons will be held online over Zoom due to the COVID situation.

Details to get into contact:

Really looking forward to working with you!!



-Tutoring many people in the year level below myself and my current cohort in the UCAT
- Formerly learnt and built expertise in tutoring through Biology 3/4 , helping those in the year level below myself achieve fantastic results


2nd Year student of Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine at Monash University

Achieved in the 99th percentile for the UCAT (3300), more than 100 points above the 99th cut off.

706 (94th percentile) for Situational Judgement Test

Class of 2021 Results:
5 students admitted into BMedSci/MD at Monash University
Top scores: x1 3300 (99th), x1 3210 (98th), x1 3180 (98th)
Numerous students above 90th percentile

99.95 ATAR


$40 per lesson for group (75-90min)
$75 per lesson for individual (75-90min)




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UCAT (Tertiary)

"Kiran is an extremely hard-working and dedicated person. His wide array of knowledge and depth of understanding has considerably helped me understand the content well. Kiran's enthusiasm in his studies has helped motivate me to perform well when I was under pressure and stress. His ability to concisely convey information and his passion in the subject has elevated my performance in VCE."

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