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Ms Laura Hartnell

 Melbourne - Hawthorn

Online essay-writing expertise with rigour and care.

Melbourne tutor in English, English Literature, Essay Writing, Creative Writing, Media Studies, Communication, Journalism, Philosophy, Society and Culture, Theatre, Theatre Studies, Drama

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Are you stuck at home and in need of some effective, efficient online tutoring that holds you accountable, keeps you on track, and offers tonnes of encouragement, feedback and skills? You've come to the right place.

To help students and families transition to online tutoring in response to COVID-19, I am offering 50% your first session. Please contact me for more information.

I am a lover of books, reading, writing and learning, and I do English tutoring a little differently. In my ten years of tutoring experience (both online and offline), I have found that standard tutoring can be difficult to arrange around students' busy schedules. Plus, so much time is wasted in sessions as the tutor waits for the student to write something, or as the student sits there anxiously waiting while the tutor reads their work. I ask students to write their drafts first, which I will then read and comment on with tracked changes and detailed comments, providing a document that summarises what they're doing well and what they need to work on. This is followed up by a Skype session, allowing students to ask follow-up questions, clarify any of my comments and seek further guidance.

My online tutoring sessions happens in three steps, through my online tutoring business Good Sentences (

First, we’ll have a chat (phone or video), to make sure you know what you’re doing, understand how to get top marks, and have a plan to get it done. This might involve breaking down an essay question, having a look at the marking rubric, making sure you understand keywords and concepts, and helping you write some planning notes. We’ll also come up with a timeline so you can get your work done by the due date.

Next, you’ll go and write your first draft and send it to me when you’re ready. I'll proofread it, write some detailed comments in the margins, and provide you with a paragraph of personalised feedback.

Then, we’ll have a follow-up chat (phone or video) to answer any questions, make sure you understand the comments and know how to action them, and feel confident enough to submit your work.

This process can be repeated as many times as you need, for as many drafts as necessary, to ensure you submit something that you’re proud of.

I am a freelance writer and arts educator, currently studying my PhD and tutoring/lecturing at Monash University after having received awards for Best Thesis and Best Student in my Honours degree. I have worked as a tutor across Melbourne for ten years and have a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) at The University of Melbourne.

I consistently get results from my students. My speciality is the VCE English, Literature and English Language curriculum, and the VCE English students I have taught have achieved 35+ Study Scores as a result of my tutoring. I am very proud of the successes of past students and the relationships I have formed with them. To hear from my past students, read their reviews here:

Please get in touch for more information. I'd love to chat with you.



I have had ten years' experience tutoring students, both children and adults, and I am currently a tutor, lecturer and PhD Candidate at Monash University in the humanities. My research areas include theatre, literature, linguistics, philosophy, gender studies, sociology and anthropology, media and communications studies, and cultural studies.

I am a teacher and freelance writer, and expert in essay writing, with a particular emphasis on critical thinking, language use and essay structure, as I believe these key skills will help you in scholarly and career pursuits. I work with all my students from a growth perspective, encouraging them to recognise their own strengths in their study areas while helping them build the skills they need to succeed both in their studies and in their broader lives. I teach with encouragement, empathy and kindness, while also expecting a high degree of engagement and effort from the students I work with.

I am rigorous, versatile and adaptive, looking after each student's individual needs and ensuring I teach in a
way that works for them. In doing this, my students have had great success, drastically
improving their test and essay scores (often by more than 20%), raising themselves to above
average marks in their NAPLANs, and achieving high study scores (35+) in VCE English, Literature, Drama, Theatre Studies and Media, leading to high ATAR scores and acceptance into their preferred university courses. Feel
free to contact me to chat further, and/or for references.


Current - PhD Candidate at Monash University, studying theatre and performance, literature, gender studies, media and cultural studies, philosophy.

2017 - Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Theatre and Performance at Monash University (90.25 Final Mark). Awarded Best Honours Thesis and Best Honours Student.

2016 - Graduate Certificate in Arts and Community Development from the Victorian College of the Arts

2013 - Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) from the University of Melbourne.
(HD Average)

2009 - Victorian Certificate of Education: ENTER (ATAR) Score = 98.65. Study scores:
English (49/50); Literature (44/50); English Language (39/50); Drama (46/50); Health
and Human Development (42/50); Further Mathematics (38/50)


Various rates and packages available. Please contact me for more information.

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Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in Victoria until 13-Feb-2023 (details available on request)




Joined Tutor Finder on 05-Feb-2014 (updated profile on 24-Mar-2020)
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Creative Writing (Secondary, Tertiary)
English (Secondary, Tertiary)
English Literature (Secondary, Tertiary)
Essay Writing (Secondary, Tertiary)

Social Science

Philosophy (Secondary, Tertiary)
Society and Culture (Secondary, Tertiary)


Communication (Secondary, Tertiary)
Journalism (Secondary, Tertiary)
Media Studies (Secondary, Tertiary)

Other Subjects

Theatre, Theatre Studies, Drama

"Laura is a fantastic tutor. She is dedicated and wonderful person. She ensures that all of the curriculum is understood by the student and quickly identifies where there are problems and addresses them. Laura is always on hand particularly during SACs and exams, making sure her students are ready for these important tasks. She also addresses anxiety issues and always goes out of her way to help her students. You would be very lucky to hire her."

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