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Melbourne - Melbourne St Kilda South Yarra Richmond

Tutor Lim Melbourne Tutor in Algebra, Architecture, Biochemistry, Business Studies, Calculus, Chemistry, Computing, Engineer, Engineering, English, Finance,... (see below for full list of subjects and levels)

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"We provide tutoring services specialising in Math and Engineering subjects."

My name is Lian and I am a lead engineering tutor at Tutor Lim. Together, we are a team of 100+ professional engineers who are committed to empower university students to achieve academic excellence. Our tutors are not only qualified experts in their fields, but have excellent people skills, and a passion for education.

At Tutor Lim, we aims to create a sustainable study community where students and tutors can work together and solve problems. We want to gather like-minded individuals who enjoy both teaching and 'learning-by-teaching'.

What sets us apart?

Over ten years of engineering and thousands of hours accumulated tutoring more than 300 students, we realized that all too many students were simply going about their assignments ineffectively, and taking far too long to get a result. We employed the knowledge that came from years of professional engineers stress testing our critical thinking skills, and have made it our mission to share our insights with engineering students who are looking to increase their efficiency and the overall quality of their work.

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What we offer:

1. Private or group lessons can be conducted at your home, the local library, the tutor's home or wherever else you decide.
2. Tutoring is available 7 days a week.
3. No commitment - you are not locked into a contract with any tutor ever.
4. Our tutors are all about getting you RESULTS.
5. We are university graduates who have been through exactly what students are currently facing with years of tutoring experience.

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Our focus:

* VCE Physics

* VCE Chemistry

* VCE Maths Methods, Specialist and Further units.

* IB Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

* University Engineering Mathematics, Physics and any general Engineering subjects up to masters level.

* Advance University Topics including Mechatronics, Electrical, Structural, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

* Advance Finance Mathematics, Statistics and R programming.

* Computer Science and other programming languages e.g. Python, Java, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Pascal, PHP, Perl, C++ or C.

* CAD plus other Engineering software including Autocad, Autodesk, Abacus, Matlab, Simulink, Spacegass, Aspen HYSYS, CATIA and ANSYS.

* English, in particular IELTS and PTE test, for international students.

Please don't hesitate to call if you have any queries or wish to organise a session.


  • Algebra - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Architecture - Tertiary
  • Biochemistry - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Business Studies - Tertiary
  • Calculus - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Chemistry - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Computing - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Engineer - General
  • Engineering - Secondary, Tertiary
  • English - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Finance - Tertiary
  • General Science - Secondary, Tertiary
  • IELTS - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Industrial Technology - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Mandarin - Intermediate, Advanced
  • Maths - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Maths Methods - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Physics - Secondary, Tertiary
  • PTE - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Statistics - Secondary, Tertiary
  • Teacher - General

  • R programming, Python, Java, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Pascal, PHP, Perl, C++, C #, CAD, Autocad, Autodesk, Abacus, Matlab, Simulink, Aspen HYSYS, Spacegass, CATIA and ANSYS.

Service Areas

Melbourne CBD, Melb Uni, Monash Uni, St Kilda, Prahran, South Yarra, Brighton RMIT, Richmond


High School level:
1. VCE Maths (Methods, Specialist, Further)
2. VCE Physics
3. VCE Chemistry
4. IB Physics, Maths, Chemistry (HL/SL)

Engineering level:
1. Eng. Mathematics
2. Eng. Dynamics
3. Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
4. Fluid Mechanics
5. Engineering Structures
6. Electrical Engineering
7. Finite Elements Methods (FEM)
8. Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
9. Engineering Computing
10. Solid Mechanics
11. Data science
12. Algorithms and data structures
13. Multivariable calculus
14. Computational mathematics
15. Steel and Concrete Structures
16. Extreme Loading of Structures
17. C Programming
18. Number Systems and Linear Algebra
19. Calculus and Differential Equations
20. Basic Electronic Circuits
21. Linear Circuits and Signals
22. Vector Calculus
23. Mechanics
24. Signal Processing and Control
25. Robotics Concepts
26. Control Systems
27. Composite structures
28. Statics, Dynamics and Mechanics
29. Aero structures
30. Momentum, Energy & Mass transport in Engineering Systems


Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)


  • Private Tuition
  • Group Tuition
  • Teaching Tuition
  • Home Visits
  • Phone Help
  • Online Help


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