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Dr Majeda Awawdeh

 Sydney - Kogarah

Telstra Business Women's Award Winner, Author, Educator, Entrepre

Sydney tutor in Algebra, Calculus, Creative Writing, English, English Literature, Essay Writing, Further Maths, Geometry, Maths, Maths Methods, Reading, Statistics

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Turramurra, Upper North Shore, Kogarah, South Sydney, Online

Dr Majeda Awawdeh, the founder of Global Education Academy, has completed a PhD degree at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Mathematics Education and Cognitive Load Theory. She also holds a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences, a Bachelor degree in Education, and a Masters Degree (with high distinction) in Mathematics Education.

In 2011, Dr Awawdeh put the theory into practice and established Global Education Academy, a learning centre for children from Pre Kindy to Year 12, to implement her PhD research in Cognitive Load Theory and Mathematics Education. In addition, she designed and administered testing regimes for International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS), which assesses over one million students from over 6300 schools throughout Australia and New Zealand annually.

Building upon her research and extensive experience, Dr Awawdeh mapped the Australian curriculum and developed 86 unique textbooks for Maths and English from Year K to Year 10. She also developed 6 other textbooks to prepare students for the selective school entry test and the opportunity entry test. Her recently published book “Who Cares About Maths Anyway?” is a must-read for all parents and educators.

Applying the ground-breaking theory and pedagogical methodology, which is centred upon Cognitive Load Theory was the fruit of her realisation that academic institutions and tutoring establishments need to change to allow for the improvement of the learning experience for students and academic success overall.

Global Education Academy offers another perspective on education. A ‘Learning for Understanding Framework’ has been developed in accordance with Cognitive Load Theory principles to enable students to understand concepts and become independent thinkers and problem solvers. This is what makes Global Education Academy a national multi-award winner.

Dr Awawdeh has been publicly recognised by receiving the following accolades:

2020 – Winner – Telstra Business Women’s Awards – NSW Small Business
2019 – Finalist – Ethnic Business Awards – Small Business Category 2019 – Finalist – Bx Excellence Awards – Education Training and Coaching Services 2019 – Finalist – Bx Excellence Awards – Business Person of the Year 2019 – Finalist – Small Business Champion Awards – Children’s Educational Services
2018 – Finalist – Local Business Awards – Education Services – Hornsby 2018 – Finalist – Local Business Awards – Specialised Business – St George
2017 – Winner – Small Business Champion Awards – Children’s Educational Services
2017 – Winner – Local Business Awards – Specialised Business – St George 2017 – Winner – Local Business Awards – Business Person of the Year
2016 – Winner – Local Business Awards – Specialised Business – St George

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Dr Majeda Awawdeh’s backstory on SBS:

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Telstra Business Women’s Awards acceptance video:


"Our child commenced at the beginning of the year, year 6 student. Went from getting 50% in her maths to 98%. We are grateful to the Global Education Academy and re-enrolled her for next year. Highly recommended."

- John Golijan

“Global Education Academy has been absolutely amazing for my daughter. Less than one term into the Primary School Tutoring program, major improvements were noticed by the school teacher through school assessments and my daughter's confidence in her own abilities started to show. Changing to the Specialised Tutoring branch produced significant overall improvements in class assessments and dramatic increases in grades. She even has fun at Global Education Academy and looks forward to her weekly classes. Whether you are considering school tutoring or specialised tutoring, I recommend Global Education Academy - both you and your child will thoroughly enjoy the experience.”

- Kent Unwin

“I cannot recommend Global Education Academy highly enough. Two of my children attend GEA. The older child is enjoying being extended beyond his school curriculum and enjoying being able to reach his potential. His younger brother, in the space of 6 months, has progressed from being at least a year behind in reading and comprehension to achieving at an age-appropriate level. I never thought I’d see the day that he was keeping up with his classmates at school, but GEA has made it possible. I cannot thank the staff enough. All of the staff are congenial, professional and obviously enjoy their work. They make learning fun and my boys love attending. They have bent over backwards to be flexible with days and times for tutoring so that my younger son’s sporting commitments can be accommodated. I am not at all surprised that the owner and founder of GEA, Dr Majeda Awawdeh, was the winner of the Australian Small Business award in 2017. She has built an outstanding academy.”

- Catherine Clements

“I've been meaning to write this for some time. My son Alex did 8 months of tutoring at GEA in the lead up to the selective school test last year. It was the Saturday morning selective school program. Alex went in with a mark of 70/180 and his final mock test was 146/180. The very first term he was taught how to manage his time in the test better and the strategy for when you can't finish the questions. This already helped him immediately. Global didn't have the kids doing practice tests every week like other places, they taught him how to problem solve, real knowledge, techniques and strategies. He began to love attending and seeing his improvement and confidence grow. Alex was already quite bright but the tutors were so brilliant that they knew how to help him and improve his learning and results. Global has quite simply changed Alex's prospects for the better. He had gone to the open day at Caringbah selective high school and loved it. It was his dream school. That's why he started at Global trying to make that dream possible. Well, we are going to his orientation day next month and he was successful. He obtained his dream and first choice of schools.!! Of particular note was his dramatic improvement in creative writing thanks to a terrific tutor and also his mark In maths taught by the founder of the academy. His teachers were so professional and in tune. Alex had returned to Global for school holiday courses which both my kids really enjoy. Thanks very much to the family at Global.”

- Sharon, happy GEA parent

"Global Education Academy is a professional operation that encourages children to thrive and believe in their own abilities without placing undue stress and pressure on them. My son enjoyed his weekly sessions and got so much out of them. Thanks to Charley for encouraging Emmanuel to be his best."

- Ellouise Kasadelis

"My son attended Global Education Academy at Kogarah over a couple of years but not all terms. He enjoyed his time there and in his own words, appreciated how the teachers really took time to explain concepts and ideas. He couldn’t make use of the included homework assistance due to distance from home though that would have been terrific.
He received his top choice for selective school and also received an offer of a private school scholarship. We appreciate the efforts of GEA and would recommend it if your clever child needs extending to ensure their understanding and may otherwise get bored and less motivated."

- Paul D

"Dr Majeda and the team at Global Education Academy have been instrumental in helping our daughter overcome her lack of confidence with maths. In the short few weeks that she has been attending the academy she has not only improved but is enjoying telling the family what she has learnt (we have been to many different tutors and never had this response). Our daughter has been nurtured and encouraged from the get go. The Global Education Academy is next level. Our deepest gratitude to Dr Majeda and her team."

- Trisha Singer

"Our son had the best experience at Global Education Academy in Kogarah. We enrolled him for the selective program. He learned so much from problem-solving to thinking outside the square to a strong foundation in English and Maths. His attitude also changed after only a few months. He was independent and motivated. He is enjoying being in a selective high school and he is coping very well now. When we moved to the north shore, we were excited to know that Global opened a branch in Turramurra. We have now enrolled our second son who is in year 4 and referred some friends too. Customer service is excellent. The team always take their time to explain and accommodate our needs. They are quite flexible and try their best to work around our tight schedule. I cannot recommend them more."

- Aditya Arj

"When I started to look for tutoring school for my daughter I didn't really know where to start. Ema is an excellent student at her school but I just felt she needed a bit more challenging environment and more personalized approach. She has been going to GEA now for about a year and I am really happy how she is progressing. Small class size and excellent teachers keep kids engaged and interested in their learning. She is more confident in her math as it was always an area where she felt a bit unsure. The GEA staff approach to kids and parents is amazing as they try to fit their classes around children's busy schedules. Ema will for sure continue her journey through GEA tutoring in hope to get to selective high school."

- Sona Halas







Unlock Your Child's Full Potential



Dr Majeda Awawdeh started as a mathematics high school teacher looking for answers as to why students struggle to understand mathematics. She completed her master’s degree in mathematics education, followed by a PhD at the University of NSW. Dr Awawdeh found the answers in Cognitive Load Theory (CLT). This methodology focusses on taking the architecture of the human cognition into consideration when writing the instructional material and delivering it. All the materials cover the Australian Curriculum and are written by or under the supervision of Dr Awawdeh based on this research. Using this theory, she developed the 5C Method. It includes Clarity, Cognisance, Confidence, Connection and Cultivation.

Using the 5C method helps unlock students’ potential. Starting with a diagnostic assessment to provide insight on the students’ ability and causes for any concerns. This is followed by a personalised plan where they achieve conceptual understanding and master problem-solving skills using our unique methodology. Dr Awawdeh is highly qualified, experienced and passionate about education. She works on shifting students’ mindsets and their attitude toward learning.

Dr Awawdeh specialises in unlocking the potential of every student. She partners with parents to gain clarity and understanding of their children’s ability and level of performance at school. As a result of what she does, students become independent learners and their self-esteem and self-confidence are boosted, in and outside the classroom.

Dr Awawdeh found that many parents are left in the dark when it comes to their children’s ability or performance. Many feel their child is falling behind or is becoming disengaged at school. Others receive minimal communication from school or do not understand why their child is not reaching their full potential.

Her partnership with parents includes them in the journey and creates a 2-way communication stream to unlock, reach and expand their children’s full potential with life-long skills.


Dr Majeda Awawdeh has completed a PhD degree at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Mathematics Education and Cognitive Load Theory. She also holds a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences, a Bachelor degree in Education, and a Masters Degree (with high distinction) in Mathematics Education.


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