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Mr Mario Matic

 Canberra - Deakin

ANU student passionate in developing reasoning capabilities!

Canberra tutor in Algebra, Calculus, Creative Writing, Economics, English, English Literature, Essay Writing, French, History, Maths, Philosophy, Psychology, Reading

Hi, my name is Mario and I am a second year student at the Australian National University. I am doing a double degree in PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics), and Arts (majoring in psychology, minoring in philosophy and English). I have maintained straight High Distinctions throughout my degree.

I completed the IB (International Baccalaureate) in 2016 at Wesley College, Melbourne. I was awarded Dux of my school for High Level Literature and received a final IB score of 43/45 which translates to a 99.70 ATAR.

My approach to tutoring is not only to focus on immediate tasks at hand, but rather to work with my students in helping them garner a comprehensive understanding of subjects which focuses on the reasons behind the information they're learning. I also think it is highly important to tailor learning to each specific student, coming to understand their learning style and then adapting my own techniques to how they understand the world.

For students in year 10 or below I offer two approaches in my tutoring. The first is a personally designed course tailored to the particular student; here, I develop reasoning skills and essay writing with reference to a variety of thinkers and sources based on my evaluation of the student's learning-level. Alongside this, we may work on school work as well, but I highly recommend this approach because it allows me to improve the student's writing and reasoning capabilities across the board, which will aid them in approaching a variety of reason-based subjects. With the second approach, I will work with the student to help them in the particular subject field they have elected, using both my personal knowledge and the particular school curriculum for that course.

For student in years 11 and 12, I will work with the student not only in mastering the subject but additionally, in deconstructing the particular formula which underpins the state-curriculum/IB-curriculum for that subject. In years 11 and 12 it as important to understand how the examiners want you to think about a particular field as it is understanding that particular field itself. I believe that a large portion of a student's success in these years lays in examining the curriculum itself, and working out what it really wants from the student.

I tutor in English, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, French, and Mathematics. I am the creative writing editor for Verve which is a magazine based in Melbourne providing a platform for up and coming artists to share their work. I also have access to a wide range of short stories published in magazines as well as anthologies, as well as access to the entire ANU academic data based. Furthermore, I have an extensive range of History notes from IB HL history which provide great resources for students engaging with modern history. In all these subjects I am more than happy to mark essays, tasks and assignments at short notice and give personalised feedback.

I have flexible hours and am available weekday afternoons as well as weekends. I'm happy to do home visits, or go to a library or any location the student would prefer. If interested, please contact me at 0409652277, or alternatively email me at



Throughout high school, I tutored primary school and early high school learners in English.


2016 Dux IB HL Literature (Wesley College)
2016 IB ATAR: 99.70
7/7 in 5/6 IB subjects


$50 per hour




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Creative Writing (Primary, Secondary)
English (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
English Literature (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Essay Writing (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Reading (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)


Algebra (Primary, Secondary)
Calculus (Primary, Secondary)
Maths (Primary, Secondary)


Economics (Secondary, Tertiary)


French (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)

Social Science

History (Secondary, Tertiary)
Philosophy (Secondary, Tertiary)
Psychology (Secondary, Tertiary)
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