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Mr Mark Bernstein

 Melbourne - Kew


Melbourne tutor in Accounting, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, EAL, English, Further Maths, Japanese, Maths, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Physics

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Melbourne CBD, Kew

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ATTENTION to all parents that want their children to have that extra edge among the classroom.

If you are seeking top-notch tutoring services to elevate and unleash your child’s academic potential, let me tell you in 60 seconds why you’ve come to the right place.

I'm part of a small team in Melbourne named Benchmark Tutoring that mainly specialises in Maths, English and Japanese for Pre-VCE and VCE students among other subjects.

We consist of only qualified and high-achieving tutors (Upper 90 ATARs, Premier Awards etc.). Each tutor is a specialist in their respective subject - Maths Methods, Further Maths, Specialist Maths, Chemistry, VCE Japanese, Pre-VCE English/Maths and much more. We have a comprehensive training program and unlimited resource bank that you simply wouldn't find elsewhere.

You may be wondering…

Why should you choose us?

We’ve turned average C+ students from all across Melbourne into high 90+ ATAR achievers like clockwork.

We would like to share with you two fundamental but often overlooked elements of our tutoring that leads our students to success.

Firstly, Structure:

Even across so many subjects, we have found that students perform best when they have an easy-to-understand yet effective structure laid out in front of them. A structure on how to answer questions in the way that the top 1% of achievers do, employing all the little tricks that examiners love to see. We tailor our services to the personal needs of the student and this gives them a distinct advantage among the classroom.

Next, Motivation:

Now I will be completely honest with you, we can provide all of the support necessary to your child, but at the end of the day it relies on the work ethic of the student and how motivated they are to follow our structures. After an exhausting day at school, we understand it can be hard to gather up the motivation to hit the books. When needed, we are the type of tutors to act as a mentor - not in a strict, unempathetic way, but in a manner that inspires change by laying out a step-by-step pathway to achieving tangible goals. Furthermore, we often see our students build enthusiasm through our tutoring, which is a form of self-motivation that leads to better results every single time.
But don’t take it from us, here are some snippets of what recent past students have said.

“My tutor looked after me and gradually gave me the confidence I needed for the subject. He made personalised worksheets at the start of the year and then prepared me thoroughly for all of my SACs…”

“Every lesson is well thought out - we have a set structure of things to accomplish within the class…”

“I enjoyed the hands-on feedback, as well as the great learning environment, which made it very easy to communicate and speak my ideas…”

“Thank you for helping me out through this year, I don’t know what I would’ve done without you”

Here are some more details about our tutoring services:
- Individually tailored lesson plans to YOUR needs, whether that be catching up to the class or getting ahead

- FREE Trial Lesson with no commitment to ease your concerns

- Access to comprehensive resource banks including chapter notes, revision materials, exam practice etc.

- Online assistance outside of class hours to help with any questions

- No upfront costs at all - only charged after each lesson!

To ease any concerns you may have, we are offering a completely free and zero-commitment trial lesson and we are confident that you will be highly impressed. Reach out today to discuss your child’s needs and goals with tutoring in more detail, and set up a trial lesson!

$55/hr for Pre-VCE lessons
$60/hr for VCE lessons





- Co-Founder of Benchmark Tutoring
- VCE Revision Seminar Instructor for 2 different schools in 2022.
- Employed by 3 distinct tutoring companies
- 500+ tutoring hours of individual tutoring
- Creator of countless resources and results-based course structures
- 99.35 ATAR, Graduate of Melbourne High School with Full Colours
- Harvard University Prize Book Award for all-roundedness


$55 per hour




Joined Tutor Finder on 30-Nov-2021 (updated profile on 19-Apr-2024)
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EAL (Primary, Secondary)
English (Primary, Secondary)


Further Maths (Secondary)
Maths (Primary, Secondary)
Maths Methods (Secondary)
Maths Specialist (Secondary)


Biology (Secondary)
Chemistry (Secondary)
Physics (Secondary)


Accounting (Secondary)
Business Studies (Secondary)


Japanese (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)

"In year 11 I decided to continue my VCE Japanese studies apprehensively. During y11, I struggled with the work load and my teachers comments and grades really brought my confidence down. At the beginning of 2022, I firmly believed Japanese was going to be one of my lowest scoring subjects until I was recommended to Mark. From the beginning, Mark always made me feel very comfortable during classes and prepared resources for me you would not get elsewhere and of that standard. Within the first few weeks, Mark had prepared me for different SAC types and exams months ahead and I went from someone struggling in class to being ahead of content. My punctuality and scheduling this year was not that great yet Mark was always patient with me and accommodated to my needs as much as he could. With Marks guidance and preparation, I went from thinking Japanese would be lowest scaling subject to being one of my highest. And I attribute this to absolutely no one except Mark. He looked after me like a little brother and I’m so grateful for Mark’s help as my tutor and as a mentor."

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