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Hello Engineering, Science, and Maths Students
Are you struggling with Mechanics, Structure, or any Engineering, Science including Physics and Chemistry and Maths courses? We are exceptionally skilled and experienced in Engineering, Science, and Maths areas. Our tutoring place is 22 Marvin Avenue, Gilles Planes, SA 5086. Our aim is to help you in your expected way. Success is our only agenda!
Recently, we are providing tutoring at Gilles Plains across day and night in a spacious dedicated room for the convenience of the students. We are offering a high level parallel approach to our students to make them successful. We are very much careful about the practical importance of learning. Creative, and constructive learning can only ensue your future career. Please try with us and prepare yourself for getting entered into medicine, dentistry, or engineering.

For the engineering, science, and research students , we are offering extended version of tutorial classes that will help you to avoid any plagiarism or any sorts of cheating. With the best price, you can get this service from us. Learn, apply, and earn with the real engineering and research abilities!
After listening to the voice of students, we are now more organised, more efficient, more affordable, and SMART goal oriented. We are showing zero tolerance with quality and agreed targets. Just come with your strong commitments, success is guaranteed. We have been creating evidences of success since 2015. Are you feeling stress with your Research Project or Scientific or Mathematical problems? Are you feeling stress with your expected ATAR or expected Uni entry (medicine, dentistry, or engineering)? Do you know it is possible to get your desired ATAR and merits without any stress and anxiety? We are providing service to facilitate you for designing and developing a successful Academic Research Project.We are applying science of success approach to make you successful. Our approach is dynamic. Come and take our quality educational service! We are following Confucian ethics such as loyalty, reciprocal obligations, and honesty in our service.

We are applying clear, logical, and actionable approach for quick success. We have proven track record on quick and efficient results. We convert your dreams into reality with our innovative management process. Please come along with your parents and make a deal with us for your dream career. Your passion for your dream career and our accountable , responsible, and professional manner will ensure your success. We have been creating many examples of success since 2015. In 2017, one student( not naturally gifted!) has achieved ATAR 99.55 with A+ in Chemistry and Physics.

We are your problem solvers creating value for money. At the end of the day, you will be free from all sorts of stress, tension and anxiety with your desired results and we will be happy with our excellent performance!

Why will you come to us? The answer is simple and straightforward. Result is our only focus. We will ensure your desired result. We will only continue if you are satisfied with your results. We are able to provide you with competitive price and higher perceived benefits. We are exceptionally effective because we have proven techniques to make you successful and produce the intended results whatever your issues are!
Work tactically in a relaxing way and get high ATAR with painless effort! Parents who are concerned about their Yr 12 children's success, please contact us immediately. We are for you. We are not business-minded, we are result-
focused. Check us with full confidence!
We adopt an innovative approach for every individual to achieve individual's desired ATAR. We share responsibilities and ownership for your success. We are reliable, responsible, and result-based.

We can make impossible to possible with our high achievers (including 99.95 achiever) and dedicated team members. Don't waste your time, just come and talk to us immediately to make a plan. Some students have already started their journey with us! Start your journey with us for your desired ATAR...


1. Jasjit Thakur, Stage 2 Chemistry, 20-12-2016
Mr. Alam is a very dedicated teacher who is extremely devoted to his student's success. Personally, I had very poor science skills but by having Mr. Alam as my tutor, I reaped the awards in the end! by achieving an overall grade of A+ for Stage 2 Chemistry. I strongly recommend anyone facing difficulties in Chemistry to take Mr. Alam as your Chemistry Guru.

2. Nirbhey Thakur Stage 2 Chemistry, 20-12-2016
I had Mr Alam for 1 year for year 12. Mr. Alam is a very dedicated teacher. I achieved A/A+ for stage 2 Chemistry. I was a B+ student but receiving tutoring from Mr. Alam really helped me to achieve my potential. Mr Alam has a unique way of teaching his students which really helped because Mr Alam specifically strengths students' weakness.

Team features:

We have built up a diverse team for your academic success in any way! Our team is highly motivated and committed to gain your high ATAR for your bright future. Don't waste your time because Yr 12 is very important for your future caeer! Are you struggling with your Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics or Engineering issues? This is the best time for you to remove your weaknesses! Contact us confidently!
Enjoy tutoring from the two generations ' highest academic achievers ! One is highly experienced and qualified and the other one is 99.95 ATAR achiever! Just unveil your latent talents with us...Come and get 30 minutes free assessment session (conditionally)! We are here for your simple solutions and clear understanding of your complex problems with reasonable honorarium. We are very clear, transparent and accountable to our students and their parents.
We work hard and smartly for my students to fulfill their needs.
You can check us with one lesson whether we fulfill your expectations!

Just a small investment in your learning with me can give you a big career in your field! We can make you a self-dependent problem solver and researcher. Yes,you can avoid any plagiarisms, copying or cheating in research and solving problems of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering with me .We are flexible with your needs. We are fully well-equipped to solve your problems. We have been with you for your help in Research, Engineering, Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. Team mission:
Our mission is to make your foundation strong through patient and painstaking approach.

Additional benefits:
You would get opportunity to build your confidence with a Credible, Reliable, and Responsible 99.95 holder and an experienced Electrical Engineer.

Tutoring approach:
We are applying our successful life experience and judgmental capacity with our academic excellence to achieve your learning goals and make you an independent researcher and problem solver.

As specialist tutors, we are very willing partner in moving you forward! Special qualities:

Our team leader has proven:

Professional & Academic expertise(10+ years) in executing Engineering Research Projects,
Professional experience (10+ years) of problem solving in Engineering, Maths, Physics & Chemistry &Professional passion (lifelong) for Engineering and Academic problem solutions which will provide you with effective and efficient facilitation.
Philosophy of our tutoring:
Our team put your needs first!

Good Grade is Guaranteed!*(T&C applied). Your success is our success!
No cost for assessment and plan!!
Just call us, make an appointment and share your difficulties at your convenience.




A 1. Engineering Research Project Execution 2004-
Provided professional guidance in the design, development, and execution of 10+
Engineering Research Projects including Electrical, Electronic, Communication,
Mechanical and Bio-Medical Engineering projects.
Achievement: Clients achieved their goals with due satisfactions.
A. Home Tutoring in Adelaide 2010-2015
Tutored Primary, Secondary, TAFE and Tertiary students and provided Maths and
English solutions.
Achievement: One of our team members got ATAR score 99.95 in 2014 under SACE
Board with our guidance.


Master of Sustainability (Advanced) (Applied Project Management, Research Project, &
Environment), The University of Adelaide, Australia, 2013.
Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
Law & Public Administration Training.

Professional Member, Engineers Australia.
Member, IEEE.
Affiliated Member, Planning Institute of Australia.


$45 for complex research

Student Discount

Special Offer - 30 minutes free assessment session( conditionally).


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"he helped me to get high scores in tests. he has an advantage in getting the idea. thank you"

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