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Mr Ming Lian

 Melbourne - Box Hill

Mathematics, personalised. (VCE SPECIALIST MATHS 50 RAW)

Melbourne tutor in Algebra, Calculus, Further Maths, Geometry, Maths, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Statistics


Experienced mathematics tutor. Perfect score of 50 in VCE Specialist Maths. Teaching focussed on understanding. FREE consultation + Trial. Worked with authors and high-school textbook companies to review, check and edit their books. Excellent results with past and current students. For more info, visit my website at, email me at or call me on 0430027481.

RESULTS 2020: 2x 99.95 (1x JMSS Chen W, 1x MHS Kiran R)
2x 99.90 (Ruyton Vanessa J, Nancy L)
41 raw median score for Maths Methods 3&4
38 raw median score for Specialist Maths 3&4

Hi there!

----- About me -----

My name is Ming.

Here is a summary of my experience, qualifications:

∙VCE: 50 raw Specialist Maths and 48 raw in Maths Methods
∙Bachelor of Commerce (Actuarial Studies) from the University of Melbourne.
∙Worked for Cambridge University Press (publisher of VCE maths textbooks), Edrolo, Texas Instruments, and more!
∙I have presented videos tutorials for Cambridge University Press, checked, reviewed, and written material for more than VCE/HSC/QCE/WACE high school mathematics and science textbooks. In addition, I have advised authors on their work for several mathematics texts. ∙My name is also published in the several interactive textbooks, including the VCE Specialist Maths interactive text.
∙9+ years experience
∙Numerous past students scoring in excess of 48+ raw and perfect scores for both Maths Methods and Specialist Maths (+ subsequently studying advanced degrees including Medicine/Dentistry and more - one student, Michelle D - Haileybury, admitted to Harvard University (USA) with full scholarship in 2019). See website for a few of the highest scorers.

----- Objectives -----

∙I teach in a way so that there is an emphasis on the “why” component. Students tend to enjoy mathematics when they understand and make meaningful connections between concepts.
∙I ensure that my students do not become dependent on me. I strive to have students be able to think independently and on their own feet. This will help them not only in their academics but also in the long term.

I believe that every child has the capacity to succeed in academia, however, the underlying problem is that not all children can envision this. With the right support and guidance, your child’s confidence will naturally elevate in that they know that they are doing it right. Every single time.

----- How can I help you? -----

Students come to me for all sorts of reasons, such as:

∙ Not enjoying maths or not 'getting' it
∙ Unmotivated
∙ Poor grades and wanting to improve
∙ Working hard but unable to translate this into results
∙ Good student but wants the extra edge in achieving top results

Students who perform well in mathematics are not necessarily those who have natural ability, but rather those who employ the correct strategies and techniques. Contact me to discuss how I can help you (or your child) improve in maths, or to achieve that extra edge you need to smash out your exams.

----- Why choose me? -----

∙My experience extends from my years of tutoring to results of my students, to my personal results, and to work for the many educational companies who are directly involved in the VCE. ∙I am well versed in all topics from Year 7 to Year 12 and even tertiary subjects.
∙I have access to all the latest information and materials which is critical for any student who is to succeed.
∙I have successful first-hand experience of the VCE and know the secrets to success.
∙Tutorials are recorded so you can revise later.

I have tutored students from various schools, including: Avila, Brighton, Canterbury Girls, Camberwell/CGS/CAGS, Caulfield Grammar, Dandenong, GWSC, Haileybury, JMSS, MacRob, McKinnon, Melbourne High, MWSC, Kew High School, Korowa, PLC, Ruyton, St Catherine's, Scotch College, Strathcona, Wantirna, Suzanne Cory, Vermont, first-year university subjects (University of Melbourne, Monash University, Swinburne and Deakin) and more.



Ming has tutored the following subjects before:

*VCE General Maths
*VCE Maths Methods
*VCE Specialist Maths
*VCE Physics
*Year 7 - 10 Mathematics
*Chemistry (Tertiary)
*Mathematics (Tertiary)
*Physics (Tertiary)

*Ming participated actively at the Texas Instruments Learn/Energise/Connect (LEC) event. He attended this with one of the most inspirational and well renowned educators from Victoria, demonstrating the functions
of the Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CAS calculator to various participants, comprised of teachers and students visiting from all over Australia.


VCE 2014
*Mathematical Methods: 48 raw (50 scaled)
*Specialist Mathematics: 50 raw (55 scaled)

University of Melbourne - B.Com (Actuarial Studies)
- Accelerated Mathematics 1 & 2 (H1)
- Probability (H1)
- Statistics (H1)

University of Melbourne - B.Sci (Mathematics & Stats)


$30 per hour




Joined Tutor Finder on 25-Jan-2023 (updated profile on 04-Dec-2023)
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Algebra (Secondary)
Calculus (Secondary)
Further Maths (Secondary)
Geometry (Secondary)
Maths (Secondary)
Maths Methods (Secondary)
Maths Specialist (Secondary)
Statistics (Secondary)
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