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Mr Phillipe Adamtchek (Expert VCE Biology Tutor)


Raw 50 in 3/4 Biology, current UniMelb Med, dux of Monash BioMed

Melbourne tutor in Biology, GAMSAT

##One of the best & most notorious VCE 3/4 Biology tutors in Melbourne with 85% of P.A Biology students achieving 42+ score. Tutoring includes extensive booklets, "how to answer questions" skill-based learning, challenging questions, topic tests/exams, mindset coaching, mentorship, SAC help, school-specific coaching and DUX grade Biology expertise##

Hey fellow Biology scientist,

Before I delve into explaining how my tutoring program will help propel your marks this year, let's become acquainted. Here are some of my credentials:

// School Achievements:
✅ Raw 50 in 3/4 Biology
✅ 2017 MHS Biology Dux
✅ Scored raw 40+ in all VCE science-related subjects
✅ MHS Scholarship

//University Achievements:
✅ First-year Melbourne Med Student in 2021 (entry as competitive CSP spot - for highly ranked applicants)
✅ Scholarship to Monash University
✅ DUX of Monash Biomedicine in year 2 and year 3
✅ Selected as lead ambassador and interviewer for Monash University Open Day campaigns (
✅ Rank 1 (96%) for Microbiology, rank 1 (94%) for Pharmacology, within top students (96%) for Developmental Biology and (94%) Molecular Biology
✅ Perfect 7.00 GPA for Monash University Biomedicine

//Tutoring Achievements:
✅ Tutored 100+ students across 4 years
✅ 85% of my students have scored above 42 in biology and 95% scored 40
✅ Mentored students from below passing grades to 40+ scores
✅ Have been scouted by companies to lead their biology departments such as Connect, Edrolo, Intuition and many more.
✅ One of Melbourne's most well-known Biology tutors across select-entry schools

My credentials prove to you that I am experienced, well versed in VCE 3/4 Biology and know not only exactly how to ace the subject, but better yet, how to teach others to do the same. I consistently translate my expertise and skill to each year's cohort of VCE Biology students, and the students who undertake P.A Biology consistently excel and outperform their peers year after year. I have exhaustive experience in science and biology outside the scope of VCE. With an exceptional grounding in the biomedical sciences and the knowledge accumulated as a current medical student, I have never struggled to answer a student's question and am always eager to explain concepts in a various ways so that students can understand, and never forget.

My tutoring program is quite unique and has been carefully designed to maximise efficiency and utility: There are 2 lessons a week in the P.A Biology program structure. The first lesson of the week is a a lecture-like session where I cover the VCE 3/4 Biology content specific for that week. For example, one week could be dedicated to running through enzymes.

- This is a 80-90 minute session per week where all the students in my program will join a live zoom.
- I have carefully curated content booklets for each topic for the entirety of VCE 3/4 Biology and I call these the standard tutoring booklets
- The content in the standard tutoring booklets is covered in that lecture-session
- The booklets are designed with lots of white space, word gaps, boxes to write and images to draw in order to keep students as actively engaged in the sessions as possible
- Students have the opportunity to bombard me with questions using the zoom chat, or better more, verbally ask me during the sessions. This helps create an intimate learning interaction between myself as the tutor and the students.

The tutorial-like session will be run in smaller groups:
- These sessions will be 45 mins long
- The sessions will be solely dedicated to running through the questions from THAT WEEK'S tutoring booklet.
- This includes delving into the logic behind how to answer the questions as well as what you needed to identify to score full marks.
- Students will have an opportunity to have their responses reviewed by me and have tips provided on how to tweak their responses to score full marks in VCE 3/4 Biology questions

Apart from that, signing up with P.A biology tutoring also includes:
✏️ Exhaustive course content
✏️ Weekly content booklets with an 'active recall' approach designed to help you remember concepts
✏️ A focus on high-yielding VCAA key words to be used in SACs/exams
✏️ A skill-building focus on mastering how to answer short-answer questions to stand above the crowd
✏️ Mindset coaching
✏️ Live model answers
✏️ Live Q/A
✏️ Additional take-home question booklets
✏️ Constant comprehensive and honest feedback on practice tests and questions
✏️ Access to 500 past SACs/topic tests/exams
✏️ Access to 60/60 and top-scoring past student Poster SACs
✏️ Year-long mentorship for high-school and beyond

If you have any more questions please text my phone number 0411480080!

Bestest Biology Blessings, P.A



- In-person and online classes for over 4 years – with 100+ students achieving an average study score of above 42.
- One of Melbourne's best and most notorious VCE 3/4 Biology Tutors
- Scouted by companies to lead their biology departments such as Connect, Edrolo, Intuition and many more.
- Carefully designed P.A Biology course with exhaustive booklets, questions, skill-based lessons, webinars, topic tests, exams, mindset advice and more.

1 year GAMSAT tutoring S3


- Raw 50 in 3/4 Biology and 2017 MHS Biology Dux
- First-year Melbourne Med as highly competitive CSP student
- Well experienced in public speaking - Selected as lead ambassador and interviewer for Monash University Open Day campaigns (
- Highest rank 1 across various University-based science units with a Perfect 7.00 GPA
- Tutored 100+ students across 4 years
- 85% of my students have scored above 42 in biology and 95% scored 40

- S3 = 81
- S2 = 73

Ph: 0411480080


Golden live classes @ $50/2-classes a week (~150 minutes):
This comes to $20/hour for intensive, intimate and highly-experienced Biology tutoring, mentoring and expertise.

Silver video program @ $22/week (~150 minutes):
If you are looking to maximise your scores and access to top quality resources at the cheapest price in Melbourne, then this option could suit you. Instead of attending the classes live, you will be provided with access to all the same resources as the live students, except you will review lesson recordings. After reviewal, you are encouraged to ask questions and guidance from me.

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