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Chatswood, North Shore, Sydney

Project Academy is home to NSW's most passionate and inspirational teachers. From PhD candidates at MIT, to State Rankers and 99.95 ATAR achievers, our students receive some of the best academic support in the world.

Every day, from morning till night, our students come in to study and prepare for their HSC. We offer weekly group classes, unlimited personalised tutorial sessions, a world-class study space and a vast digital library of resources that contains materials exclusive to Project Academy. This represents the greatest support any HSC student could imagine. This is how we produce the results that we do.

The Project Academy Methodology
1) Weekly Classes with NSW's Best Tutors

Project Academy is home to some of NSW's best tutors. When you sit in each class, you’re given a structured workbook designed to help you capture all the important points of the lesson and record solutions to exam-style practice questions. At the end of class, you will have access to a set of thorough digital notes on your Project iPad providing further details and notes on the concepts you’ve learnt, alongside a weekly homework set that tests you with the most difficult questions the HSC can ask you. If you ever have any questions, you can contact your tutor in person or directly from your iPad!

2) Unlimited Tutorials. Personalised Support.

Tutorials are personalised 1-on-4 sessions where students cover their marked homework, have the chance to get concepts clarified, ask questions and prepare for upcoming assessment tasks. Typically a Project Student will attend 12 to 15 tutorials per Term, on top of their weekly classes. Project Tutors also use an app on their iPads to track every homework question that you don’t achieve full marks in, so we can systematically tackle all your gaps together.

3) Thousands of Pages of Notes. All in an iPad.

When you enrol as a student at Project Academy, you will have access to some of NSW’s most comprehensive resources for the subject - detailed notes, summary notes, study guides written by state rankers, sample essay plans, thousands of practice questions and thousands of practice papers. To help you carry your Project resources everywhere you go, everything is organised into apps on your Project iPad!

4) Access to 100+ Hours of Practice Exams per Subject.

Project’s HSC courses include 50 hours of examinations (Year 11 and Year 10 courses include 12 hours of examinations). By simulating real examination environments and thoroughly testing our students, Project makes sure you are never caught by surprise when sitting exams at school or during your HSC - there is no such thing as a question you have never seen before!

5) Exclusive World Class Study Spaces. Open 9am to 11pm.

At Project we believe that students do their best work when they love the work they do, love the people they work with, and love the space they work in. Project’s rooms are divided into silent spaces and group-work spaces to suit your preferred study style, and a kitchen stocked with snacks to help you refuel in between. Tutors also host study sessions from 8pm to 11pm on most nights to help you stay focused and answer questions that you have!

6) The Project Guarantee. Try Project Academy for 3 Weeks.

We believe in providing students with the most comprehensive HSC support they can imagine. That’s why we have two guarantees:

- 3 Week Obligation Free Trial - trial any of our courses for 3 weeks and pay nothing if you are not satisfied and wish to leave within the trial period.

- No Lock-in Contracts - if we are not ‘wowing’ our students, you may quit at anytime and we will refund tuition fees for all remaining weeks.

Try Project Academy for 3 Weeks today:

Our Results
Students at Project Academy are truly equipped to succeed. This can be seen in the results we produce. Just some of them include:
- 99.95 ATAR is achieved every year - A State Rank is achieved each year
- 1 in 10 Project students achieve a 99+ ATAR - a success rate equivalent to a top 5 selective school in Sydney
- 82% of Chemistry students achieved a Band 6 in 2017
- Our students achieved 15 x Rank 1’s achieved in 2018 alone

Contact us to experience the success that the Project Academy team can help you achieve!

Our Tutors
Here is a snapshot of over 30 teachers and tutors that will be supporting you along the road to success.

Cory Aitchison (Tutor for Economics, Chemistry and Physics)
- State rank of 6th in NSW for Economics (97)
- State rank of 12th in NSW for Chemistry (97) - 95 in Physics
- 99.95 ATAR

Alec Zhang (Head Teacher for Mathematics)
- Rank 1st in Extension 1 Maths (NSB) (100)
- Rank 1st in Extension 2 Maths (NSB) (98)
- Rank 1st in Physics (NSB)
- Rank 1st in Chemistry (NSB)
- 99.85 ATAR

Benjamin Tran (Tutor for Mathematics)
- State rank of 16th in Advanced Mathematics (100)
- 96 in Extension 1 Mathematics
- 99.40 ATAR

Catriona Shen (Tutor for Chemistry and Mathematics)
- 98 in Extension 1 Mathematics
- 94 in Chemistry
- 99.75 ATAR

Marlon Randeniya (Head Teacher for Chemistry)
- 5 years experience teaching HSC Chemistry
- Studying Bachelor of Medicine at UNSW
- 99.45 ATAR

Brandon Huynh (Tutor for Mathematics)
- 4 years experience teaching HSC Economics
- 99 in Advanced Mathematics
- 98 in Extension 1 Mathematics
- 99.80 ATAR

To read more about the Project Academy team that will be supporting you, take a look at our website:

Contact Us
- Website:

- Email:

- Phone: 0451 196 697 (Please leave a text!)

- Address: 1/29 Anderson Street, Chatswood, NSW 2074



Project Academy has over 5 years of teaching experience, providing comprehensive tutoring to Year 10 to Year 12 students at our Chatswood campus. We run courses for:

- Maths - Year 9, 10, 11, 12 (Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2)
- Chemistry - Year 11, 12
- Physics - Year 11, 12
- Economics - Year 11, 12


Project Academy’s teachers and tutors include HSC state rankers and all-rounders, students who received 99+ ATARs and have a wealth of knowledge in their chosen fields.


$34 per hour


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Algebra (Secondary)
Calculus (Secondary)
Further Maths (Secondary)
Geometry (Secondary)
Maths (Secondary)
Maths Methods (Secondary)
Statistics (Secondary)


Chemistry (Secondary)
Physics (Secondary)


Economics (Secondary)
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