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Mr Ranusha Nanayakkara

 Canberra - Narrabundah

Yr10-12 Tutor with 99.95 ATAR & 99th UCAT (Top of Chem/Phys in ACT

Canberra tutor in Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Further Maths, Geometry, Maths, Maths Methods, Physics, Statistics, UCAT

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Ranked first of all year 12s in the ACT; being the DUX of Narrabundah College and ACT with a 99.95 ATAR. Came first in the state for physics and chemistry and second overall for maths.

Tutoring Focus:
College Mathematics and Science can be challenging; students will be expected to learn difficult content significantly faster than they ever have previously. In addition, the tests often require a much greater knowledge of material than can be obtained by the textbooks alone. However, it is these factors which mean that with focused and consistent study, it is possible for any student to excel in college.

College demands many prerequisites in order to perform highly; a mastery of high-school algebra and the ability to deconstruct a question to name a few. That is why I approach tutoring in a comprehensive manner; it is not enough if students can recite formulae or apply repetitive steps, a more fundamental understanding of each topic, question and method is needed. It is difficult to learn college subjects without a strong foundation to expand off, thus I will ensure that any students who are weaker in some areas are caught up to speed quickly so that they can progress through current work more efficiently.

The ability to solve question depends on intuition, which is developed by exposure, and knowledge of the topic. I aim to simplify concepts to an easily understandable level and step through examples so that students gradually develop their knowledge. I teach everything I think is important for the student in both the short and long-term and nothing more or less. In this way, I can help students succeed in the important and difficult period that is college.

Having only just recently finished the UCAT, the feeling of the test approaching is still fresh. Regardless of whether you are an outstanding or average academic student, the test is nerve-wracking because its unfamiliar material, testing skills that have never explicitly been tested before. Many people say that the UCAT is purely a test of IQ, and that it cannot improved by studying. However, I disagree with this belief. I see many similarities between preparation for school tests and the UCAT. When looking at an algebra example, you don't try to learn how to solve the one specific example used, you learn to apply the method. Similarly, the UCAT is all about honing skills and applying techniques. This can be learnt and taught. I personally went from an average mock-test score of 2800 in the UCAT to a score of 3370 by working on developing the necessary skills over the span of a few months. I can give you guidance on how to study efficiently, how to reflect on past performance and the mindset required to approach each question.

Verbal Reasoning: 740
Decision Making: 870
Quantitative Reasoning: 880
Abstract Reasoning: 880
Situational Judgement: 697



I have been private tutoring for 3 years but have also had experience tutoring students as a part of team for 6 years at the private education centre KUMON. I have experience tutoring students in Maths and Science (particularly Physics and Chemistry) and am extremely capable of tutoring in UCAT development.
I tutor students from year 10 to 12.


I ranked 1st for all year 12s in the ACT in 2020, and had the higher marks of the two 99.95 duxes, who both came from Narrabundah College. I received awards for being number 1 in both Physics and Chemistry and number 2 for Specialist Mathematics with course scores all above 107. I graduated from Telopea Park School with several awards, most notably, the ACT Successful Learner Excellence Award. I have consistently received straight A's and numerous awards in various competitions. Recently, I achieved a score of 3370 in the UCAT, which was a 99th percentile.

My achievements include:
Ranked 1st in the ACT and received a 99.95 ATAR (which is awarded to 1st and 2nd) at Narrabundah College.

A high 99th percentile in the UCAT.

Highest grade/mark scorer in Telopea Park School

42 High Distinctions (Top 1% out of competition participants) so far in extracurricular competitions including:

ICAS Maths, Science, Digital Technologies and English

AMC, Enrichment, Challenge, RACI Chemistry and Big Science, Maths Olympiad

I am also one of Kumon's fastest and youngest completers. Completing both the Maths and English program and ranking first in the world for my age group in maths.


$30 per hour for group sessions. $60 per hour for one on one tutoring.

Student Discount

Mention that you found this advertisement on Tutor Finder and you will receive your first lesson for half the normal hourly rate ($15 instead of $30).

Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in Victoria until 09-Mar-2026 (details available on request)




Joined Tutor Finder on 26-Sep-2020 (updated profile on 27-Sep-2021)
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Algebra (Secondary, Tertiary)
Calculus (Tertiary)
Further Maths (Tertiary)
Geometry (Secondary, Tertiary)
Maths (Secondary, Tertiary)
Maths Methods (Secondary, Tertiary)
Statistics (Secondary, Tertiary)


Chemistry (Secondary)
Physics (Secondary)


UCAT (Tertiary)

"Ranusha is a tutor like no other. He is very knowledgeable and is able to communicate with his students in a very positive manner through his skills of communication and interest. When studying with Ranusha, you will not feel bored or lazy, common with many tutors but a sense of welcomeness and actually learn vital lessons and aspects that is key for your progression in marks at school. Just finishing year 12 recently, he has taught me many things teachers themselves could not explain. Overall the past 1-2 years have been fun with Ranusha and he has helped me majorly in my schooling years. Sad to know tutoring is over now that I have finished year 12 but don't be sad it finished but happy that it happened. Would 100% recommend."

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