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Mr Raymond Wang


Experienced Japanese Tutor all level

Sydney tutor in Japanese, Mandarin, HSC Japanese; HSC Chinese

I travel to these locations
Norther suburbs, inner west, eastern suburbs basically all areas in the Sydney region can be covered

Teaching experience: 20 years of experience in teaching Japanese. Study and work experience in Japan.

Learning a second language is different from learning one's first language. When you are learning a second language (or say a foreign language) you are learning in an accelerated way, you are Continually trying to find equivalent words and sentences to understand the text in other words you are doing translation all the time. How well and how fast you learn largely depend on the strategy you use. My job is to help you learn better and learn faster. My skills and experience ensure me to do my job well.

I learned Japanese as a second language and this has given me an advantage in teaching Japanese as I understand the difficulties foreign students normally have in learning Japanese.

After I graduated from university, I had a chance to study and work in Japan. This gave me an opportunity to improve my Japanese language skills and enhance my knowledge about Japanese culture.

After coming back from Japan, I organised an Evening Japanese Class and acted as a teacher. I started teaching my students from the very basics: a, i, u, e, o, and moved on to the conversation level. One of my students later had an important role at her company in dealing with imports from Japan and in return received large amount of bonus. Later I started teaching high school students. The first student I taught started learning Japanese one year later than his classmates, but after one year of study he moved to the first position in his class. These few years I have focused on HSC students.

Many students came to me because they were at the bottom of the class, they don't have any confidence, but through a period of study they gradually built up their confidence. I once taught a group of three high school girls. One of them was at the bottom of her class, she could not make any simple sentences. I asked her what was her favourite subject, she said she did not know, she was not interested in any subject. After a few months' coaching, she moved to the top three of her class in the yearly exam. Then I asked her again what her favourite subject was. She said firmly "Japanese." This made me excited.

I have noticed that many students are good at listening and reading but not as good at writing and speaking. Listening and reading are skills for understanding Japanese, but writing and speaking are skills required for expressing yourself in Japanese. The difficulty is how to express yourself correctly.

My teaching will cover four skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing, with emphasis on your weaknesses.
Learning a second language takes time. You may be able to memorise a lot of words in a day, but the overall skills cannot be gained over night. Therefore, if you want to improve your Japanese skills to a higher level, you should start coaching early. Don't wait until year 12 and then rush to find a tutor expecting they can help you raise your mark. Of course, as a teacher I can cover two-years content in one year or even less time, but the problem is whether you are able to remember all of it or not.

What level Japanese do I teach?
Basically, I take students from year 7 to university level, however priority will be given to high school students, especially students learning Japanese for the HSC.

Note made on 3 /02/ 2019:
The new school year has started, my suggestions to all students who are learning Japanese and Chinese for HSC are: If you want to learn a good Japanese or Chinese, it'll be a good idea to start tuition as early as possible, because when you come to year 11 and year 12, you have too much to study for different subjects and may not have enough time in Japanese.

Let's enjoy learning Japanese and the special culture and traditions!

Phone: 0455 163 568

Chinese/Mandarin coaching:
When you say Chinese it refers to the language spoken and written by all Chinese including people live in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the country of Singapore. But Mandarin is about the oral language spoken by most Chinese, this includes all people live in China Mainland, Taiwan, the country of Singapore and increasing number of people in Hong Kong. Compared with Mandarin, Cantonese is a regional dialect spoken only in the Canton area including China Guangdong province, Hong Kong, and migrants to other countries from this area. However, people in Guangdong province also speak Mandarin as it is a national oral language (called 'Putonghua' in China).

I am of course a good teacher in Chinese/Mandarin. When I was in year one of primary school, there was a teacher shortage at my school. My teacher taught two classes at the same time. I was selected by my teacher as a teacher assistant to help teach other students (my classmates) when my teacher had to go to the other class. By acting as a teacher assistant I gained the skills to teacher others. Since then through to high school my Chinese/Mandarin and other subject exam results always ranked number one in the class as well as at my school. And I always assisted my classmates when they need help with writing or other areas of study. This has further enhanced my skills as a teacher.
At the moment I am teaching Chinese/Mandarin of all levels including HSC Beginners, Continuers and Heritage.
Coaching fee for Chinese/Mandarin is on special in 2018. 10% off the normal rates.

Let's enjoy learning Chinese/Mandarin and the splendid Chinese culture and traditions!

Phone: 0455 163 568



20 years of experience in teaching Japanese.


Master's Degree

Certificate of translation

Certificate of Interpreting


Students starts from term 1, 2018 will enjoy a discounted rate of $40/hour.
Normal rate is $45 per hour, each lesson running for 2 hours.
For greater travelling distances rate may differ.
For lessons conducted at shorter distances 1.5 hours or 1 hour lesson can be considered

Student Discount

Special Offer - Group students discount, term 1 starter discount




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Japanese (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)
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HSC Japanese; HSC Chinese
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