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Mr Robert Liu


Melbourne tutor in Maths, VCE MATHS: Mathematical Methods Units 1-4 Specialist Mathematics Units 1-4

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Outstanding 2017 Results
ONLY ONE spot left for a committed Methods and/or Specialist student
Why me

There are two major metrics that you should consider when selecting a tutor: Success Rate and Fit. These are things that you need to know and feel comfortable with before investing in tuition with any tutor.

For the Fit component, I am offering every prospective student a free half hour consultation to discuss your individual needs

In terms of success rate, I provide three key competitive advantages:
1. I have been able to go through substantial improvements from high school to university so I know the mentality shift that's required to truly break through the walls confining your potential. 2. More importantly, I know what it takes for you to make that leap. In 2017, having tutored 16 students in Maths Methods and Specialist Maths 3/4, I have had the privilege of helping students grow, whether that's from their As/A+s in Year 11 to that prized 50 raw, or from Bs/Cs to a 40+. 3. Most importantly, having experienced student success from all kinds of backgrounds, I have many case studies of students who've been able to go from different fundamentals in Year 10/11, to astounding success in their 3/4 subject.

The results speak for themselves:

Out of 15 students' results (1 undisclosed, for a total of 16):
- 2 students achieved the best possible study score of 50 raw (13%), only 0.2% of the state achieves this
- There were 4 45+ raw study scores (27%), only 2% of the state achieves this
- There were 9 40+ raw study scores (60%), only 9% of the state achieves this
- 80% of students achieved a 38+ raw study score
- 44% of Year 12 students achieved a 99+ ATAR

In the past 2 years, I have discovered that there are three main reasons that differentiate the 50 students from the 40s. Two of these reasons we will work on in class, and the third is bringing an appropriate attitude, which is why the fit for tuition is so important.

My name is Robert and I will only be offering group tuition for VCE Maths Methods and Specialist Maths (Units 3/4 only) in 2018.

I believe that success in VCE starts with changing old habits and creating a growth mindset. My classes have naturally integrated this into every session, not only helping you succeed in VCE maths but also for your other subjects and beyond high school.

To read (old, will be updated soon) student testimonials, please visit here:

In 2018, I will be providing every student with:

- Weekly notes to facilitate consistent learning
- Unique 'Set' resources (students who have tried it have experienced noticeable improvements within the first month)
- Analysis practice SACs to help adequately prepare you for your own SACs.

Location & Rates: Pricing structure (2018 rates):
In-person (State Library): Weekly 2 hour classes, with 90 minutes of theory and 30 minutes of in-class tests, pricing comes at $30 per hour, so $60 per class.

After class support is unlimited, always encouraged and free.

My credentials:

I graduated from Scotch College in 2015 with an ATAR of 99.55, achieving raw Study Scores of 45 in Maths Methods and 40 in Specialist Maths, as well as a High Distinction (highest possible result), in the Monash University Extension Maths programme.

Additionally, my credentials extend beyond VCE. During Years 11 & 12, I was also placed 2nd and 1st, respectively at Scotch in the Australian Mathematics Competition in my year and have accumulated over 10 High Distinction (top 1% of the state) or better awards in various Mathematics competitions.



2 years of tutoring experience


Worked as volunteer tutor for the Student Welfare Outreach Team and working at the
Summer School in Jan 2017


$60 per class (2 hours)

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Joined Tutor Finder on 12-Nov-2015 (updated profile on 25-Feb-2018)
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Maths (Secondary)

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VCE MATHS: Mathematical Methods Units 1-4 Specialist Mathematics Units 1-4

"During this year, Rob was much more than just a tutor. He was incredibly supportive during the tough times and was highly dependable even when he was highly stressed during his exam period, reassuring me that 'my priorities came first' and before his. It is so difficult to find a tutor that cares for you more than your own parents (I shockingly admit this). I am indebted and so grateful to have been taught by Rob this year. Ended up with a 45+ raw Specialist Maths study score, forever grateful. Rob is definitely a more capable and caring tutor than most, if not all, of the tuition companies out there. You really can't do better."

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