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Dr Robin @ Balwyn High School


Term 2 Holiday VCE Class Enrolment Begins

Melbourne tutor in Maths, Physics

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Dr. Robin is a VIT registered Maths and Science teacher. He was a RTP PhD Scholarship recipient and Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne. He's currently teaching Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics and Physics at school. Dr. Robin has a vast experience on VCE Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics and Physics teaching. He has been tutoring secondary students from over sixty schools in Victoria during the past eleven years. His passion is to teach students by examining and collating effective teaching techniques. His aim is to improve students' reasoning and problem solving skills.

Dr. Robin has been analysing the past VCE maths and physics exam questions. He's had a full understanding of what the VCE marking process is as he has been working with VCE assessors and examiners. Dr. Robin has written a unique notebook for his students to prepare for VCE exams. The ultimate goal of Dr. Robin's tuition is to maximise students' VCE internal and external scores by teaching them the skills to tackle complicated exam questions within a shorter period of time.

In Dr. Robin's Term 2 Holiday VCE Class you will learn:

- to master the difficult concepts from an innovative "non-textbook" approach.

- to get full working marks allocated for "multiple marks" questions.

- to work out extended response exam questions which determine "A" marks.

- to improve scientific literacy in response to physics Unit 3/4 short answer questions.



Year 7-10 Mathematics:
Dr Robin's "Excel at Maths" Program

Mathematical Methods
Specialist Mathematics
Mathematics Extension Study

Mathematics (SL and HL)
Physics (SL and HL)


Grad. Dip. of Teaching The University of Melbourne


The designed Term 2 Holiday VCE Class will guide students through Dr. Robin's VCE Notes and his own Trial Exam questions to get them ready for their VCE exams.




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Physics (Secondary)

"To all fellow parents who are considering to have a maths tutor for their kids, I don't consider myself as someone who would easily give out compliment. In fact, I don't think I ever wrote a compliment letter for any service providers I had had. But this time is the exception. I, for one, would give my 100% recognition to Dr.Robin Wang for his fantastic math & physics tutoring work he's done with my son. Dr.Robin was referred to me by a good friend of mine whose daughter had him for her Year 12 maths tutorials. When my wife and I were at a loss as to choosing a right math tutor for our kid, my friend told us about Dr.Robin and how he had managed to help his daughter achieve an unexpectedly high score in VCE exams. We knew his daughter. The girl's academic results were quite average during her school years. Nothing would suggest she could score as high as she did in that VCE exam. We thought we should give Dr.Robin a try as well, considering our son was generally above average in his math-related subjects. Choosing Dr. Robin Wang as my son's math and physics tutor turns out to be one of the best choices I've made in my life. Like every other parents, we want only the best for our kids. Tackling VCE and succeeding in it mean a lot not only to the children but also their parents. My wife and I thank Dr. Robin for his great contribution to our son's VCE success, and appreciate very much for his effort he put in every week. Dr. Robin has strong math background. His working expertise and knowledge of all core areas of curriculum are exceptional. Most importantly, he can quickly identify my son's problems, and know exactly how to motivate and challenge him to overcome them. Moreover, we found Dr. Robin is a very patient and reasonable gentleman. Over the year my wife and I have developed a good relationship with him, and my son just adores him. His friendly and inspirational mentoring style had helped foster a healthy sense of confidence in my son and create positive learning environment for him. No wonder my son had made such tremendous progress over the last year and obtained a fantastic set of results in VCE. My wife and I strongly recommend Dr.Robin Wang to be your kid's tutor. You will thank me for this when your kid comes back from the school with smile on his/her face."

John TAN     
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