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Mr Roger Blazey

 Perth - Scarborough

Retired Secondary Head of Maths 30year exp.

Perth tutor in Algebra, Calculus, Maths, Maths Methods, Statistics, Teacher, retired Maths teacher. In 2018: years 7 to 10, year 11 Methods,Specialist, Applications and year 12 Methods.

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Retired Head Of Secondary School Mathematics (30 years exp. meaning 30 years exp. not 1 years exp. 30 times).....professional teaching /re-teaching and maybe tutoring for high school students. Also will consider teaching certain categories of mature age students who need to upgrade their background in Mathematics in preparing for and undergoing transition/enabling/bridging courses at University or TAFE. Further home schooled (high school) students are welcome to make enquiries. You will notice that I use teaching rather than tutoring. I have very few students that I genuinely, just tutor. Teaching and tutoring do not mean the same thing. Sadly many students actually need to be retaught and sometimes in another way! There is far more to Mathematics than just attempting to learn a smorgasbord of rules set by a teacher. Students who rely mainly on this method of learning generally either come unstuck or underperform. So Mathematics is not a spectator sport and schools are not places where students go to simply watch teachers work!

******Please note: as of 1 Jan 2019 I am fully booked for all students who can only attend outside normal school hours. (after 3.30pm on weekdays and the weekend! There however may be mutually convenient times when I can tutor/teach students who are being home schooled thereby arranging a time(s) during school working hours. Now to my background: "I am a retired High School Head of Maths. In recent years my students have come from UWA, ECU(a post grad.student teacher), Perth Modern School, Tuart College,(including mature age students) Shenton College, Newman College, John XX111, Churchlands, Christchurch, Carine, Balga, Woodthorpe,St.Mary's, MLC,PLC, Hale, St. Hildas, Guildford Grammar, John Septimus Row,St. Marks Anglican, St. Stephens, SacredHeart College, Carmel College, Woodlands and Wembley Downs PS and have ranged from years 6 to 12 and beyond. A few students (from year 6) have been with me for several years and are still current! That is where the long term benefit of expert Maths teaching and tutoring is really seen.

Please note: I don't travel to students home. Students come to my house in Scarborough with a parent more than welcome to stay and listen in. The main reason for this is that I have a wide variety of resources and updated ones accumulated over a life time of classroom teaching. I also prepare custom designed materials designed uniquely for individual students.

Finally my background and education philosophy! "I have over 30 years of continuous experience in Senior High Schools specialising in MATHEMATICS and have been in charge of 2 sizeable Mathematics Departments the second one being Lesmurdie Senior High School from 1983 through to my retirement.
In tutoring students, I have the time, the energy and the extensive experience to provide a conscientious, personalised, effective and responsive
service. Having retained notes and tests and work sheets and various exams from previous students, I am happy to share these or prepare new, customised materials based on specific needs. Fully worked solutions supporting the same provide considerable assistance to students and create the potential for independent learning.

So, as a catalyst I aim to:

1. Restore Understanding of fundamental concepts from previous years
2. enhance confidence by supporting and elevating the conceptual understanding of current Course work
3. Enable enrichment and acceleration for the more able student
(if they have the aptitude to do some Mathematics at above their year level) 4. Offer sage advice, provide homework support and suggest simple strategies for helping your teacher be more effective not only for you but for your class as a whole!
There is no substitute for years of classroom teaching experience. Explaining concepts clearly and simply to students is just part of the teaching process...the critical part is intuitively knowing what sequence of questions to ask so that a student might be gently taken back to the source of his/her fundamental problem(s). This " debriefing" process, handled efficiently and effectively can be transforming for motivated students who are happy to participate in an active and individualised learning process.At day's end a teacher has to get a student back to a firm surface....otherwise in an educational sense one is simply papering over the cracks! Regrettably some students may actually need to return to earlier work so as to establish a more solid foundation for the current work. A qualified and experienced teacher who has taught across 5 (now 6) years of high school, is best equipped to handle this "going back' process if it is necessary. A parent who declares. "my child has not got the fundamentals" is sometimes, spot on! So occasionally for example I might be tutoring say a year 10 student and within half an hour find myself having to deal with fundamental misconceptions in years 8, 1 step back before going 2 steps some retreats may be necessary! Finally, as a simplified extension of classroom instruction, I find tuition very satisfying enabling me to concentrate on the business of enhancing student learning without having to attend to sundry non-teaching and sometimes debilitating duties that are inherent in being a 4/5 teacher and 1/5 administrator in a large metropolitan high school.

For further details please feel free to ring me on my mobile 0403507290



Full Time Mathematics teacher in High Schools for over 30 years and a Head of
Mathematics (teacher in charge) for 25 years. I was called up for 2 years National Service and fulfilled my National Service obligation in 1970-71.
After undergoing Officer training(Infantry based) at Scheyville in NSW in 1970, I
completed my service in Adelaide where I worked as an Army Psychologist in the
rank of Captain. Started tutoring in retirement from about 2005.

Since retiring I have returned to some of my interests in my formative years, especially singing. Over the last decade I have sung in 2 large choirs as a bass.
Collegium Symphonic Chorus (4 years) and WASO Chorus (6 years)
Keep fit in a nearby Gym.


Educated at Guildford Grammar School
B.A., B.Ed. (UWA ) B.A was a double major in Maths and
Maths teacher at Perth Modern School (1 year)
Kalamunda Senior High School (4 years)
HEAD of Mathematics (in charge) at Eastern Hills Senior High School(8 years)
HEAD of Mathematics at Lesmurdie Senior High school (18 years)
Part-time Maths teacher (semi-retired) at various schools (4 years)
Private Tutoring since retiring.
2 years National Service (Dept. of Army). Graduate of Officer Training
Unit Scheyville in NSW then posted to AA Psych.....Psychologist (Captain). Worked in
Melbourne (Research Unit) and Brisbane and Adelaide in testing applicants for the
Army,Navy and Commonwealth Police Force. Have also done some clinical work with army/navy medical referrals and SUDs (soldiers under detention)

(a) THE MATH CONNECTION (High School Teachers, University lecturers and
Professors, Industry statisticians and Mathematicians the active users of Maths)
same groups as given in part (a))
[further information on these groups through Linkedin]
Have both current Working with Children Check and National Police Clearance


FOR YEAR 7,8,9,10: $60 per hour

FOR YEAR 11,12: $70 per hour

Mature age students (post school) $70 per hour




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Algebra (Primary, Secondary)
Calculus (Secondary)
Maths (Primary, Secondary)
Maths Methods (Secondary)
Statistics (Secondary)


Teacher (General)

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retired Maths teacher. In 2018: years 7 to 10, year 11 Methods,Specialist, Applications and year 12 Methods.

"AMANDA: Roger was able to help my daughter visualise maths concepts by giving concrete examples. He guided us when deciding on a Maths course suited to her ability and I believe played an important role in her being presented with an award for "Academic Endeavour"."

Amanda Mitchell    
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