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Mr Sam Johnson

 Sydney - Woolwich

YOU WILL NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE - Exceptional Tutoring for ALL Students

Sydney tutor in Accounting, Algebra, Business Studies, Calculus, Creative Writing, Economics, English, English Literature, Essay Writing, Finance, Further Maths, General Science, Geography, Geometry, History, Management, Maths, Maths Methods, Reading, Statistics

I am offering the highest quality tutoring to all students undertaking K-10 studies, Prelim and HSC economics, business, history (modern and ext.), English (adv. and std.), and Mathematics (adv. and std.). FIND OUT BELOW if you are eligible for a significantly reduced / very negotiable rate.


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Hello, I'm Sam Johnson, a recent graduate of St Ignatius College, Riverview, with a 2019 ATAR of 98.30. Throughout my time keenly engaged in my studies at school, I absorbed so much information and developed so many unique strategies and techniques that I am so greatly eager to share with students going through this same exhilarating and very rewarding period of their lives. If you provide me the opportunity to assist your child in navigating these crazy waters, I can assure you that you will experience in them a noticeable improvement academically, and even in areas outside this specific sphere. I pride myself on my hard work ethic and the tremendously high standards I set for myself to achieve. If I am not entirely satisfied that I have achieved the particularly high standards that I set for myself when tutoring, I will not ask for payment. If you are seeking immense improvements in your son or daughter's studies, and strategies that will not only give them an academic edge but spill-over into their general lives, then I strongly believe that I am who you have been searching for. If you are prepared to experience great success, continue reading.

I tutor in a range of HSC subjects, including Business Studies, Economics, English (std. and adv.), History (modern and ext.) and Mathematics (std. and adv.). Out of these subjects, my performance was highest in Business Studies and Economics, in which I received HSC marks of 97 and 95 respectively. It is in these subjects that I can guarantee -- if students fully embrace all that I teach them -- that they will be achieving amongst the highest performing students in their cohorts, and indeed the state, no matter their current internal rank. This is because I developed and continually refined very unique approaches to these subjects which provided me the ability to gain a competitive edge over my peers, and results that left them wondering how I managed to receive. However, it is not just in these subjects that I can provide the highest quality tutoring. In English Advanced, Modern History and History Extensions I achieved HSC marks in the mid-90s, and Mathematics was just a fraction off of a band 6. So, I am justly more than capable in teaching these subjects. Moreover, I completed these subjects in the 2019 HSC, a year in which there were significant changes to the syllabuses of many subjects. As I result, I can teach students more effectively than many other tutors due to my extensive knowledge of, and experience with these new syllabi. This is something unique to students of the 2019 HSC group.

Not just am I more than adept in teaching these subjects, I have also accumulated a plethora of invaluable resources to accompany my tutoring service. These resources provide students the opportunity to increase the efficiency and efficacy of their private study through access to a mix of different study devices. Being able to approach study with a variety of different tools, I believe, is absolutely critical to developing sound knowledge of topics and is also vital in ensuring that repetitive-work-induced burn out (not uncommon in HSC students) does not occur. Having recently completed the HSC I am very aware of and able to emphasise with the struggles students face when confronted with the rigour and high demands of this challenging period of their academic lives. I therefore hope that I can serve the role of a mentor for my Prelim and HSC students as much as an excellent tutor, guiding them as they walk that walk on their pathway to success.

I also offer tutoring to non-HSC students from K-10 in English, Maths, History and Commerce. For other subjects such as Science or similar, I can certainly assist with exam technique, writing skills, etc. My hourly rate will be reduced to the price indicated in the fee section (some other factors may provide room for negotiation) for students within this category due to the reduced demand and rigour of their subjects. But, of course, the same standards I strive to meet and greatly exceed with all my Prelim and HSC students will be more than apparent for any student of any age. Having graduated only last year I still vividly remember these wonderful years myself, and therefore I am able to recognise and emphasise with the struggles, issues and complexities experienced by these younger students. I have also found through working with younger students and interacting with them at school that I have a certain way of communicating with them which they seem to greatly appreciate, respect and are comfortable with. As a result, I hope to serve the role of a mentor and a friend that my younger students can look up to as much as being an excellent tutor, assisting them in the best possible way on their journey to success.

I am genuinely passionate about tutoring and helping students overcome barriers to their success. Most tutors will say this but in practice it is often not very evident. My eagerness to begin sees me develop detailed lesson plans for months in advance and much more prior to even commencing the first lesson. I write a very detailed initial report and following half-yearly reports as well as offering the service of monthly detailed reports on students' academic progress. These are instrumental in ensuring that my students are deriving maximum value from my sessions through, such as, comparing various performance measures to determine the efficacy of certain teaching methods. I also offer a much more extensive after-lesson service than most other tutors, which may extend to include video tutorials to assist students negotiating difficult terrain. Furthermore, I have experience with the new HSC syllabi, a factor unique only to those of the 2019 HSC group. Moreover, I allow a level of customisation hard to find elsewhere. This provides the ability to best tailor lessons to the very specific needs of the students, assisting greatly in their academic growth.

I am also able to relate with and understand students at all academic levels. I too struggled initially to find the motivation to succeed, and let me say that my parents tried everything. As a result, I am keenly aware of what works and what does not work in motivating students to strive to achieve their highest potential. Today I love to work and learn more and more; I find it fulfilling. I strongly believe that through my own experience and understanding that I can also instil this attitude in your child more effectively than any other tutor. I also hold strongly that there is no limit to anyone's potential. Study and school in my mind are like taking your brain to the gym. Every bit you do adds more muscle, and overtime, if you are motivated, consistent and willing to work as hard as you can, you will undoubtedly experience growth. The only issue is that often students fail to recognise this truth, and therefore set limits to their potential themselves. This is one thing I will establish a priority on overcoming if it is deemed necessary, and something I certainly believe I can assist my students in overcoming. Perhaps the student may already have a fantastic work ethic and therefore does not need so much pushing. In this very positive case I can certainly work with that as well. These are only a few of the ways in which I go above and beyond the standard tutoring service, and is why you can be assured that you are receiving the highest value by selecting my service. I truly believe that I provide a service that is unmatched, and one that truly justifies the assigned price. I am very excited for the opportunity to prove my assertion.

In keeping with my insistence on providing a service where only the best is good enough I offer a highly customisable service. This allows me to cater to the many individual desires and requirements of my students. This I believe is of elevated importance in this industry due to the obvious fact that all students are unique.

Some prefer one-on-one tutoring as it provides a more focused environment that enables a student to overcome impediments to his or her success in a private setting.

On the other hand, others prefer a group setting as it provides room for rich and sophisticated discussion of topics which can assist in both engraining and expanding one's knowledge.

These sessions can be one hour or longer, where students that undertake multiple hours per session may be eligible for a more favourable rate (depending on a range of factors).

Moreover, as well as offering in-person tutoring I also offer tutoring via online platforms such as Skype. By selecting this option I assure you that you will not be reducing the value of your service. If you feel like my online session is not quite to the standard you expected, then please feel free to discuss this with me and I should be able to offer a favourable solution.

Overall, whether you decide to undertake private, group or online lessons you can be assured that you are receiving a service that will leave you more than satisfied.

In addition to offering private and group lessons I also offer HSC and Prelim students the opportunity to form a group of close friends for a day's study session during the school holidays. This is an intensive programme designed to maximise results. The session can be tailored to the needs of the students, but might involve review of all content learnt until that specific point, or I can teach future content. The latter enables students to enter the following school term with ease and confidence. Indeed, having at least an overview knowledge of future content, I believe, is an absolutely critical factor in maximising HSC performance and reducing during-term stress. Sessions will either be for three hours or six hours and I can cater for groups of three, five, seven, ten and thirteen individuals in a large quiet space at my home. To have this occur at a more convenient location for students, or for larger groups, please make this request via one of my specified points of contact. My sessions will run for either three or six hours over a single day. I will provide morning/afternoon tea for three-hour sessions, and morning tea and lunch for six-hour sessions. I also provide after-lesson service for 48 hours following a lesson in the event a student(s) is still experiencing difficulty with a certain area or if a student simply needs new work reviewed. Sessions will be located in my most often used space for study which is virtually soundproof from outside noise, has a very large table, an excellent speaker system, high-speed Wi-Fi, a TV, more than enough natural and artificial light, and much more. Please contact me for more details regarding rates, location, number of students, etc.

Please note that you are not limited to these specific options. Please contact me for further customisation and I will seek to satisfy any request.

In terms of availability, I should be quite flexible from the first of February onwards. I am available for most hours of the weekend, and weekdays as well until I commence my university studies. When university commences in late-February, I may have to adjust the tutoring times of some of my students, though afternoons (which I am sure will be most popular during school terms) should remain unaffected.

I can travel to your house, libraries or I can tutor from my home in Woolwich. For students that see me for tutoring at my home I may be able to negotiate a slightly smaller rate for you. I am more than equipped to operate lessons from my home and have multiple very quiet, superbly clean and sufficiently spacious areas that offer optimal study conditions. Parking and traffic are also not issues in my area.


An after-class, easy to access line of communication between students and myself via phone and/or email. (FREE)

After-class review of drafts, work, etc., and assistance with urgent questions/issues regarding students' studies. (FREE)

Access to an extensive assortment of materials, notes and other resources. (FREE)

Initial analysis of students' situation, involving the preparation of a detailed initial report for review by parents and students, to be used as key performance indicator. (FREE)

Continuous recording and documenting of students' progress with extensive half-yearly reports (FREE). I also offer parents and students the opportunity to receive very detailed reports on a monthly basis for their review (FREE for the first month, then a $20 monthly fee from then on). This will involve a detailed analysis of all documents provided (e.g. school reports), exam results, and other similar items. Then I will provide commentary on them, which will include a review of positives and also a review of any negatives with a range of recommendations on how to improve. It will also involve a progress report with performance indicators used to compare current performance with previous performance. Moreover, it will provide a detailed report on students' attitude and application in lessons, with positive areas and negative areas in need of improvement outlined. Performance indicators may be derived from in-school ranks and marks, as well as practice tests conducted by myself (such as during sessions focused on exam technique) and similar.

Voice recording of lessons for later review ($5 per lesson)

Video recording of lessons for later review ($10 per lesson)

Extensive proof reading of major works immediately prior to submission (price to be negotiated upon request)

Assurance that I will always offer a more favourable alternative/solution in the event that an unexpected event results in me being unable to attend a lesson (in addition to fast communication as soon as I become aware of any impediment to the lesson occurring at the specified time).

More additional services to be specified at first lesson.



Primary Email:
Alternative Email: You may also contact me via my school account:

Phone: 0413 777 175 (please email or text me prior to calling as I receive many scam calls so I tend to decline to answer unknown callers)

*This offer is only available to those who confirm their spot prior to 20 January 2020 and once at least one paid tutoring session has been completed. There is no expiry date to use the free online tutoring session.



Informal tutoring of younger students while at school.


2019 ATAR: 98.30

Received a band 6/E4 in Economics, Business Studies, English advanced, Modern History, History Extension and a band 5 in Mathematics

Economics and Business Studies were my highest performing subjects, receiving a HSC mark of 95 and 97 in them respectively.

My other band 6’s were in the mid-90s, while my band 5 in Mathematics was only slightly off a band 6.


For my Prelim and HSC students, I offer tutoring at $60 an hour.

As promised earlier, my younger students (K-10) will receive a slightly reduced rate. For students in years K-6 I offer tutoring at $45 per hour. For my students in years 7-10 I offer tutoring at $50 per hour.

In addition to offering excellent one-on-one private tutoring, I also offer group sessions. However, as I insist on exhibiting the same high standards and quality of service for all students within the group, I will have to charge an additional $20 for each student on top of the base price ($15 if the students are in the category of K-6). This can be for groups of students of the same age requiring assistance in similar areas. Alternatively, this may also be useful for families with children of different (or the same) ages in need of a high-quality tutor to both monitor and to provide assistance to their children during after-school study.

Please contact me for information regarding specific prices of holiday workshops.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information regarding my rates.

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Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in New South Wales until 06-Dec-2024 (details available on request)




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