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Miss Selfy Ursula


Expert Maths Coach for All Years ( IMPROVEMENT GUARANTEE )

Perth tutor in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Creative Writing, Economics, Essay Writing, IELTS, Indonesian, Maths, Microbiology, Physics, Physiology, Statistics, TOEFL, NEW CURRICULUM Year 11 and 12 Mathematics Application 2A&B and 3A&B, Mathematics Methods 2A&B and 3A&B, Maths Specialist, 3A&B Human Biology 1A&B, 2A&B, 3A&B Chemisty 2A&2B, Chemistry 3A&B and Biology 2A&B and 3A&B Post Graduate Biomedical Sciences: Molecular Genetics, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology and Pharmacogenetic

(196 student reviews)

I am a lecturer in one of the best University of Western Australia ( Mathematics & Chemistry) and an experienced tutor for the past 20 years.

Graduated as a Master of Biomedical and Advanced of Dermal Plastic Surgery ( Paramedic Aesthetic) equipped me with all the skills needed for me to deliver knowledge to my students. 16 years of experience teaching helped me to understand all of my students' needs in terms of learning.

My Teaching Qualifications and experience equipped me to deal with all of my students enquires regarding their subjects in school ( Especially Maths and Science). I had 16 years experience (Group and Private Tutoring).Dealing with Sunday School children and teenagers in church made me able to communicate very well with all of my students.

I am a very dedicated teacher and always try to work towards my students' achievements and success. My PhD knowledge equipped with every learning aspects areas ( especially in Mathematics and Science). I will design programs that match every students' level and capability and always try to teach one step ahead of school level to make sure my students has the assets needed to be a " Top" students in school.

Worksheet and notes are all prepared and available. The School Textbooks are also available ( Maths of Pearson WA or Maths Quest for Mathematics and Science).

I am a scientist. Along with research, teaching has been an important part of my career. Professionally, I developed and presented lectures covering cutting edge technologies, and, I tutored undergraduate students in scientific subjects. I believe that every of my students are smart and knowledgeable students if they are "guided" in the right direction. Each of my students are gifted in different talents, as a tutor, i have to recognize which talents they are gifted in and i will work from there to polish them to " Shine" even more. My happiness and satisfaction in life is when i am able to be a blessing for my students, to see them grabbing their dreams is my GOAL.

For all of my students: " We are TEAM player, your success is my happiness"

Over the years, I have learned how to learn, and, most importantly how to deliver what i have learnt to all my students in flexible and effective learning environment tailored to your needs.

I look forward to your call to arrange a consultation to discuss your needs and expectations.

All my students have been able to make great improvements in their studies ( I believe that you will experience the same results too).

Feel free to contact me for further discussions!

I am quite honoured that many of my students able to be accepted in Scholarship and GATE Program as well as Medical Field in university level. Congratulations to all students who achieve amazing results. I hope you can spread and share all the knowledge obtain in every of our lessons.

My Mobile: 0422 027 252
My Motto " Education For A Better Future" & " Success is one step away from hard work"

( Improvements - Guarantee)
My Professionalism Is the ASSET for my students' future

Ask me for " Holiday Preparation for ATAR"
GATE and Scholarship Program are Available
Certified Educator for Australian Mathematics Challenge Olympiade and ICAS



Teaching foreign students Bahasa and English language.
Teaching high school students English, Sciences, Mathematics (Year 6 to 12).
Teaching Nursing students at Edith Cowan University until now.

I have tutored the following subjects/units in the past:
- Year 6 to 10 Mathematics and Science
- Year 11 Foundations of Mathematics
- Year 11 Introductory Calculus
- Year 11 Geometry and Trigonometry
- Year 11 ( Physics, Chemistry, Human Biology and Biology)
- Year 12 Discrete Mathematics
- Year 12 Applicable Mathematics
- Year 12 Calculus Mathematics
- Year 12 ( Physics, Chemistry, Human Biology and Biology)
- MATH1010: Calculus and Linear Algebra (UWA, Crawley campus)
- MATH1020: Calculus, Probability and Statistics (UWA, Crawley campus)
- Lecturer in MATH104: Nursing Student ( PIBT-ECU Mt.Lawley)

I am enthusiastic, motivated and also well educated lecturer/ tutor.
Call Me: 0422 027 252 and DISCUSS for the Availability of the lessons
Availability is very LIMITED


Master of Biomedical Science in UWA
Master of International Health Science in Curtin University
Advanced Diploma of Dermal Science and Plastic Surgery
Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching and Education
Certificate of Mental AIDS
GCE A Levels (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Human Biology, Maths ( Calculus and
Foundation and General
New Programme for Mathematics STARTING 2015
1. Mathematics Foundation
2. Mathematics Application
3. Mathematics Methods
4. Mathematics Specialists


$80 per hour ( Year 11 and 12 recommended minimal one and half hour per lesson)




Joined Tutor Finder on 11-Feb-2008 (updated profile on 01-Apr-2022)
Tutoring Location
  • Tutor's Place in Perth
  • Private & Group Tuition


Creative Writing (Primary, Secondary)
IELTS (Primary)
TOEFL (Primary)


Calculus (Secondary, Tertiary)
Maths (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Statistics (Secondary, Tertiary)


Anatomy (Secondary, Tertiary)
Biochemistry (Secondary, Tertiary)
Biology (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Chemistry (Secondary, Tertiary)
Microbiology (Secondary, Tertiary)
Physics (Secondary, Tertiary)
Physiology (Tertiary)

Study Help

Essay Writing (Primary, Secondary)


Economics (Secondary)


Indonesian (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)

Other Subjects

NEW CURRICULUM Year 11 and 12 Mathematics Application 2A&B and 3A&B, Mathematics Methods 2A&B and 3A&B, Maths Specialist, 3A&B Human Biology 1A&B, 2A&B, 3A&B Chemisty 2A&2B, Chemistry 3A&B and Biology 2A&B and 3A&B Post Graduate Biomedical Sciences: Molecular Genetics, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology and Pharmacogenetics, etc.

"I really miss you Miss. Selfy. I would like to say thank you for everything that you have done for me. You had been a part of family, without you i will not be accepted in Nursing Faculty. Thank you my Mathematics grades has improved amazingly from C to A+ ( it is more than my expectation). Thank you so much Miss.Selfy, you are the Maths Angel for all of your students especially for someone that used to struggle like me. Thank yo heaps. Love and hugs xxxxx D"

Dianna Lay    
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