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Miss Sophia Cyna


Enthusiastic Mathematics, Economics and Physics Tutor

Sydney tutor in Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Economics, ESL, Further Maths, General Science, Geometry, Maths, Maths Methods, Physics, Statistics, TOEFL

I travel to these locations

I am passionate about teaching in a way that not only improves students' grades, but also helps them understand the point of what we are doing. I aim to not only make sure students can write correct answers in tests, but also to understand what they are writing and why they are writing it, and maybe even have students get a tiny bit of the joy I do from the maths, physics and economics that they are doing.

I specialise in helping under-performing students gain the confidence to excel. I aim not only to teach concepts, but I do my best to teach students how to get into a productive mindset for solving challenging maths problems and understanding hard physics concepts. In particular, I help students to overcome the mental barriers that make it hard to work on a subject they are struggling in and to face problems and course content that they are not yet sure they can do.

I know the content in the new HSC Physics and Mathematics syllabus and can help students navigate this new terrain.

I can travel to your residence, but different rates apply if the commute to your residence is long (see the note labelled * in my rates description if you would like to know if travel to your residence is charged at the standard rates).

Please call me if you have any questions! If I miss your call, text your name and your reason for calling (eg. a short text like "Sam; tutoring enquiry") and I will call you back as soon as I possibly can. I look forward to hearing from you!



I have been teaching mathematics, physics and economics to students between 12-22 years of age alongside my tertiary study in these areas (I have completed quite a bit of tertiary physics study and I have a bachelor in maths and economics, I currently am completing an honours year and will likely do a PhD - so I should be able to keep students in year 11 until the completion of year 12). I also have taught English as a second language for a year; specialising in improving conversational fluency.

While I have taught many year 12 maths and physics students (most of my economics tutoring has been at a tertiary level), my teaching style focuses on conceptual understanding (combined with lots of practice) rather than cramming, so I prefer to start with new maths, physics and economics students, at latest, at the end of year 11. I think maths, physics and economics are worth knowing, so if you study them in year 11 and 12, I would prefer the key concepts to be in your long-term (rather than short-term) memory; that way my students have those insights into how our world works for the rest of their lives (rather than just until the end of the next exam period). I also think this is the best strategy for maximizing grades anyway in the long-term!


ATAR of 99.1, studying advanced mathematics and economics (honours stream) at the University of Sydney, I have also completed several advanced physics subjects at university.



In person*:
$80 for 60 minutes
$110 for 90 minutes (recommended length for an in-person weekly session)
$130 for 120 minutes

$60 for 60 minutes (recommended length for a weekly Zoom session)
$90 for 90 minutes
$110 for 120 minutes
Note: Zoom lessons are best suited for students with access to a tablet and digital pen for the tablet


I charge $40 per hour for additional time beyond 120 minutes** (eg. x2 sessions of two hours each for siblings on the same day at the same location would cost $120 for the first session and then $80 for the second session, a for 4.5 hour intense revision day would cost $220).

For more than one student at a time, I charge an extra $20/hour per additional student.

Rates are definitely negotiable for primary and high school students in lower income households (please call me if this is your situation - if I miss your call, text your name and your reason for calling and I will get back to you as soon as I can).

I also am happy to accept $1.20 in donations to any charity recommended here -, in replacement for any $1 of payment to me (I just need a donation receipt dated within a week of the session).

All variable rates are calculated to the nearest minute, rounding downwards to the nearest whole dollar (eg. if the commute from St Peters station to your residence is 38 minutes, that is an extra 8 minutes above 30 minutes each way, which is an extra 16 minutes of extra commute time in total, which, at $40/hour*, is $10.666... for those extra 16 minutes, so rounding down that is $10 extra, so I would charge an extra $10 to come to your residence above my usual in-person rates).

These non-standard rates are a little complicated so if you are unsure at all, feel free to call me (and I can talk you through the options for sessions either at your residence or elsewhere). If I miss your call, text your name and your reason for calling (eg. a short text like "Sam; tutoring enquiry") and I will call you back as soon as I possibly can. I look forward to hearing from you!

*Footnote 1: My standard in-person rates apply if the tutoring location is within 30 minutes on public transport from St Peters station, eg. at my residence next to St Peters Station or at the University of Sydney libraries. Additional commute time is charged at $40/hour (eg. if it takes 1 hour by public transport to get from St Peters Station to your residence, based off Google Maps' estimate, that is an additional hour of commute above what is already priced in - an extra 30 minutes each way, so all sessions are $40 more, making the pricing schedule: $80+$40=$120 for 60 minutes, $110+$40=$150 for 90 minutes and $130+$40=$170 for 120 minutes). To get an estimate of the relevant commute time to your residence, either call me or copy and paste this web link:,+St+Peters+NSW. As I said above, if I miss your call, text your name and your reason for calling (eg. a short text like "Sam; tutoring enquiry") and I will call you back as soon as I possibly can.

**Footnote 2: yes, you are right if you noticed that I do in fact charge $40/hour for anything above 90 minutes (there is indeed a $20 difference between my 90 minute and 120 minute rate), but the maths teacher in me wants you to note that this is still a true statement because anything that is true for lengths of time equal to or above 90 minutes is also true for all lengths of time equal to and above 120 minutes!




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ESL (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
TOEFL (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)


Algebra (Primary, Secondary)
Calculus (Primary, Secondary)
Further Maths (Secondary)
Geometry (Primary, Secondary)
Maths (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Maths Methods (Primary, Secondary)
Statistics (Primary, Secondary)


Chemistry (Secondary)
General Science (Primary, Secondary)
Physics (Secondary)


Economics (Secondary, Tertiary)
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