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Mr Steve X 99.5 ATAR

 Sydney - Chatswood

Don't lose hope! SAVE YOUR HSC!

Sydney tutor in Creative Writing, English, English Literature, Essay Writing, Maths, Piano

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North Sydney, Mosman, Kirribilli, Milsons Point, Pyrmont, Chatswood

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Hi all,

LIMITED Time Slots Available- Only taking serious students who wish to undertake MASSIVE improvements.

ONLY 4 weeks left until Trials and 13 weeks left until HSC....

Are you going to make the SAME mistakes over again... or CHANGE?

I understand the FRUSTRATION and PAIN of seeing the SAME marks time and time again, after SLAVING AWAY for endless hours.

I understand the FEAR of not being able to do your DREAM COURSE because of subpar marks.

I've been there....

My name is Steven and I graduated as an academic scholar from a prestigious private school with ATAR of 99.5. I am studying Law at USYD and have extensive experience (both personal and tutoring) in delivering MASSIVE improvements in exam marks.

I PERSONALLY went from an ESTIMATED 95 ATAR after trials to ACTUAL 99.5 ATAR in the period of 2-3 months. I understand the mindset and psychology behind what it takes to achieve these ABNORMAL improvements.

Most students face one of the three (if not all) problems:

-Using the WRONG STRATEGY (relearning the whole textbook vs memorising a set of notes)
-Not ORIENTING their STUDIES around EXAMS (rereading their English texts over and over again vs writing out essays as per exemplars)

Also in my teaching I incorporate things such as the Pareto Principle (80/20) to maximise doing the WORK YOU NEED TO DO (the 20% of work that accounts for 80% of results) whilst minimising any fluff.

For instance, in English Advanced, the majority of people spend time LEARNING AND READING about the text when really they should spend at least an equal amount of time in HONING THEIR ESSAY WRITING SKILLS. Most people also have difficulty in establishing the crucial difference between SUMMARISING vs ANALYSING (the latter is what we need). Furthermore, I teach techniques such as FREEWRITING, INFERENCE VIA EMPATHY and KEYWORD ANALYSIS which are CRUCIAL in BREAKING through WRITER BLOCKS.

I spend the majority of my time HELPING YOU WRITE:
-THESIS (crafting your PERSONAL VOICE- most likely the reason why your pre-memorised essays off BoredofStudies aren't doing so well)
-Topic Sentences (based on STATE-RANKING EXEMPLARS and each module's RUBRIC)
-ESSENTIAL 'TRIGGER'/BUZZ WORDS, contingent on each particular module (Discovery, Mod B- Critical Study....etc.)
-Writing Body Paragraphs as QUICKLY as HUMANLY possible by a SYSTEMATIC, KEYWORD ANALYSIS approach/'RECYCLING' strategy

Also, in both Mathematics Extension 1 and Extension 2, it is crucial to realise the importance of getting 100% of the first 50% of the paper (this is easily doable) and guarantees a Band 6, yet most people spend 80% of their time doing the last portion of the paper leading to overwhelming frustration and just a downward spiral.

I made these mistakes because I was listening to my TEACHERS, who really had no clue how to study most efficiently. It's NOT about HOW MUCH WORK you do OR even HOW HARD YOU WORK, its about CHOOSING the RIGHT WORK TO DO and STICKING WITH IT. This is where I come in. I will not only teach you the subject matter, but develop a personalised system that maximises your results in the most efficient manner possible!

Tutoring offered in English Standard/Advanced, Maths 2 Unit, 3 Unit
Year 7 -12 English and Maths help offered

LIMITED Time Slots Available - Call/Text 0433008863 for more details



Extensive experience in classroom environment
Taught 100+ students from all different learning backgrounds


95 to 99.5 in 2 Months (Bombed out trials)
All-rounders award (Band 6 in all subjects)
LmusA with distinction in Piano
Bachelor of Commerce/Law (USYD) - Current


Rate depends on year




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Creative Writing (Primary, Secondary)
English (Primary, Secondary)
English Literature (Primary, Secondary)
Essay Writing (Primary, Secondary)


Maths (Primary, Secondary)


Piano (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)

"Steven is a very intellectual , caring, generous individual who was always available and took his time while tutoring me. He always made sure I understood anything before moving on and without him I would not of been half as confidant before exams."

Corey sclater     
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