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Mr Thomas Vu

 Brisbane - Carindale

Brisbane's most experienced tutor for high acheiving students

Brisbane tutor in Biology, Chemistry, Doctor of Medicine, English, Essay Writing, GAMSAT, History, Journalism, Legal Studies, Maths, Medical Interviews, Medicine, Music Theory, Physiology, UCAT, UMAT, Violin

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As a qualified full-time tutor for 9 years (thousands of hours) I am able to ensure a supportive, always 1 on 1 mentoring environment, with a focus on the student being able to achieve independently outside of tutoring sessions. With the very high volume of students I take on each term and week; assignment structures, essay-writing and exam preparation strategies are always fresh in my mind.

Having studied High-Quality University programs which have rigorous specialisations in Research and Critical Problem Solving, I have tutored Primary, Secondary and University subjects for a number of years for professional development, and as a hobby, before moving towards a career in curriculum and education.

For Parents - I have no problem discussing their progress with you, voicing concerns, constructing an academic performance report or discussing (Giving an honest insider opinion) on Career paths. You name it, I've likely done it.

My main strength which applies to all levels of learning is that I can teach 'Easy'.This is a concept that I have learnt over many years of being a student myself as well as by tutoring. If you explain something in a difficult way, using unfamiliar terms
and convoluted symbols - It will be difficult, unfamiliar and convoluted to learn. Textbooks and sometimes Teachers tend to produce information in this way. I teach by explaining concepts in a way that a young person would understand, that is easily remembered and that won't take weeks to consolidate.

I enjoy teaching and imparting my own personal wisdom to the younger generation. I've been through what they are experiencing and picked up plenty of tricks along the way. Students that I have taken on improve a whole grade by their second semester. From utterly lacking confidence or feeling that subject or teacher is too difficult, students sometimes report to me that the assignments that we submit are the best that their teacher has read in a long while, to the astonishment of their classmates. They 'like school better now' and tell me they subscribed to science channels on youtube. I take immense pride in my student's work and pride myself on Excellence, students tell me my editing is the most detailed they have ever seen and joke that I must get no sleep.

When a student engages in Private Tuition I am available for them to ask questions 24/7 within reason, on a moderated online platform of their choosing - I can proofread texts, brainstorm ideas and suggest projects - Students ask me to explain terms and concepts in easy to understand language as they go about their everyday life - They are constantly learning.

I also specialise in mentoring high achieving students, perfecting assignments and exam nuances to give them that extra edge - I will run as fast as they can. I have extensive experience in coaching admission tests such as UMAT (Also as a UMAT prep question developer), medical school interviews and applications. All my year 12 graduates in this capacity achieve single digit OPs(1-3)/ATAR(97-99) and many go on to study medicine, dentistry, and Law. Over 150 students have succesfully entered law/dental/medical school with over 100 of these being students I've taught since middle school.

I hold a valid Government Blue Card for child-related employment. I have flexible after-school hours on weekdays and on the weekends. I prefer to tutor from my office in Carindale as I have access to a variety of resources. Please contact me to organise a tailored meeting.

Update 4/01/2017:- Happy New Year - Congratulations to my UMAT students who received 98, 97 & 95 percentiles - no one received lower than 77 which is a new record!
4 OP 1's and 7 OP 2's! Great Work Class of 2016.

Update 30/01/2018:- 11 OP 1's for Class of 2017.

Update 12/02/2018:- I may accept a limited number of additional students on a selection basis. (Please send an email or text message with as much detail regarding your request as possible - I am engaged full-time so calls will not reach me) Spaces will be limited as I am assuming a management role in a number of projects

Update 7/09/18:- 8 students between 90 and 99 percentile in UMAT!

Update 15/12/18 :- 5 OP 1s so far for 2018!

Update 05/08/19 :- 35 students above 90 percentile for UCAT 2019!

Update 14/12/19 :- 17 OP 1's and 2's

Update 15/1/20 :- 23 offers from Medical Schools across students so far!

Update 19/12/20 :- 11 students ATAR 99 and above!



*Subcontracted Tutor for Grace Simpkins Personal Tutors -
*Managing Director for Imperium Tutors -
*GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admissions) Prep Program Developer
*Corporate Aptitude Test (Psychometric/IQ) Program Director - Oversee 35 employees
*Creative Writing/Critic/Communications and PR/Visual Media -
Directing Editor at
* Senior Consultant (Course Facilitator/Question Writer) for Undergraduate Medicine Admission Test (UMAT/UCAT/GAMSAT) Prep Courses
*Tournament of Minds Chief Judge: Regional - Maths Engineering, State - English Literature, Science Technology, Spontaneous Challenge, Australasian Finals - Maths Engineering -
*UQ Ambassador/Careers Advisor
*UQ Chem1010 (1100) Course Tutor
* University Course Lecture
*Tutoring for over 9 Years - Thousands of hours of tuition, graduated hundreds of students, with students staying on until they finish year 12 and some for four years and counting (Families 8+ years).
* Extensive experience with Primary School Core subjects to Years 7-12 English, Maths Years 7-
10 & Maths Years 11-12
*Experience with the Senior IB program aiming for 42-45
*Experience in teaching all coursework including the Sciences (e.g. Senior Biology & Chemistry), Music Theory, Legal/Social Studies/History, English Writing and Shakespeare.
* Intimately familiar with Assessment structures and teaching styles of all major metropolitan schools e.g. Brisbane Grammar, Brisbane State High, Somerville etc
* Tertiary Tuition & Assignment Editing,
* 1000+ Assignments Assisted with no results below B
* Tutoring for entrance exam prep, UMAT, Tertiary courses, last minute crash-course exam revision.
*University Admissions/applications, Careers/Course advice, Pathways to Medicine, resume writing
* Mentoring students - Almost All Year 12 graduates achieve single digit OPs/ATAR90+ Many go onto study medicine/dentistry/law
* UQ Careers Ambassador
* Highest student UMAT/UCAT results - 100, 98, 97 percentiles
* Highest student ATAR 99.95
* Over 200 students receiving offers to study ATAR 99 courses primarily Doctor of Medicine.


* Multiple Qualifications
* Certificate of Professional Editing and Proofreading
* Pending accreditation Australian Tutoring Association
* Published prize-winning essay on 'Shadow Education' and 'Central Health Practices'
* Justice of the Peace (Qualified)
* Violin: AmusA
* UMAT (UCAT): 97th Percentile '13, 100th Percentile '16, 3480 Score '19, Preparation Course Consultant (Question
Tester/Developer), IQ 126 S-B M T
* GAMSAT Score 77 (98th%ile)
* Interviewed by multiple Medical Schools
* OTE Languages: French Vietnamese Japanese Latin Norwegian


The minimum hourly rate for private tuition is $70. Usually One Hour per Subject
Lessons for Years 10, Year 11 and 12 Students are $70, $80 and $90 respectively. Lessons after 8pm have an additional fee (Last lessons finishing at 10pm).
Year 12 students who require two hours or more per week may inquire for a reduced fixed rate.

UCAT (UMAT) coaching has an increased rate (Enquire for discounts or group workshops) to cover the purchase of additional materials and specialised question design. As I provide exclusive UCAT material printed and compiled at my own expense, included in the lesson pricing, you stand to save hundreds without taking short and very expensive commercial workshops. I am also introducing online workshops at popular request that run throughout the year.

University assistance, GAMSAT and Interview Coaching is at a tailored rate upon request. I can also edit essays, applications, and assignments upon request

Discounts are available for prepaid blocks of lessons at 6 hours -> (3 Weeks of 2-hour lessons or 6 Weeks of 1-hour lessons) or 10 hours. This is the more popular choice.

Student Discount

Special Offer - UCAT is currently discounted for complete programs




Joined Tutor Finder on 05-Jul-2014 (updated profile on 21-Jan-2021)
Tutoring Location
  • Online Tutoring
  • Tutor's Place in Carindale
  • Private Tuition


English (Primary, Secondary)
Essay Writing (Secondary, Tertiary)


Maths (Primary, Secondary)


Biology (Secondary, Tertiary)
Chemistry (Secondary, Tertiary)
Physiology (Tertiary)

Social Science

History (Secondary)
Legal Studies (Secondary)


GAMSAT (Tertiary)
Medical Interviews (Tertiary)
Medicine (Tertiary)
UCAT (Tertiary)
UMAT (Tertiary)


Music Theory (Introduction)
Violin (Introduction)


Journalism (Tertiary)


Doctor of Medicine (General)

"I would highly recommend Thomas as a tutor. He is very well prepared and knowledgable. He provided a lot of insight and aid into my preparation."

Rachel C    
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