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Mrs Amanda Kendall


English teacher transforming reluctant readers into bookworms

Melbourne tutor in Creative Writing, EAL, English, English Literature, ESL, Essay Writing, Reading, Year 7-12 English, VCE English, Unit 3&4 English, Year 12 English

💡 1-on-1 HELP FOR RELUCTANT READERS in Year 7-12 📚 UNIQUE summer Deep Dive program 💧 for VCE ENGLISH students 💡

There are many reasons students don’t enjoy reading.

The letters swim on the page.
It’s hard to concentrate.
The words are too hard.
English is a second or third language.

Or maybe they’d just rather be hanging at the basketball hoop or cracking that next level in their online game.

Whatever the reason, I'm here to help.

I provide personalised text-focused English tutoring 1+1 Sessions to high school students of all ages.

Many students dread being asked to read in front of others. This may be because they lack confidence, or feel they read too slowly, or struggle pronouncing words.

Others scoot down in their chair and hope the teacher doesn’t ask them a question about the text, because they don’t have the answer. Perhaps they’ve tuned out, or haven’t understood what’s going on in the narrative.

1+1 Sessions are a safe place for your learner to develop their confidence as they practice their English skills. When a student feels comfortable, happy and hopeful, their self-confidence grows and learning will follow.

My first priority when commencing English tutoring with a new student is to build rapport; they’ll soon be looking forward to our sessions together rather than finding tutoring a chore!

🏆  1+1 Sessions run during school terms. Bookings are open now for Term 1, 2022 onwards. 

1+1 Sessions are 30 or 45-minute slots that you can book on a per-term basis throughout the year. Bring your questions, revise ideas or read the text together - it's your time!

Cost: Year 7-9: $45 for 30 mins per week or two for $80
Year 10-12: $65 for a 45-min session weekly or two for $110 (15% discount)

All sessions are conducted via Zoom and open to any secondary student no matter your location or year level.



Year 12s have to take VCE English. Whether they like English or not. 🙁
Whether they understand the books or not. 🤔
Whether they even read the books or not. 😏

If they’re planning to go to uni and need an ATAR, English is a compulsory subject that must be taken. There’s no way around it. To get a good ATAR, students must do well in English throughout the year and the end-of-year exam.

They need to write well… but even before that, they need to have something to write about.

In Unit 3&4 English, students must have a deep understanding of several texts – and VCE Book Club can help!

If you have a student who:

- Dislikes reading
- Finds it hard to get through a whole book on thier own
- Loses focus and forgets what’s happening
- Feels like they’re drowning in a sea of words that swim on the page - Finds it difficult to grasp the language and key ideas of a text
- Doesn’t want to go it alone
- Or just wants to be as prepared as they can for Year 12…

💡 Get a head start on 2022 VCE texts by joining one of our VCE Book Club Deep Dives! 💡

💧 How does a Deep Dive work?

- Book into a Deep Dive for a text you’re studying. Each Deep Dive is made up of ten 75-minute sessions
- Grab your text and a drink, and log in for a 75-minute live online group
- The text is read to you aloud live* with expression and passion (no monotones or robot voices!)
- Follow along with your own copy of the text
- Key ideas, character, themes, plot points, elements or symbols, settings, values are unpacked each session
- Q&A session at the end where you can ask a question live, or post it in the chat

💧 What do I get?

- Ten sessions in which the whole text is read to you and key elements explained
- A graphic organiser pack for making summary notes as we read
- Additional audio/video recordings for longer texts
- Exclusive access to refresher videos in September in the lead-up to your English exam to refocus you before that “one day in October”

💧 When do Deep Dives run?

- Deep Dives are designed to prepare you so you can hit the ground running when school starts.
- They run during summer over December-January with a break for celebrating Christmas/New Year. 🎁🎄🎇
- The ten sessions typically run twice a week, over two weeks in December, and three weeks in January.

💧 How much does it cost?

Only $170 for a novel text... that's totally affordable at just $17 per session, which is cheaper than a tutoring session!
Plays are $70 and run for two sessions.


Limited 2022 slots for our summer Deep Dives and 1+1 Sessions are filling now!

To register your interest, visit or email Amanda at


Our Story

VCE Book Club was a lightbulb moment 40 years in the making.

It’s a culmination of my love of learning, love of reading, love of helping students to enjoy a story and love of supporting teachers in the amazing work they do.

I’m passionate about this unique approach to VCE English tutoring… and it’s not just about improving grades. If I can help a student understand a story, they just might enjoy it. And if they find themselves lost in its pages, they may reach for another.

Amanda, VCE Book Club

For lots more about our story, go to



10+ years teaching and tutoring secondary students, predominantly in VCE English and Media.
Past VCE Coordinator, Year 11&12 Coordinator, writer, editor and curriculum author.


* Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) - English and Visual Arts/Media major
* Bachelor of Contemporary Arts (Media Arts)
* Literature sub-major
* Recipient of Principal's Honour Award 2017
* Professional Staff of the Year, University of Melbourne 2021


Year 7-9 Junior sessions: $45 per 30 mins or 2 for $80
Year 10-12 Senior sessions: $65 per 45 mins or 2 for $110

Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in Victoria until 30-May-2024 (details available on request)




Joined Tutor Finder on 30-Aug-2021 (updated profile on 30-Nov-2021)
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Creative Writing (Secondary)
EAL (Secondary)
English (Secondary)
English Literature (Secondary)
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Essay Writing (Secondary)
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Year 7-12 English, VCE English, Unit 3&4 English, Year 12 English
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