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Mr Harley Zhong (99.95 ATAR & Premiers Awards)


Raw 40+ Guarantee: VCE English Language, VCE Chemistry.

Melbourne tutor in Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, EAL, English, English Literature, ESL, Essay Writing, Further Maths, GAMSAT, Health Studies, Mandarin, Maths, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Medical Doctor, Medical Interviews, Medicine, Reading, Special Needs, Study Skills, UCAT, VCE English Language, VCE Chemistry, VCE Mathematical Methods, VCE Specialist Maths, VCE Further Maths, VCE Biology, VCE English, VCE Literature, VCE EAL, VCE Chinese SL, VCE Chinese SL Advanced.

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My 2023 VCE Cohort Results
The results achieved by my students this year are unparalleled across the entire state. To characterise such results as simply amazing, terrific or brilliant, would be a gross understatement, an understatement both to the gargantuan level of difficulty my students faced, and the year-on-year academic excellence at VCE Excel Education.

Most notably this year, as a continuation of our academic excellence, three of my students achieved Raw 50 in VCE English Language.

They are: Sharissa Pak from MacRob, Mark Liu from Melbourne High and Tom Gallagher from Scotch College.

That means almost half of the Raw 50 students across the entire state are under my belt! No other institution has produced such results in the history of this subject. Years ago, students would enrol in my program having heard of my own academic excellence – multiple Raw 50s across the board (English Language, Chemistry, Maths Methods… just to name a few) But today, I’m glad that the very techniques that brought me to the pinnacle of VCE English Language (Full marks 15/15 AC and Essay, highest Exam score ever) have reproduced similar success in generations of my students, year after year. The results of my students today should reassure you that you are in the very best hands, perhaps the best the subject has to offer, and that the glories of my past students may translate to your very own in 2024!

Setting aside the top scores, we have around 90% of students scoring above Raw 40 in VCE English Language and around 86% of students scoring above Raw 40 in VCE Chemistry.

These results show that regardless of the study score you would like to achieve, be it Raw 40 or Raw 50, you will be able to achieve what you deserve at VCE Excel Education, should you work as hard and as smart, if not more than my students this year, unwavering and unyielding to any falls, any distractions or any misadventures along the way (will share to you all the challenges that my top students faced in class).


🥇 State Rank 1:
I was ranked 1st place among all Raw 50 students for VCE English Language; full marks 15/15 in Essay & AC sections; 99.95 ATAR (217.37 aggregate), and VCE Premier's Awards. I share my success through precise, unequivocal explanations of essay topics and textual analysis, as well as easy-to-follow strategies aimed to revolutionise your approach to all 3 sections of the exam.

Look no further, many of the other tutors you see on this site were in fact, my past students (details available on request).

✅ Watch My Trial Lesson now & Download Study Notes:

💯 VCAA Exam Prediction:
I have successfully predicted every question and text type across all 3 sections in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2022 exams. I’m confident that my expertise and my students’ past results speak volumes of the confidence in my program to GUARANTEE 40+ IN YOUR STUDY SCORE.

✅ VCE Raw 40+ Guarantee:
I provide guaranteed raw 40+ for both VCE English Language and VCE Chemistry to students enrolled in my program. My 2024 Comprehensive Course Program has been specifically redesigned to capture the latest exam style and criteria with utmost precision. I have developed questions and guides tailored to the most recent VCAA exams, so that you may excel with the most relevant knowledge and techniques.

📖 Harley's Teaching Experience:
I have tutored 400+ students across Victoria (Melbourne High School, Macrob, Balwyn, Scotch, Suzanne Cory, GWSC, Camberwell Grammar, and more) with over 2900 hours of experience, we individualise our tutoring to match your needs. I will teach you all the techniques and tips to improve your performance, enhance your study efficiency and ultimately transform your study score.

✅ Download Harley's 2024 Comprehensive Program Course Guide:


What my 2024 Program provides:

 Guaranteed 40+ Raw: weekly small group tutoring

 Guaranteed 45+ Raw: weekly 1 on 1 tutoring (Limited to 5 per year, Application required)

 10 FREE AOS workshops: Highly specialised SAC and exam preparation

 Exam workshop lessons refined to include VCAA styled SAQ from the new study design

 Free 1 on 1 individualised feedback sessions provided to students in my program

I have been teaching VCE English Language for 6 years, sharing my techniques, passing my tips and imparting my knowledge for success to many students. Having scored perfect marks on both essays and ACs for various SACs, trial exam and the final exam, I believe that there is no limit to one’s ability in this subject.

Under my tutelage, my students have attained the study scores they deserve, and many students have topped their cohort as rank 1.

As my students, you may request for 1 on 1 feedback sessions going over Essays/ACs/SACs, which would be entirely FREE throughout the year, for as long as necessary subject to availability. When you may spend hundreds on 1 on 1 tutoring sessions otherwise, my offer and pledge to all of my students is unparalleled in the entire state!

*For those who prefer 1 on 1 tutoring, you may express your interest through an application form and I will select the most passionate and aspiring students for the limited 1 on 1 tutoring spots.


Having aced VCE Chemistry (raw 50) and university Chemistry (H1 honours, Bachelor of Biomedicine), my tutoring program covers every single concept that is examinable by VCAA. I will guide you through VCE Chemistry in an efficient, unique, and straightforward approach that is unmatched by anyone else.

With over 40 sets of lesson notes, weekly and termly assessments, I will teach you the most efficient exam techniques and tricks so that you will achieve your maximum potential.

This year, for VCE Chemistry I am also offering FREE 1 on 1 feedback sessions due to popular demand from my students, these will be out-of-class, individualised sessions aimed at answering questions, clarifying difficult concepts, and to consolidate your understanding of complex topics.

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6 Years of Teaching Experience with over 400+ students.

VCE English Language and VCE Chemistry are exclusively taught by Harley Zhong.

Over the past 5 years, my students have achieved outstanding VCE results:
>87% students RAW 40+ for VCE English Language (across all programs)
>78% students RAW 40+ for VCE Chemistry (across all programs)
3 students ATAR 99.95, 2 students ATAR 99.90
In 2021, my student Lorraine achieved raw 50 for VCE English Language AND a 99.95 ATAR.


99.95 ATAR (217.37 Aggregate).
Highest Attainable Exam Score in VCE English Language: 15/15 Full Marks in both Essays & AC; ranked 1st Place among all Raw 50 students in 2018;
Chemistry RAW 50; Maths Methods RAW 50; Specialist Maths RAW 49; Chinese SL Adv RAW 49;
Collection of Premier's Awards: English Language, All-Rounder, and more.
Doctor of Medicine, University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Biomedicine, University of Melbourne
Chancellor's Scholarship, University of Melbourne


$45 per hour

Student Discount

Special Offer - Free Trial Lesson (Book with Harley: 0404 589 360)

Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in Victoria until 30-Nov--0001 (details available on request)


Joined Tutor Finder on 29-Mar-2022 (updated profile on 13-Feb-2024)
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EAL (Secondary)
English (Secondary)
English Literature (Secondary)
ESL (Secondary)
Reading (Secondary)


Algebra (Secondary)
Further Maths (Secondary)
Maths (Secondary)
Maths Methods (Secondary)
Maths Specialist (Secondary)


Biology (Secondary)
Chemistry (Secondary)

Study Help

Essay Writing (Secondary)
Special Needs (Secondary)
Study Skills (Secondary)


GAMSAT (Tertiary)
Health Studies (Tertiary)
Medical Doctor (Tertiary)
Medical Interviews (Tertiary)
Medicine (Tertiary)
UCAT (Tertiary)


Mandarin (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)

Other Subjects

VCE English Language, VCE Chemistry, VCE Mathematical Methods, VCE Specialist Maths, VCE Further Maths, VCE Biology, VCE English, VCE Literature, VCE EAL, VCE Chinese SL, VCE Chinese SL Advanced.

"Prior to Year 12, Chemistry was one of my weakest subjects. I was barely able to scrape a 60% and I honestly hated the subject. Once I met Harley this all changed as his dedication to his students and Chemistry inspired me to adopt a love for the subject. His detailed yet, efficient lesson notes taught me how to answer exam-style questions with ease, allowing me to accomplish a raw 48."

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