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Mr Vinuja Fernando

 Sydney - Carlingford

UNSW Med 🩺 | 99.90 ATAR | 🥇1st in Chemistry, Physics, English

Sydney tutor in Chemistry, English, Medical Interviews, Physics, UCAT

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Hi! My name is Vinuja and I am a passionate and highly experienced Chemistry and Physics tutor. I have been fortunate to have mentored over 200 students in my journey so far! 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓💯

- 90+ students score a Band 6 in Physics and/or Chemistry, FOUR of my students have also achieved STATE RANKS-

A bit about my qualifications.:

I am currently studying Medicine at UNSW and graduated from Baulkham Hills High School in 2017 where I achieved the following:
- 1st place in Chemistry (96 HSC)
- 1st place in Physics AND (95 HSC)
- 1st place in English (97 HSC)

I achieved an ATAR of 99.90 and have since had FIVE years of ongoing tutoring experience!

Principles which guide my teaching:

There are THREE broad checkpoints a student needs to fulfil in order to excel in HSC sciences.

1. Understanding. Having a thorough grasp on the theory concepts explored in the syllabus is crucial and is inevitably step number 1. I approach this step very carefully with the aid of my own patented materials where I have considerately planned the structure and flow of ideas so that difficult concepts are as digestible as possible. This is often lacking in most textbooks. You may view two examples of my teaching materials below:

2. Remembering. With the approach above, I find that most students understand concepts well in class, but may struggle to remember these details later on come exam time. It is really important that students spend some time committing necessary details to memory as these are the "tools" they will be working with to craft a full-mark response during the exam. For this, I teach my students how to utilise an evidence-based method of learning which leverages a two pronged approach featuring both Active recall and Spaced Repetition.

What is active recall? Have you ever noticed that you only really learn the route to school (for example) when you start driving yourself, as opposed to sitting in the passenger seat when your parents were driving? This is a perfect example of active vs passive recall. When you sit in the passenger seat, you are passively observing the route and not actively faced with making a decision (i.e. "Should i turn left or right"). It is only when you are in the driver's seat, and forced to make a decision will you truly learn the route. Hence, I strongly discourage making, reading and re-reading notes which is too passive a learning method. Instead we opt to use flashcards which leverages both active recall and spaced repetition. If you are interested to learn more about the science behind learning feel free to watch the video below:

3. Optimising exam technique. Whilst the steps above are foundational, they accomplish less than half the overall job! Exam technique training is primarily focused on learning the meanings of NESA Directive terms and learning how to correlate that with the mark value of a question to maximise the potential of scoring full marks. Feel free to watch a short video on me exploring the main directive terms below:

I trust that the information above will be beneficial regardless of whether or not you decide to join my classes :)

Please note some further details below 👇

Pricing: - 1-on-1 $90/hr - Group lesson: $45/hr

Contact me on 0435561609 or send me an email at if you would like to get in touch!

Alternatively, you can also reach out to me on LinkedIn where I am also fairly active:



I have 5 years of private tutoring experience now during and since graduating from school High School in 2021 and have tutored over 200 students!!

Over the years I have had 90+ students score a Band 6 in Physics and/or Chemistry.

FOUR of my students have also achieved STATE RANKS. i.e. Ranked in the top ten in the entire STATE.

I have experience teaching:
- 1on1 classes
- Small groups (4-5)
- Larger groups (>7 students)


Graduating from Baulkham Hills High School, I achieved an ATAR of 99.90 and gained entry into Medical School at the UNSW

My HSC mark breakdown was as follows:
Chemistry: 96
Physics: 95
English: 97
Extension 2 Mathematics: 96
Extension 1 Mathematics: 99


Group classes at $45/hr!




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English (Secondary)


Chemistry (Secondary)
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Medical Interviews (Tertiary)
UCAT (Tertiary)

"Great lessons that are pre-planned and pre-made, removing any wastage of time and clarity issues on what needs to be learnt during the lesson. The lessons go into great depth with the content and end with many hard questions to solidify the knowledge."

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