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Mr Zachary Wong

 Melbourne - Clayton

Top 1% in Australia UCAT & MMI Tutoring - 2024 Course Now Open

Melbourne tutor in UCAT, Medical Interviews, Medicine, Medical Doctor

Enrollments Currently Open
- Medicine & Dentistry Interview 2023
- UCAT 2024

Who am I?

- 99th Percentile UCAT (3330)

- Current 2nd Year Medical Student at Monash University

- 92% of 2022 MMI students received Medicine & Dentistry Offers

- 2980 Median score for 2023 UCAT students


Medicine & Dentistry Interview Course 2023

What am I offering?

Along with other top Monash Medicine Students, I have curated a comprehensive MMI/Interview preparation course which won't prepare you to just complete the interview, but to stand out and excel in the interview. From content to delivery, you will gain all the tools necessary to be able to head in - and out - of your interview with confidence.

What will this look like?

- 3 x 90 minute 'Fundamentals' Tutorials

- 2 x 60 minute ' Application' Tutorials

- 2 x 120 minute Live Mock Interviews with personalized feedback

- 150+ Scenario Question Bank + Student Notes

- 24/7 contact with tutors including video reviews and feedback

The price for the ENTIRE program is just $500

Spots are limited, if you are a dedicated student looking to excel in your interviews, please send me a message


Comprehensive UCAT Course 2024

The UCAT is often claimed to be a ’test of luck’ and a ‘test of IQ’, but the students I’ve worked with who have turned a 50th%ile score into a 90th%ile+ score will disagree.

Having said that, there is no magic potion to scoring well, there is no secret I can share with you to guarantee a 99th%ile. Instead, I can equip you with the tools (certain methods, strategies, and mindsets) needed to be able to score into the 90th%ile. If you are committed and are willing to engage in feedback, almost no score is going to be out of reach.

What am I offering?

- Weekly 60 Minute Content + Application Tutorials

- Weekly 30 Minute Consolidation Tutorial (small groups and personalized teaching)

- Personal unlimited one-on-one tutorials

- Post-Application booklets for every lesson

- Unique student notes, slides and resources

- 24/7 Support

With more than 2 hours of teaching per week along with out-of-class resources and support, my entire UCAT course is priced at just $60 a week

*Early-bird discount currently available*

If you'd like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me



100+ Past Students
More than 500 Hours Experience
Average Student UCAT score - 2980 (89%ile)
Current MD/BMedSci Student


UCAT Score - 3330 (99th%ile)
ATAR - 99.35
Current MD/BMedSci Student


$30 per hour




Joined Tutor Finder on 23-Oct-2023 (updated profile on 24-Oct-2023)
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