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Dr Drs (Dr English Literature) -  Perth - Leeming

Overall rating of 4.9 stars based on 18 reviews Show Ratings
Student Stars K C P A A P I V Subject Lessons Date
Caleb 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English 96 16-03-2020
You've done wonders with my boy. never have I seen him so hardworking. He is doing his atar and has projected score of 97.5. Thank you

Harold 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English 62 22-07-2019
If I had to describe Dr. Sene in one word I'd use "Abso-Fan-tabulous" (Absolutely Fantastically Fabulous) SHE IS THE BEST. Its been months but I'm still giddy, I got an ATAR OF 95 thanks to her help! I was on 60's but she raised me up! SHE'S A MIRACLE WORKER!

Leo 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English 5 14-01-2019
Great tutor who cares alot - Leo

James 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English 94 19-12-2018
Dr. Sene, You are the best tutor!!!

Nigel 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English 47 25-10-2018
The best tutor ever!!!!

Yousef 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English 81 13-02-2018
Dr S taught me more than all my school teachers ever May Allah bless you

David 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English 56 14-01-2018
Dr. Sene is a great tutor! I've had loads of tutors but none come close to Dr. S. She is the best tutor I've ever had! Thanks to her my English grades have gone way up! Thank You so much!

Simon 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English (GATE Prep) 65 22-12-2017
Dr. Sene is great! Both my kids passed the Gate exam with high scores in English writing and got into the scholarship schools they applied for.

Reon 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Dr. S 129 17-10-2017
Dr. S has helped me alot this past few months. My year 12 English Mocks results are out. I have recorded a remarkably high score than last term. Thank you Dr. S

Hannah 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English Literature 56 07-09-2017
Dr. Sene has helped my 11yr old son to improve his English and writing dramatically. Last year before he started coming to lessons his NAPLAN was below school average. I was shocked. But after having my son under her wing she rose him up to be higher than the school average.

Julia 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English 5 07-09-2017
Dr Sene. This is Julie . Mark's mum. When everyone said he was too young for tutoring you said you would try to work with him He started with you when he was in Year 2 . He was not even 7 in 2010. He is now in high school still learning with you & doing well, enjoying his English skills you have been giving him for the past 7 years. This is a big thank you from me .

Katie 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English 135 12-05-2017
Hi Dr Sene! I want to thank you so much for helping me improve my grades in the last few years. Thanks to your help and guidance I changed my act and straightened up. Thank you for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. The night before I had my WACE exam I came to your studio and broke down thinking that I was going to fail. You believed in me. My English mark was 83 and my WASE was 87. All thanks to your hard work and dedication. I've been accepted into a university in Queensland. I'll be starting in the next semester. Thank you and God bless Katie

Michael 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English 96 28-11-2016
Dr Sene was the best english teacher I have had. Helped me out so much and I got to the DUX in English in my school! You rock Dr.Seneviratne I'm gonna be coming back for GAMSAT soon!😉

Sonja 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English Lit 60 30-03-2013
Dr. Sene has been my English tutor through Year 10 -12 and now I am a Second Year Undergrad at Uni. I am now preparing for my Gamsat and I am back with Dr. Sene I have done very well in English and learnt lots from her knowledge and admired her love of teaching English and English Lit. I'd recommend her to all. Sonja

Anonymous 3.0 5 1 5 5 3 4 1 1
Please become more involved 36 15-03-2013
This tutor has great depth of knowledge in English topics and can explain questions, themes and ideas exceptionally well. However, though my time with her has be good, I don't believe I have improved much in my English studies. Each lesson consissts of reading a randomn text, then answering several following questions. Although this tutor hs a great understanding of texts, she does not discuss the stories idea with the students, or have gone though the answers discussing the reasons behind themes or interpretations of the text, how to write better structured answers etc. Only if asked, will she give a brief explanation. But other than that. It seemed more like individual work, and completely disconnected lessons. I'd like to see this tutor attempt to interact with ALL the students and become more invloved in helping that student's englsih skills regarding what they are learning or need to learn in school. I'd also like to see her go into more about, how to structure answers to addresses the question, writing an effective essay and improving sentence structure. If these were included, I believe I would receive more value for my money.

Lexi T 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English Literature 44 21-08-2012
Dr. Sene 's extensive knowledge of content and her passion for this subject and her fabulous teaching skills all made me sit on an A comfortably, for LIT all year long. Thanks Dr. Sene!

Lynne 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
English Literature 60 02-05-2011
Dr Sene really helped me get through year 12. She is a great teacher. :)

Jessica 4.5 5 5 4 4 5 5 5 5
English 30 27-12-2009
Dr. S is the best english tutor I've ever had!

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