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Dr Alan Knight

 Brisbane - Burbank

Exceptional Highly Experienced Tuition - Maths Physics Chemistry

Brisbane tutor in Physics, Chemistry, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Calculus, Further Maths, Maths, IB, University Bridging Courses, GAMSAT. School Holidays: Preparation for the coming school year or new term. Proven exceptional outcomes.

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Students travel to me from all over the Brisbane region and wider afield

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Experimental Research Scientist (retired University Professor), distinguished international background in Maths, Physics, Chemistry. SPECIALIST MATHS, MATHEMATICAL METHODS, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY -11 & 12

University Bridging Courses (Maths, Physics, Chemistry), GAMSAT

Tutoring for younger students in Maths and Science (Years 7-10) can be arranged with an approved tutor (chosen from one of Dr Knight's past students, all with with excellent credentials). These students are now at University, with experience in tutoring. Please contact me for details.

2022 Tutoring Please contact me to discuss options.

Alan Knight Tutoring -

School holidays Getting ahead is a worthwhile strategy, especially now for the new ATAR system. Please contact me for available sessions.

Physics and Chemistry Experimental Workshops Hands-on one-on-one workshops on core physics and chemistry topics. These are conducted for Year 12 students during the January, April, July and September holidays. They are a combination of Theory, Experiment, Data Analysis and consolidation with Excel spreadsheet calculations and after-workshop worksheet(s). The aim is to get the bulk of two topics (from Unit 3, Chemistry; Units 3 & 4, Physics) firmly implanted and deeply understood. Places are limited. Please contact me for details.



My philosophy is to deliver exceptional quality tutoring, dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each student.

I was an internationally recognized research scientist for over 35 years in the field of chemical physics, with my own University experimental laboratory devoted to exploring fundamental knowledge in the broad areas of molecular physics, molecular quantum mechanics, atmospheric science and laboratory astrophysics.

I have worked in research laboratories in the USA, Germany, France, Switzerland and Israel. I have always been a "hands on" practical scientist, working closely with young research students in the lab.

My passion for Science and Mathematics has enabled me to inspire hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tertiary students as well as encourage secondary students to grow their love and understanding of mathematics and science. Many of my past research students hold senior positions in Australian and overseas Universities, as well as in the corporate and industrial sectors.

Now that I am retired, I can offer high school students a unique tutoring service to assist them in their journey towards achieving the best possible outcome in preparing for their chosen career in life. How many high school students have the opportunity to be mentored individually by a research scientist?

I tutor from my own home where the change of scene can often help students, as well as them experiencing a friendly "country" environment to inspire them to think "outside the box". Coffee or tea for Mum or Dad too!

Please refer to my website ( for further information regarding my credentials.

"Genius is one tenth inspiration and nine-tenths perspiration"


"My daughter has just graduated from year 12 and was tutored by Alan, mainly for Physics, but also for Math B and Chemistry, for her final year. She received an OP1 with a VHA10 for both physics and chemistry. Alan is an amazing teacher who not only knows the content of each subject but also the typical assignments which are required. He goes above and beyond to give his students the best results. I would strongly recommend Alan to any person wishing to get much more than what you pay for. We will be keeping in contact if the need arises through my daughters university years." Julie Logan (Sheldon) - 2018

"I wanted to thank you again for all the help you've given me over the past two years. I have to admit, when mum first suggested driving an hour early every Saturday to be tutored, I wasn't exactly thrilled. However, as usual she was right. Even just the one session per week proved extremely valuable (in fact I usually learnt more in those two hours than I had over the entire week). It really has been extremely beneficial for me to have your help. I ended up with an OP 2, which I'm very satisfied with, given I was expecting something around a 4. Either way it was easily good enough to get me into Eng/Sci at UQ" - NC (Wooloowin) - 2016

"Alan is an inspirational tutor - he helped my daughter to enjoy maths for the first time and she went on to achieving an A in maths B after really struggling through the first few years of high school" - Wendy (Rochedale) - 2012

"Thanks so much "Prof" Alan! Brodie is so grateful for helping him to really understand what calculus is all about - and it's helped him in physics as well. Exams last term were a blessing. It's so nice to be made so welcome in your home too.
Great coffee!" - Bek (Runcorn) - 2005

""Prof" Alan is no stereotype academic - his warmth and friendly attitude made it easy for my son to connect with him and respond to his practical approach. Nathan's understanding of maths and chemistry has improved beyond belief." - Helen
(Eight Mile Plains) - 2010

"Prof Alan is a world class tutor. I was a person who started an engineering degree and did not know the basics of algebra or calculus. Alan helped me throughout my engineering degree in mathematics and statistics, showing me the inner details and applications of mathematics through his crystal-clear explanations. His ability to explain the fundamentals of differential calculus through to the application of Laplace transforms truly turns learning into discovery." - B. Dunne - Eight Mile Plains - 2013

"Dr Knight was a fantastic Tutor - he gave me a vastly improved understanding of maths and I had a very successful outcome in my final exams. Dr Knight was incredibly inspirational. I guess a wealth of experience using maths in research and real world applications makes all the difference. I'm fortunate to have found a tutor who values learning for life." - Y.B - Camp Hill - 2008

"At almost 30 years of age, going back and learning physics for the first time seemed like an impossibility. Alan helped me to understand the basic principles and foundations of physics in Sonography. He made learning fun for a busy, tired mum! Now I have successfully passed a very challenging physics course for my post graduate studies. I can't thank him enough for converting something that seemed awfully daunting into a great personal achievement." - Tiana (Bayside) - 2016

"We wanted to thank you so very much for your support of our son with his Chemistry and Maths in the final term of 2016. He graduated with a very good OP which will allow him to undertake his first preference at Uni which for him is a wonderful result. We know your support with these two subjects made a significant difference and built his confidence to achieve these very solid results.
We are very fortunate to have people like yourself in the community, with high level teaching skills and such a passion for assisting our young people as they strive to achieve their goals, particularly through Yr 12, which is a challenge to many of them. Thank you again." Kathy & Garry (Carindale) - 2016


B.Sc (Hons), Australian National University - Maths, Physics, Chemistry
PhD (Australian National University) - Chemical Physics
Post-doctoral research - University of Indiana
Research Fellow, University Lecturer - Melbourne University
University Professor - Griffith University
Distinguished Visiting Professor at many USA and European Universities (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota, University of Indiana, JILA - University of Colorado, Technische Universitaat Munich, University of Basel )
Editor for prestigious Scientific Journals (Journal of Chemical Physics, Chemical Physics Letters)
Fellow - American Physical Society, Royal Australian Chemical Institute, American Institute of Physics
RACI Queensland Schools Lecturer
'Scientist in Residence' - various Queensland High Schools
Please refer to my website ( for further details regarding my qualifications, experience and tutoring philosophy.


One and a half hour sessions: $140
Two hour sessions: $180

Year 11 and 12 students benefit from longer sessions, particularly if two or three areas (subjects) are to be covered in a session. Tutoring sessions are set at a minimum hour and a half for all senior students.

Two hour sessions are typical for Year 12 students.

Please see my website for further details (




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Calculus (Secondary)
Further Maths (Secondary)
Maths (Secondary)
Maths Methods (Secondary)
Maths Specialist (Secondary)


Chemistry (Secondary)
Physics (Secondary)

Other Subjects

IB, University Bridging Courses, GAMSAT. School Holidays: Preparation for the coming school year or new term. Proven exceptional outcomes.

"Fantastic Tutor - gave me a vastly improved understanding of maths and I had a very successful outcome in my final exams. Dr Knight was so inspirational. I guess a wealth of experience using maths in research makes all the difference."

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