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All year ten subjects exc Izi Glebe Sydney 17-Oct-2018 17-Oct-2018

All year ten subjects except Mathematics Tutor Wanted in Sydney

All year ten subjects except Mathematics Tutor Wanted

Izi R
Glebe, Sydney
All year ten subjects except Mathematics
Need a tutor to help my son complete a couple of outstanding assignments and prepare him for yearly exams, which are on in 3 weeks. Need a patient tutor who can keep him on task and help him with time management. If the tutoring is successful there's work until he completes his hsc. Start asap.
Apple Siri Shortcuts Bea Bowden Adelaide 13-Nov-2018 13-Nov-2018

Apple Siri Shortcuts Tutor Wanted in Adelaide

Apple Siri Shortcuts Tutor Wanted

Bea H
Bowden, Adelaide
Apple Siri Shortcuts
I’m trying to learn Siri Shortcuts and attempting to customise and create my own shortcuts for personal daily use. I’m getting really frustrated trying to learn by myself and could really benefit from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about to walk me through everything. I haven’t done any off this stuff (programming? automation? don’t even know what to call it haha) before and have no idea what I’m doing. Let me know if you’d be up for a bit of explaining and helping me use Siri Shortcuts on my iPhone!
Biology, Accounting Amber Torquay Geelong 12-Nov-2018 12-Nov-2018

Biology, Accounting Tutor Wanted in Geelong

Biology, Accounting Tutor Wanted

Amber R
Torquay, Geelong
Biology, Accounting
I am in search for a tutor for both bio and accounting in year 12. I need a bio tutor to help me understand the content and help me when studying for SACs and exams. I have struggled a little bit this year doing unit 1 bio and I haven't been averaging what I would like to, so I just need some help to raise my average and properly understand the content.

In accounting I think I just need someone to help me find good ways to study, I have done really well in accounting units 1&2 this year, and next year is a big step up. So someone to help would be much appreciated.
Business Statistics Erin Mooroolbark + Melbou Eastern Victoria 06-Nov-2018 06-Nov-2018

Business Statistics Tutor Wanted in Eastern Victoria

Business Statistics Tutor Wanted

Erin W
Mooroolbark + Melbourne CBD, Eastern Victoria
Business Statistics
Hey there! My name is Erin and I am a first year university student at Monash studying business. One of our compulsory units is "Business Statistics" and requires a 50% on the exam to pass. I am not confident in maths at all and in fact have not studied maths in nearly 12 months from VCE, so I would really like to enlist the help of a tutor!
Here is what the "Business Statistics" unit encompasses; Descriptive statistics; using Excel, basic probability + discrete probability, continuous probability, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, correlation and linear regression, time series analysis and forecasting and chi-square testing.
I currently live in the south-east suburbs and am happy to travel to you! Otherwise, my university campus is in the city that I attend 4 days a week so I am able to travel around the city and inner suburbs to meet you as well.
Please get in contact with me if you believe you can help, I would love to hear from you!

Engineering Management Abdul brisbane Online 22-Oct-2018 18-Sep-2018

Engineering Management Tutor Wanted in Online

Engineering Management Tutor Wanted

Abdul A
brisbane, Online
Engineering Management
18-Sep-2018  (updated on 22-Oct-2018)
Hi all, I need help with my assignment as soon as possible.
English Jess Oakleigh Melbourne 19-Oct-2018 15-Nov-2016

English Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English Tutor Wanted

Jess M
Oakleigh, Melbourne
15-Nov-2016  (updated on 19-Oct-2018)
Hello all.
We are looking for an English tutor for my daughter who is in year 9. We are in Oakleigh and require home visits as we are working parents and have no time to drive kids to tutoring. She is a native English speaker but is terrified of English literature and needs help starting from the basics - what is the purpose of literature (eg. tell an exciting story, teach a lesson)? How is this achieved? How do you read a text? What do you look for? How do you write about it? etc. This needs a patient tutor who really loves English.

MUST have experience as a tutor and excellent references (as an aside: there are some tutors on this site who have been tutoring for years and don't have a single review. Why is this?)

I would like tutoring on an ongoing basis for an hour or 1.5 hours a week (looking at continuing this for the next 3 years). But initially, or due the holidays it would be great to get more so she can catch up.

I do hope there are some interested tutors. I look forward to hearing from you. Ideally will start straight away.
English Fiona Maribyrnong (Next to Melbourne 21-Oct-2018 21-Oct-2018

English Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English Tutor Wanted

Fiona D
Maribyrnong (Next to Highpoint shopping 3032, Melbourne
My name is Dianne, and I’m looking for an English tutor for my daughter. She is in grade 6 and recently, has been offered into the SEAL program in Maribyrnong. My aim is for her to get into Mac Robertson in the next 2 years. I’m looking for someone who is passionate in teaching their students, has experience in teaching english, and someone who is a professional.

Please text me on this number: 0404080252
Thank you
English Denise Little Bay Sydney 13-Nov-2018 28-Oct-2018

English Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English Tutor Wanted

Denise L
Little Bay, Sydney
28-Oct-2018  (updated on 13-Nov-2018)
Looking for a tutor that is familiar with the SAT English section of the test needed for USA college entrance. Needs to be familiar with the test so can help with tricks/strategies to score higher.
English Literature, Essay Sarah Ingle Farm Online 31-Oct-2018 19-Apr-2018

English Literature, Essay Writing Tutor Wanted in Online

English Literature, Essay Writing Tutor Wanted

Sarah Z
Ingle Farm, Online
English Literature, Essay Writing
19-Apr-2018  (updated on 31-Oct-2018)
Hello, I’m a year 10 student and I need help on a discussion essay question, “How does Shakespeare explore the consequences of an unmerciful heart in “The Merchant of Venice?”. Please only text or email me as I may be in school.

Thank you!
English, Maths, Industria Maree Mt Ousley NSW Central Coast 05-Nov-2018 05-Nov-2018

English, Maths, Industrial Technology Tutor Wanted in NSW Central Coast

English, Maths, Industrial Technology Tutor Wanted

Maree S
Mt Ousley, NSW Central Coast
English, Maths, Industrial Technology
Hi i'm Maree, currently in year 11 and completing my HSC next year. I'm looking for any tutors who can help with english advanced, standard maths or industrial technology.
Financial Econometrics Abby Epping Sydney 30-Oct-2018 10-Oct-2018

Financial Econometrics Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Financial Econometrics Tutor Wanted

Abby G
Epping, Sydney
Financial Econometrics
10-Oct-2018  (updated on 30-Oct-2018)
I am a uni student at UNSW and need help with the subject ECON3206 Financial Econometrics. Would prefer face to face tutoring, I live in Epping but am willing to travel to up to 30minutes. Thanks
Gamsat physics.chemistry. Mary Newport Melbourne 15-Nov-2018 15-Nov-2018

Gamsat physics.chemistry. biology Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Gamsat physics.chemistry. biology Tutor Wanted

Mary J
Newport, Melbourne
Gamsat physics.chemistry. biology
Looking for a gamsat tutor to teach science subject. Physics.chemistry
Greek Anna Kalorama Eastern Victoria 28-Oct-2018 28-Oct-2018

Greek Tutor Wanted in Eastern Victoria

Greek Tutor Wanted

Anna M
Kalorama, Eastern Victoria

I'm looking for a weekly greek school teacher/tutor to teach my boys (focussing on the older one and only accommodate the younger one when he's listening/taking it in) from home.

Their ages are nearly 6 and nearly 3. Nearly 6 is reading at a grade 6 level and nearly 3 has started reading.

Greek schools are just too far away for me to send them there (1 hour plus per way plus 3.5 hours of school).

My boys are extremely intelligent and pick up languages like a sponge. They're a delight (not just saying that because they're mine) and happy to follow your lead and/or homework suggestions.

Please let me know if you'd be interested. I live in Kalorama but I'm located on the Montrose/Kalorama/Mt Evelyn border so only 4 minutes up the mountain.

Anna Moldrich
guitar martin brighton adelaide Online 21-Oct-2018 07-Aug-2018

guitar Tutor Wanted in Online

guitar Tutor Wanted

martin w
brighton adelaide, Online
07-Aug-2018  (updated on 21-Oct-2018)
I would like someone to teach me the basics of playing guitar
Italian Alicia Liverpool Sydney 22-Oct-2018 22-Oct-2018

Italian Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Italian Tutor Wanted

Alicia R
Liverpool, Sydney
Mi chaimo Alicia. Ho quindici anni.
Looking for an Italian tutor nearby in Liverpool. I have some knowledge of Italian but would love to fluently speak it. Preferably a native speaker.
Grazie :)
Looking for a Mandarin Tu Ken Underwood / UMG Brisbane 07-Nov-2018 07-Nov-2018

Looking for a Mandarin Tutor Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Looking for a Mandarin Tutor Tutor Wanted

Ken C
Underwood / UMG, Brisbane
Looking for a Mandarin Tutor

I'm after someone who can teach me Chinese, all I know is Niha~
I'm a CPA Accountant currently working for the Aus Government and I believe I need Chinese for my future business.
I live in Underwood and my work place is near Garden city Westfield at Upper Mount Gravatt.
I'm happy to sort out the best way for both of us in regards to time & place.
Looking at around 2 days a week, 2 hours per day.
Please give me a buzz if this suits you

Mathematics and Chemistry Rolina Western Suburbs Area Sydney 08-Nov-2018 08-Nov-2018

Mathematics and Chemistry Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Mathematics and Chemistry Tutor Wanted

Rolina A
Western Suburbs Area, Sydney
Mathematics and Chemistry
Hello, I'm a Year 11 student that currently started the HSC course that I'll be sitting in 2019. I'm looking for tutors who are familiar with the new syllabus especially for chemistry as I'm struggling very much. My teacher at school isn't very good at what he does so I gave up half way through year 11 and stopped paying attention in class and now I can't get back up on my feet again. In regards to Mathematics, I understand the concepts and I'm doing alright but need help in random areas that just won't go through my head. If you are talented at teaching courses in ways that I will understand, please contact me. I was previously a Straight A student that had lost motivation and stuffed up year 11 so bad. I am a very fast learner and if your willing to be patient with me please message me. (Looking for rates <$50)
Mathematics, Chemistry Melissa Inner West Sydney 16-Oct-2018 21-Sep-2018

Mathematics, Chemistry Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Mathematics, Chemistry Tutor Wanted

Melissa P
Inner West, Sydney
Mathematics, Chemistry
21-Sep-2018  (updated on 16-Oct-2018)
Three students about to start year 12 looking for a tutor to assist us through 2019 HSC Mathematics (2U) and Chemistry. We are looking for a tutor who is willing to teach a small group at a rate of approx $120 - $160 for two hours, once a week. We are mid range students who are looking for band 6 results. Our areas are around Lidcombe and Ashfield
Thanks :)
Maths Jack Frankston Melbourne 10-Nov-2018 10-Nov-2018

Maths Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Maths Tutor Wanted

Jack S
Frankston, Melbourne
Year 10 maths
Maths C, Physics, Chemist Benjamin Toowong Brisbane 18-Oct-2018 18-Oct-2018

Maths C, Physics, Chemistry Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Maths C, Physics, Chemistry Tutor Wanted

Benjamin A
Toowong, Brisbane
Maths C, Physics, Chemistry
I am a high-achieving year 11 student looking for highly experienced Maths C, Physics and Chemistry tutor/s who can help me improve my conceptual understanding of subject topics, prepare for exams, write research assignments, improve my marks, and pre-study topics on the summer holidays in anticipation for year 12.
As I am usually busy on weekends, I would prefer lessons to be in the first half of the day on weekends.
I am open to considering tutors at all price ranges (ranging up to $90/hr depending on experience level).
Maths, English, Psycholog Chelsea The Basin Melbourne 01-Nov-2018 01-Nov-2018

Maths, English, Psychology, Physical Education Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Maths, English, Psychology, Physical Education Tutor Wanted

Chelsea E
The Basin, Melbourne
Maths, English, Psychology, Physical Education
Looking for a young Tudor that can help with at least 2 of my year 12 subjects. just need a hand being motivated to do my work and just to assist me in getting my desired ATAR score at the end of next year. Weeknights work well for myself and my family.
Please just send me a text message if you are interested, Thank-you.
Molecular medicine Abdulaziz Parramatta Sydney 02-Nov-2018 02-Nov-2018

Molecular medicine Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Molecular medicine Tutor Wanted

Abdulaziz A
Parramatta, Sydney
Molecular medicine
Hi everyone
I study medical science in Western Sydney and I am looking for someone to tech me molecular medicine and I will pay 50$ an hour for the right person
phone Number : 0432094607
UMAT Ekaagra Wentworthville Sydney 23-Oct-2018 09-Oct-2018

UMAT Tutor Wanted in Sydney

UMAT Tutor Wanted

Ekaagra K
Wentworthville, Sydney
09-Oct-2018  (updated on 23-Oct-2018)
I'm a current year 12 student looking to start preparing for the UMAT. Please contact if you can travel, have experience and are willing to help.

Organisations seeking to employ Tutors

Subject Suburb Student Region Updated Listed
Any Primary School and/or Juku Tutoring Any Melbourne Subjec Melbourne 14-Nov-2018 30-Mar-2015

Juku Tutoring is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Juku Tutoring j
Any Melbourne Subject, Melbourne
Any Primary School and/or High School Subject
Hi there,

We are looking for keen and motivated Melbourne tutors who are willing to tutor Juku
Tutoring students at our students homes in Melbourne.

We have fantastic tutors who love tutoring students at Juku Tutoring. All of our tutors
love seeing their students improve and enjoy building relationships not only with
students but with other Juku Tutors as well. We are an exclusive group of talented
individuals and we are always looking for more team members. It would be
great if you could fill in the 'Tutor Application Form' on our website
( as soon as possible so we can
you to our fantastic team as quickly as possible.

We call our tutors �Superstars' because they are.

Most of our Superstars have attained an ATAR score of 99+ and have received 40+
the subjects they tutor. These Superstars include past school captains, dux�s of their
schools, lecturers, school teachers and premier award winners. All of our Superstars
have also received numerous non-academic awards.

We tutor students from Prep all the way to Year 12, in all school subjects.

Please fill in the Tutor Application Form on our website!


Tutor Application Form:

Successful applicants will progress to the interview stages.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you kindly,

The Juku Team
30-Mar-2015  (updated on 14-Nov-2018)
German Carla North Wollongong Wollongong 30-Oct-2018 30-Oct-2018

Carla is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Carla F
North Wollongong, Wollongong
Language Trainers is a successful language training company working with freelance teachers of 35 different languages in many cities across the world. Students are either in-company or self-funded who need to learn a language at their office or their home for work, family or travel reasons. Founded in 2004, the company’s motto is Any Language, Anytime, Anywhere!

We are currently looking for a German language teacher for one of our clients in North Wollongong NSW 2500.

Some details about the job:

One of our clients in Wollongong would like to have General 1-to-1 German tuition. The client wishes to have classes at his home in North Wollongong NSW 2500.

He would like to have a 30-hour course (15x2-hour lessons). Classes should be held once a week every Tuesday at 4:00 PM (but there might be changes due to work commitments). He wishes to start this November.

Ideal teacher should:

Be a native speaker of the language OR hold a teaching degree
Have experience as a language teacher, translator or interpreter
Have a valid working visa
Live up to 30 miles from the client´s location.
Location of the classes and schedule could be flexible based on your and the client’s availability. The hourly rate is negotiable depending on qualifications and experience. This is a freelance part-time position and we are not able to sponsor your visa.

Please only apply if you meet the above conditions.

If you would like to join our growing team of language teachers, please submit your CV with references and tell us how soon you can start.

We hope to hear from you soon!