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Subject Student Suburb Region Updated Listed
Astronomy/Astrophysics Daniel Carlton North Melbourne 16-May-2019 16-May-2019

Astronomy/Astrophysics Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Astronomy/Astrophysics Tutor Wanted

Daniel M
Carlton North, Melbourne
Hello, I need a tutor for Astronomy, with a lot of questions about telescopes (spatial and angular resolution, amongst other things. I can be contacted for the questions I need help with. Thank you
Aviation Abe Brisbane Brisbane 15-May-2019 07-Jul-2017

Aviation Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Aviation Tutor Wanted

Abe B
Brisbane, Brisbane
07-Jul-2017  (updated on 15-May-2019)
Looking for aviation tutoring !
Business - Finance Michael Online Online 08-May-2019 08-May-2019

Business - Finance Tutor Wanted in Online

Business - Finance Tutor Wanted

Michael C
Online, Online
Business - Finance

In order to accurately communicate my order, I must send files for review.

Essentially, I am completing two calculations for an Australian Listed Company which are:
1. The cost of debt based on YTM for corporate bonds within the company
2. The cost of equity using CAPM

I have exported all of the relevant company data and have attempted the questions myself. Corrections are required as the solution does not appear up to standard.

Please contact me via email so that I may provide the official questions and relevant spreadsheets for a better understanding.

Kind Regards,
Computers/Gaming Deborah Kambah Canberra 26-Apr-2019 26-Apr-2019

Computers/Gaming Tutor Wanted in Canberra

Computers/Gaming Tutor Wanted

Deborah A
Kambah, Canberra
My 13 year old son is a mad gamer and like many kids has dreams of being a YouTuber. He has the ideas and the setup but his mother (me) lacks the know-how to help him.

He hates school with a passion so I’m encouraging his learning through other means. I need a tutor who can teach him about a range of things:

He has an interest in video editing so it would be great if you have a working knowledge of Final Cut Pro.

He needs guidance in using his Elgato HD60 Pro for game capture.

If he develops a connection with you I would like the sessions to include ‘real’ school work but that’s much later.

I see this as a weekly gig. You will need to have a WWVP card, experience with tutoring and a love of all things Nintendo :). Yes, I’ll be paying you to play Mario!
Creating Data Driven Mobi Abdullah Abbotsford Online 21-May-2019 21-May-2019

Creating Data Driven Mobile Applications Tutor Wanted in Online

Creating Data Driven Mobile Applications Tutor Wanted

Abdullah A
Abbotsford, Online
Creating Data Driven Mobile Applications
I need help with swift I have two tasks that required to create an app I need someone to help me to complete these tasks
Data analysis don 3082 Melbourne 15-May-2019 16-May-2018

Data analysis Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Data analysis Tutor Wanted

don d
3082, Melbourne
Data analysis
16-May-2018  (updated on 15-May-2019)
hi there,

I am looking for a tutor who has experience in statistics to help me with analysis a table.

the specific task is to transfer the table to quantitatively data (the table is on excel sheet)
Data Communication and Se Faris Melbourne Online 17-May-2019 14-May-2019

Data Communication and Security Tutor Wanted in Online

Data Communication and Security Tutor Wanted

Faris A
Melbourne, Online
Data Communication and Security
14-May-2019  (updated on 17-May-2019)
I need someone who can solve an assignment for this unit (Data communication and security). The aim of this assignment is {to design and develop a file transfer program utilising UDP socket-based communications between two networked PCs. The program should implement the RDT Stop and Wait (Idle RQ) protocol for flow control and a time out/ repeat sending, for lost or delayed transmissions to allow a file to be transferred from a client to a server}. More details will be provided for this assignment when contacting with a tutor.
Electrical Engineering Awadh Footscray Melbourne 13-May-2019 13-May-2019

Electrical Engineering Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Electrical Engineering Tutor Wanted

Awadh A
Footscray, Melbourne
Electrical Engineering
i am looking for tutor to help me in a subject it called electrical machine in 4 topics only.

1- transformers
2- induction machine
3- synchronous machines
4- power factor correction

if anyone can help me with that please contact me via email or phone number: 0405190000
English Khalid ACT Canberra 20-May-2019 20-May-2019

English Tutor Wanted in Canberra

English Tutor Wanted

Khalid A
ACT, Canberra
Hi everyone
I just moved to Canberra for a jop and study
I need private English tutor for myself. I can pay 20 - 25 per hour.

Thank you
English and Maths Carmela Greenvale Melbourne 04-May-2019 04-May-2019

English and Maths Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English and Maths Tutor Wanted

Carmela F
Greenvale, Melbourne
English and Maths
Looking for tutor to help with maths and English for year 8
Looking for tutor for home visits
English and science prima Navneet Tarneit Melbourne 16-May-2019 16-May-2019

English and science primary school Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English and science primary school Tutor Wanted

Navneet S
Tarneit, Melbourne
English and science primary school
Hi, my son is 10, he has autism. This is our second year home schooling. He did his kinder, prep, year 1 in a private school. We have a psychologist who is also a teacher who helps train his tutor to learn how my child learns and we meet her fortnightly on Fridays at my place. I am looking for english and history teacher to support grade 2/3 curriculum. We are looking for someone who has some experience teaching special need child and is willing to be trained a bit for better results in tutoring those subjects. We live in Tarneit and looking for someone who can come to our place. Let me know what you suggest...... thanks, Navneet.
English maths science Has Ron Willetton Perth WA Perth 09-May-2019 08-May-2019

English maths science Hass Tutor Wanted in Perth

English maths science Hass Tutor Wanted

Ron B
Willetton Perth WA, Perth
English maths science Hass
08-May-2019  (updated on 09-May-2019)
My son is a year 7 student and needs a tutor to help him with basic subjects. Year 7 basic subjects- english maths, Hass and science
English, maths and all ge Angela Teneriffe Online 21-May-2019 21-May-2019

English, maths and all general subjects Tutor Wanted in Online

English, maths and all general subjects Tutor Wanted

Angela S
Teneriffe, Online
English, maths and all general subjects
I am looking for a qualified secondary school teacher or very high achieving student that has graduated or someone who has been tutoring for some time to assist with tutoring my children. I would require you to come to my home at Tenriffe at least two afternoons per week and possibly a Saturday morning whenever possible during exam periods. I have one daughter at BGGS grade 11, one son at BGS grade 7 and one son grade 6 at Newfarm State school who also required extra assistance with some learning issues. Each child is very unique but also very easy and pleasant to teach. If you are interested I would love to hear from you. Please text or email be your details with an appropriate time to chat.
Kind Regards
English, Maths, Science, Reanna Scottsdale Tas Online 18-May-2019 18-May-2019

English, Maths, Science, History Tutor Wanted in Online

English, Maths, Science, History Tutor Wanted

Reanna K
Scottsdale Tas, Online
English, Maths, Science, History
I have really bad teachers at school who don’t teach me anything.....
German Jacob Edmondson park Sydney 08-May-2019 08-May-2019

German Tutor Wanted in Sydney

German Tutor Wanted

Jacob W
Edmondson park, Sydney
G’day my name’s Jacob. I just started trying to teach myself German a few weeks ago but would really like a tutor to help me out occasionally in the evenings after 5pm due to working full time or on weekends.
Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!
Government and internatio Amy Potts Point Sydney 20-May-2019 20-May-2019

Government and international relations Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Government and international relations Tutor Wanted

Amy L
Potts Point, Sydney
Government and international relations
I am currently in my final year at the University of Sydney in a Bachelor of International and Global Studies. My major is in Government and International relations. I am struggling with my last unit for my major and a research essay coming up under the unit “Global Health, Politics, and Security”. I have chosen my research question,have some research already done but due to personal health issues I am really struggling in getting started on making a coherent argument structuring and writing the actual essay. If you think you could help me please contact me ASAP as the essay is due in under two weeks.

Japanese Jessica SURFERS PARADISE Gold Coast 08-May-2019 26-Apr-2019

Japanese Tutor Wanted in Gold Coast

Japanese Tutor Wanted

Jessica J
26-Apr-2019  (updated on 08-May-2019)
I require a tutor to coach my daughter in year 8 who has year 6/7 Japanese experience. She will be required to know hiragana and sentence writing and speaking up to year 9 curriculum level. Would prefer a tutor who can come to our house in Surfers Paradise for 1 hour of tutoring (maybe more depending where Jess is at with her knowledge) preferably on Saturday mornings around 11 or after 11 on Saturdays. If you have the ability to teach curriculum based Japanese so she can slip straight into year 9 Japanese as an elective next year I would love to hear from you. Fees to be negotiated.
Japanese for Business Erica CBD Melbourne 29-Apr-2019 14-Apr-2019

Japanese for Business Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Japanese for Business Tutor Wanted

Erica C
CBD, Melbourne
Japanese for Business
14-Apr-2019  (updated on 29-Apr-2019)
Hello, I am a university researcher looking to do a project on the sake industry and would like to improve my keigo and business Japanese, mostly through conversation. Even better if you already have an interest in sake or maybe the wine industry so that I can practice more technical discussion (e.g. brands, dimensions of taste, brewing techniques, etc.). I would like to practice keigo so that I can have an appropriate level of politeness in interviews. I have started ビジネス日本語Drillsの教科書, which is slightly too advanced but could be used as a resource in lessons. I am probably about N3 for grammar but not vocabulary. Send me an email if you are interested (日本語でもいいです), thanks!
Java Programming, JavaFX Marcus Barton Canberra 07-May-2019 07-May-2019

Java Programming, JavaFX Tutor Wanted in Canberra

Java Programming, JavaFX Tutor Wanted

Marcus F
Barton, Canberra
Java Programming, JavaFX
I am studying Java programming course and need a tutor who is proficient with teaching Java Programming. I am using Intellij as my IDE.

I need help with understanding JavaFX and certain object orientated concepts in Java. Ideally, I would prefer to meet in person at the National Library or libraries/study centres on ANU campus once a week for help with this subject.
Korean Language Esme CBD Sydney 21-May-2019 16-May-2019

Korean Language Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Korean Language Tutor Wanted

Esme P
CBD, Sydney
Korean Language
16-May-2019  (updated on 21-May-2019)
Hi! I'm trying to find a Korean Language tutor for myself (and possibly one other friend named Tezi). Preferably on the Northern Beaches, but I'm fine going anywhere within 15km of the Sydney CBD. Lessons can be at the student's place, tutor's place, a local school, public library etc. I'm also fine with online classes if suitable. Rate cost could be around $20/$30 an hour. Classes would be once or twice a week at the most.
Looking for a English or Jackie Eastlake Sydney 13-May-2019 13-May-2019

Looking for a English or Math Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Looking for a English or Math Tutor Wanted

Jackie A
Eastlake, Sydney
Looking for a English or Math
Looking for a English or Math Tutor for my 3 kids Preferably Female Please contact me or email
Management Abd Brisbane Online 11-May-2019 18-Sep-2018

Management Tutor Wanted in Online

Management Tutor Wanted

Abd A
Brisbane, Online
18-Sep-2018  (updated on 11-May-2019)
Hi all, I need help with my business management assignment. If anyone can help, please send me an email as soon as possible.

Master of teaching Vijay Stretton Brisbane 26-Apr-2019 26-Apr-2019

Master of teaching Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Master of teaching Tutor Wanted

Vijay M
Stretton, Brisbane
Master of teaching
Currently doing master of teaching primary school at Griffith
Need regular tutor to help
Maths and english Shannon Alexandra hills Brisbane 09-May-2019 09-May-2019

Maths and english Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Maths and english Tutor Wanted

Shannon M
Alexandra hills, Brisbane
Maths and english
Hi. I am a single mum and looking for a reasonably priced tutor for my son who is in year 10. (In my own home)
Maths methods Shaden Southern River Perth 06-May-2019 06-May-2019

Maths methods Tutor Wanted in Perth

Maths methods Tutor Wanted

Shaden A
Southern River, Perth
Maths methods
I need a tutor that would help me get better scores in methods and prepare for the upcoming exam. once a week on a weekends for 2 hours for a $25 per hour.
Maths Year 9 High School Joanna Kenmore Brisbane 14-May-2019 14-May-2019

Maths Year 9 High School Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Maths Year 9 High School Tutor Wanted

Joanna L
Kenmore, Brisbane
Maths Year 9 High School
My son got a D for Maths 1st term. I want to try to get him at least back to a C

Looking for tutor 1 hour per week in home during school terms

Paying $30 per hour
Microeconomics Renee Springfield Lakes Brisbane 02-May-2019 28-Apr-2019

Microeconomics Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Microeconomics Tutor Wanted

Renee T
Springfield Lakes, Brisbane
28-Apr-2019  (updated on 02-May-2019)
Someone who is very adept at microeconomics (basic level 1 uni subject) for a student who is great at other subjects, just not economics :) :) I really need someone to explain it to me as I just don't get it at all, and would prefer face to face. My exam is at the end of May. It's my 2nd to last subject in my bachelor's degree and I cannot fail it!!! Thanks :)
Microeconomics Renee 4300 Brisbane 15-May-2019 15-May-2019

Microeconomics Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Microeconomics Tutor Wanted

Renee T
4300, Brisbane
Please help, I have a uni exam soon for my level 1 microeconomics and I need a real person to ask questions as I study online.

Exam 27 May.

Thank you
Modern Greek beginners bindi Mardi Sydney 13-May-2019 10-Apr-2016

Modern Greek beginners Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Modern Greek beginners Tutor Wanted

bindi W
Mardi, Sydney
Modern Greek beginners
10-Apr-2016  (updated on 13-May-2019)
In need of a wonderful modern Greek tutor to assist a beginner in year 11, need the teachings in a fun / practical way and be located on the central coast ideally.
Nursing Wendy Mornington peninsula Melbourne 25-Apr-2019 25-Apr-2019

Nursing Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Nursing Tutor Wanted

Wendy E
Mornington peninsula, Melbourne
I'm a mature aged student studying nursing (EEN) I need a one on one session to help me with a few hurdles e.g assignments,essay writing.
Can come to you or at my home. Need asap 25/4/19.
Occupational therapy Ramy Travancore 3032 Melbourne 12-May-2019 12-May-2019

Occupational therapy Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Occupational therapy Tutor Wanted

Ramy V
Travancore 3032, Melbourne
Occupational therapy
I am studying occupational therapy and sometime I struggle with my assignments specially in writing.. I need a tutor who has knowledge about my field and could provide face to face tutoring. please contact me.
PhD,Research,Method,Confi Kemo Brisbane Brisbane 19-May-2019 16-Aug-2015

PhD,Research,Method,Confirmation of candidature Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

PhD,Research,Method,Confirmation of candidature Tutor Wanted

Kemo 0
Brisbane, Brisbane
PhD,Research,Method,Confirmation of candidature
16-Aug-2015  (updated on 19-May-2019)
as an urgent before 23th of May, Is there and PhD student/candidate or research tutor can help me with some of questions please? I need it face to face, can you come to my house or meet at any place or library near in Brisbane please.
Best Regards,
Psychology (VCE 3/4) Elisha Eltham Melbourne 02-May-2019 02-May-2019

Psychology (VCE 3/4) Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Psychology (VCE 3/4) Tutor Wanted

Elisha F
Eltham, Melbourne
Psychology (VCE 3/4)
I am looking for a VCE Psych tutor w=for my daughter.
She is on the spectrum, so ideally someone who has a visual approach to learning and who has an engaging and interesting approach to keep her interest and motivate her.
We will require support until the end of the year.
Specialist maths 3/4 Pargol Broadmeadows Melbourne 30-Apr-2019 18-Apr-2019

Specialist maths 3/4 Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Specialist maths 3/4 Tutor Wanted

Pargol S
Broadmeadows, Melbourne
Specialist maths 3/4
18-Apr-2019  (updated on 30-Apr-2019)
can meet up in broadmeadows library
in need of help for specialist maths unit 3 and 4
Please contact my via mail
Statistics psychology Carol Adelaide Central Sub Adelaide 05-May-2019 05-May-2019

Statistics psychology Tutor Wanted in Adelaide

Statistics psychology Tutor Wanted

Carol R
Adelaide Central Suburbs, Adelaide
Statistics psychology
Psychology statistics tutor requested - Adelaide based.
Thai Roberto Mornington/frankston Melbourne 27-Apr-2019 27-Apr-2019

Thai Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Thai Tutor Wanted

Roberto D
Mornington/frankston, Melbourne
wanting a Thai tutor for myself -- 2 days/week in afternoon , possibly meeting in library
must be Thai national who speaks fluent English
will pay $20/hour
Tutoring School Anita Pendle Hill Sydney 13-May-2019 09-Apr-2019

Tutoring School Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Tutoring School Tutor Wanted

Anita D
Pendle Hill, Sydney
Tutoring School
09-Apr-2019  (updated on 13-May-2019)
Tutoring School Establishing opportunity!

Great location! Right next to station and bus stop.
Girraween High School within walking distance!
Council free unlimited car park within 3 minutes walk, ample 2 hours parking within 5 minutes walk.
125sqm first floor, separate street front entrance, 6 rooms, with counter, shower, toilet and kitchenette area.
Suits Tutoring school, Art studio, Music and dance school.
Affordable rent!

Organisations seeking to employ Tutors

Subject Suburb Student Region Updated Listed
Any Primary School and/or Juku Tutoring Any Melbourne Subjec Melbourne 11-May-2019 30-Mar-2015

Juku Tutoring is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Juku Tutoring j
Any Melbourne Subject, Melbourne
Any Primary School and/or High School Subject
Hi there,

We are looking for keen and motivated Melbourne tutors who are willing to tutor Juku
Tutoring students at our students homes in Melbourne.

We have fantastic tutors who love tutoring students at Juku Tutoring. All of our tutors
love seeing their students improve and enjoy building relationships not only with
students but with other Juku Tutors as well. We are an exclusive group of talented
individuals and we are always looking for more team members. It would be
great if you could fill in the 'Tutor Application Form' on our website
( as soon as possible so we can
you to our fantastic team as quickly as possible.

We call our tutors �Superstars' because they are.

Most of our Superstars have attained an ATAR score of 99+ and have received 40+
the subjects they tutor. These Superstars include past school captains, dux�s of their
schools, lecturers, school teachers and premier award winners. All of our Superstars
have also received numerous non-academic awards.

We tutor students from Prep all the way to Year 12, in all school subjects.

Please fill in the Tutor Application Form on our website!


Tutor Application Form:

Successful applicants will progress to the interview stages.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you kindly,

The Juku Team
30-Mar-2015  (updated on 11-May-2019)
English Fisher Australia Online 22-May-2019 22-May-2019

Fisher is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Fisher Z
Australia, Online
Ballarat Fisher’s Training is a young and energetic language training institute. We strive to provide the best language training service to our students. We partner up with leading training institutes in China that offer high quality English classes to Chinese students in public schools and private classes. Due to business expansion, we are hiring English speakers to teach English online.

About the Job

• Flexible Sessions (Australian Eastern Standard Time):
1. Monday to Friday 8:30pm to 11:30pm. Teach class of 4 children;
2. Monday to Sunday 10am to 2pm. Teach children in public schools or private training institutes;
• Teach Chinese students between 3 and 12 years old in public schools and private training institutes;
• No need to commute. Teach from the comfort of your own home;
• Teaching materials provided;
• Paid training;
• One-hour class including 45 minutes teaching and 15 minutes feedback.
• $24-$28 per hour depends on experience.

About You
• Excellent English speakers only;
• Passionate about teaching children aged between 3 to 12;
• Candidates with TEFL or TESOL certificate preferred;
• Candidates with teaching or linguistics degree preferred;
• Candidates with experience of teaching children English online preferred;
• Committed and reliable;
• Available minimum 6-10 hours per week;
• Fast and stable Internet connection required;
• Must be eligible to work in Australia.

To have a better understanding of the job, please contact us by the below email and we can send some demonstration videos to you. If this sounds like the job for you, please send your resume with a one-minute self-introduction video including your education background and teaching experience to
English, advanced english HUGEHEART EDUCA Chatswood Sydney 20-May-2019 11-Aug-2018

HUGEHEART EDUCA is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Chatswood, Sydney
English, advanced english, aeas
HUGEHEART EDUACTION opened in Sydney for more than 9 years, we provided tutoring from Pre School to Year 12, we are hiring tutors for different tutors.

Enquire now

Please call Henry 0452604915
11-Aug-2018  (updated on 20-May-2019)
Thai Kylie Strathfield / Junort Bendigo 07-May-2019 07-May-2019

Kylie is recruiting tutors for their organisation

Kylie W
Strathfield / Junortoun, Bendigo
We require a tutor to teach thai to both a child and adult on an ongoing and regular basis and would like to obtain as much information as possible