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All Samantha South Yarra Melbourne 20-Dec-2019 17-Nov-2019

All Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

All Tutor Wanted

Samantha O
South Yarra, Melbourne
17-Nov-2019  (updated on 20-Dec-2019)
Adhd child going into Y9 - 2020
Needs a tutor/mentor to help with weekly executive management of schoolwork and exam prep. Etc.
Required min. Of 3 times per week to start then twice weekly.
Will need to go to South Yarra - late afternoons/early evenings weekdays and some weekends if required.
This role is suited to someone that is able To establish a long term relationship with the student in the capacity of mentor.
Arabic John St Lucia Brisbane 09-Jan-2020 09-Jan-2020

Arabic Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Arabic Tutor Wanted

John T
St Lucia, Brisbane
Hey I'm new to Brisbane, but am originally from Egypt.
I have a basic level of Egyptian Arabic but I want to become highly proficient even if it takes a lot of work. As such I'm looking for a highly skilled Egyptian Arabic tutor in Brisbane who can help me achieve my goal.
Please feel free to contact me if interested and we can discuss it further :)
Arabic and English Maryam Adelaide Adelaide 17-Jan-2020 17-Jan-2020

Arabic and English Tutor Wanted in Adelaide

Arabic and English Tutor Wanted

Maryam B
Adelaide, Adelaide
Arabic and English
Am a single lady looking for a male tutor
Biochemistry, Maths Jade Bentley Perth 08-Jan-2020 27-Dec-2019

Biochemistry, Maths Tutor Wanted in Perth

Biochemistry, Maths Tutor Wanted

Jade W
Bentley, Perth
Biochemistry, Maths
27-Dec-2019  (updated on 08-Jan-2020)
I am a first year university student in Bentley, Perth looking for a person who can teach biological chemistry.

I do not have a strong background in science and would benefit from tutoring in biochemistry and maths. Specifically, I need to learn how to use laboratory equipment and conduct laboratory experiments in chemistry labs.
Chemistry Jewel Beenleigh Brisbane 03-Jan-2020 03-Jan-2020

Chemistry Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Chemistry Tutor Wanted

Jewel M
Beenleigh, Brisbane
Hi, I’m looking for a helpful, willing and capable Chemistry tutor for year 11 who is able to travel to my location and assist with any level of difficulty. I would hope to meet on a regular basis (at least once a week for 1-3 hours pending what is needed of that session) If this is you, please email me so we can discuss more :) Hoping to start a week before the return of school.
English Dilani Woree Cairns 02-Jan-2020 02-Jan-2020

English Tutor Wanted in Cairns

English Tutor Wanted

Dilani D
Woree, Cairns
I am looking for a English tutor to develop my children's ( year 4 and 7) writing skills.
English Melinda North Sydney Sydney 04-Jan-2020 04-Jan-2020

English Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English Tutor Wanted

Melinda J
North Sydney, Sydney
My son will start y5 in this year. He need to improve his writing and compehension skills. I am looking a tutor to him who is working with him in the next 3 weeks 5 times per week and 1-2 times per week during the school year. North Sydney after 5 pm.
English Georgina Docklands Melbourne 08-Jan-2020 08-Jan-2020

English Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

English Tutor Wanted

Georgina C
Docklands, Melbourne
Looking for an experienced tutor for year 12 English and someone who does home visits and has a track record with year 12 students. If you do not live in Melbourne please do not contact me, thank you
English and Maths DILEEKA Ashgrove Brisbane 26-Dec-2019 23-Dec-2019

English and Maths Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

English and Maths Tutor Wanted

Ashgrove, Brisbane
English and Maths
23-Dec-2019  (updated on 26-Dec-2019)

I am looking for a Tutor for English / Maths for my daughters (one in Year 6 and other in Year 3). I prefer a tutor who has a couple of years experience and some primary school experience as well. I also want to prepare my year 6 daughter for ACER test and Brisbane State high Selective Tests in year 2020. Please contact me via 0415136736 to further discuss.

English, food studies, ge Alanna Armstrong Creek and Geelong 01-Jan-2020 01-Jan-2020

English, food studies, general maths, pe, health Tutor Wanted in Geelong

English, food studies, general maths, pe, health Tutor Wanted

Alanna P
Armstrong Creek and Belmont, Geelong
English, food studies, general maths, pe, health
Hey! I’m heading into year 12 this year and would love some assistance on the following subjects, health and human development, general maths, English, physical education and food studies. I’m aiming for a 70 ATAR to get into teaching at Deakin! Thanks!
English, maths, biology, Atilla Eastlakes Sydney 09-Jan-2020 03-Jan-2020

English, maths, biology, chemistry Tutor Wanted in Sydney

English, maths, biology, chemistry Tutor Wanted

Atilla A
Eastlakes, Sydney
English, maths, biology, chemistry
03-Jan-2020  (updated on 09-Jan-2020)
There are 2 of us !!!
I'm 24 years old and doing a pathway to get into uni called tpc which is 1 year long at ultimo tafe
I'm looking for a good price because I'm hoping to make this a regular thing and atleast twice a week.
I've always had bit of trouble learning and remembering so looking for some extra help to practice more.
English,Maths Priyanka Cromer Northern Beaches 07-Jan-2020 07-Jan-2020

English,Maths Tutor Wanted in Northern Beaches

English,Maths Tutor Wanted

Priyanka S
Cromer, Northern Beaches
Hi There, I am looking for high school, graduate or experienced tutor for son.
My Son is in Year 1. I want someone can help me out throughout the summer break to develop his skills in Maths and English.

Please, only a Private tutor contact me.
French Doug Wembley Downs Perth 22-Dec-2019 09-Dec-2019

French Tutor Wanted in Perth

French Tutor Wanted

Doug H
Wembley Downs, Perth
09-Dec-2019  (updated on 22-Dec-2019)
I would like to improve my French. I can speak it currently but my grammar is poor and my vocabulary is not as extensive as it needs to be. I would like to have two one-hour sessions per week one-on-one with a tutor for about six months. I would prefer an experienced French teacher. My budget limit is $45 per hour.
History Geography Mathema Riley Tamworth Tamworth 20-Dec-2019 20-Dec-2019

History Geography Mathematics English Science Tutor Wanted in Tamworth

History Geography Mathematics English Science Tutor Wanted

Riley S
Tamworth, Tamworth
History Geography Mathematics English Science
Looking for a general tutor for the core 5 year 10 subjects- History/Geography, English, Mathematics and Science... was hoping to get someone who could go over the basics for each subject but am open to separate tutors if we can't find someone to do all subjects in one. Text, call or email is welcome 🙂
Homework Supervision, Com Jeffrey Heathmont Melbourne 26-Dec-2019 26-Dec-2019

Homework Supervision, Communication skills, Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Homework Supervision, Communication skills, Tutor Wanted

Jeffrey P
Heathmont, Melbourne
Homework Supervision, Communication skills,
My daughter has ASD and ADD. Her name is Joy. She had a mild intellectual impairment and a mental age of 11 yrs old. She is 17 yrs old, introverted, and lacks self confidence in responding, listening, eye contact. She is Yr 12 in 2020 at Heatherwood Special School.

She would like to be a library assistant, but needs help with generic listening and responding skills to help with that, telephone communication, conflict management, and sustaining conversation.

We have speech therapy and OT plans to develop her social and future skills with people outside her special needs world. She lacks confidence dealing with ‘mainstream’ females her own age and early adults.

I would like occasional respite for supervision as she has been doing an online Cert III course in library assistant (P/t) and she sometimes needs help with writing good sentences and comprehension of requirements for assessment and tasks.
Industrial technology Malcolm Hurstville Sydney 08-Jan-2020 08-Jan-2020

Industrial technology Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Industrial technology Tutor Wanted

Malcolm A
Hurstville, Sydney
Industrial technology
I need an Industrial technology tutor as well as a construction tutor. To help with the theory aspect
Italian Tuition Lorenzo Strathfield Sydney 15-Jan-2020 15-Jan-2020

Italian Tuition Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Italian Tuition Tutor Wanted

Lorenzo R
Strathfield, Sydney
Italian Tuition
Hi There,

Looking for an Italian tutor to help the whole family, which includes two adults and two children under 10 years of age. We are located in Strathfield and are available in the late afternoons and weekends.

Maths / English Rita TUART HILL Perth 09-Jan-2020 09-Jan-2020

Maths / English Tutor Wanted in Perth

Maths / English Tutor Wanted

Rita D
Maths / English
I'm looking for someone to help my 6/7yr old refresh before school begin's ,year 2.
Maths was bothering him more than I knew towards end of last yr .he's very capable at readING but rushes into spelling /word formation ,does a good job when he takes his time .is there a tutor that does a mix of year1/2 revision to kickstart his confidence and ready for year 2? 🤔
Thanks, Rita
Maths, Biology & English Karen Marshall Geelong 18-Jan-2020 17-Jan-2020

Maths, Biology & English Tutor Wanted in Geelong

Maths, Biology & English Tutor Wanted

Karen T
Marshall, Geelong
Maths, Biology & English
17-Jan-2020  (updated on 18-Jan-2020)
Female Maths & Biology Tutor required. May need some assistance in English.
Can negotiate time and days between student and tutor.
Tutoring in students' home after school hours 2 hours per week.
Physics, Maths Mwaura Kellyville Sydney 20-Dec-2019 20-Dec-2019

Physics, Maths Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Physics, Maths Tutor Wanted

Mwaura W
Kellyville, Sydney
Physics, Maths
I am searching for a tutor who teaches Physics and Maths. I am taking the IB curriculum, with my final exams happening in May 2020. I would like someone who can review concepts in physics that I am having trouble with, as well as helping me fix my calculus in maths. Thank you.
Physiology cardiac neuro Danielle Kelving Grove Brisbane 08-Jan-2020 08-Jan-2020

Physiology cardiac neuro cardio endocrine renal Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Physiology cardiac neuro cardio endocrine renal Tutor Wanted

Danielle W
Kelving Grove, Brisbane
Physiology cardiac neuro cardio endocrine renal
We are looking for a tutor who is available today and tomorrow for preparation for an exam on Friday.
This is for QUT's Human Physiology LSB250.

We are currently at Kelvin Grove Library!
Primary school - English Rajeev Bridgeman Downs Brisbane 22-Dec-2019 10-Dec-2019

Primary school - English Tutor Wanted in Brisbane

Primary school - English Tutor Wanted

Rajeev J
Bridgeman Downs, Brisbane
Primary school - English
10-Dec-2019  (updated on 22-Dec-2019)
Need 2X1 hour sessions for two boys attending year 3 and 4. Focus on English and make my children prepared for competitive exams.
Thank you
Python Su Sydney Sydney 12-Jan-2020 12-Jan-2020

Python Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Python Tutor Wanted

Su S
Sydney, Sydney
, Java, C, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structure , Algorithms
Russian language Peter Waverley Sydney 03-Jan-2020 03-Jan-2020

Russian language Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Russian language Tutor Wanted

Peter G
Waverley, Sydney
Russian language
Looking for a qualified teacher of Russian language for one on one lessons say twice a week.
I am not a complete beginner and reached intermediate level many years ago including a month study in St Petersburg. I would like to revive my skills and perhaps go further. Am looking to enroll in a school in Moscow mid year so anxious to start lessons ASAP
Spanish Deanna Pymble Sydney 12-Jan-2020 12-Jan-2020

Spanish Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Spanish Tutor Wanted

Deanna V
Pymble, Sydney
Looking for a Spanish tutor to help improve language conversation skills for my daughter
Preferred Spanish native with teaching experience
Working with children and police checks
Availability after school or evenings
Many thanks
Spanish Tutor Needed Rebecca Coffs Harbour NSW Central Coast 23-Dec-2019 23-Dec-2019

Spanish Tutor Needed Tutor Wanted in NSW Central Coast

Spanish Tutor Needed Tutor Wanted

Rebecca B
Coffs Harbour, NSW Central Coast
Spanish Tutor Needed
Hi there. I am looking for a Spanish Tutor to help me prepare to have my skills qualified. I speak intermediate Spanish but am out of practise.

Thai Dennis Reservoir Eastern Victoria 04-Jan-2020 23-Dec-2019

Thai Tutor Wanted in Eastern Victoria

Thai Tutor Wanted

Dennis M
Reservoir, Eastern Victoria
23-Dec-2019  (updated on 04-Jan-2020)
i want a tutor to teach me Thai I'm a pensioner so the price must be negotiable maybe 2 lessons a week depends on price per hour PREFER YOUR PLACE
Theatre studies Michelle Curlewis Geelong 05-Jan-2020 05-Jan-2020

Theatre studies Tutor Wanted in Geelong

Theatre studies Tutor Wanted

Michelle H
Curlewis, Geelong
Theatre studies
Looking for a tutor in Theatre Studies or drama for year 12. My son has never done drama and has decided to pick up theatre studies for year 12. His teacher has recommended he get extra help and start over the school holidays.
Tiếng Việt Ross Burwood Melbourne 04-Jan-2020 04-Jan-2020

Tiếng Việt Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Tiếng Việt Tutor Wanted

Ross M
Burwood, Melbourne
Tiếng Việt

Tôi học tiếng việt qua Skype. I really enjoy it, it’s a beautiful language.

My online tutor is great, but I’d really like to practice face-to-face more. I’m looking for some tutors in the Burwood area for occasional hour-long sessions. Nothing formal, just chat to
help me remember what I’m learning, and for someone to help me with pronunciation (which is important to me).

I’m still at the beginner stage, probably close to mid-level beginner, so our conversations will be very basic. I’m a dedicated student, doing this mainly for personal development reasons - so I’ll be an enthusiastic but relaxed student.

I work at Deakin Uni, so we can meet there in a cafe or meeting room. (It would be best if you’re not a current student - and definitely not a current or potential student of mine (I’m in Arts/Communication) for conflict of interest reasons).

If you’re interested send me an email with your availability and rate.
Time management, english, Jenelle Brighton Melbourne 04-Jan-2020 04-Jan-2020

Time management, english, humanities Tutor Wanted in Melbourne

Time management, english, humanities Tutor Wanted

Jenelle P
Brighton, Melbourne
Time management, english, humanities
Hi there, my daughter Charlotte is commencing year 10 this year and she really needs some help with managing her time, keeping organised and assistance with English and humanities assignments. Ideally I would like a tutor to come over for 2 hours, once per week and run through some organisational activities with her i.e. ensure she is on top of her emails, help her manage her calendar with upcoming due tasks, teach her about organisational systems that will help her remember what she needs to do for school etc and plan for upcoming assessments/projects. If you agree on a home study plan with charlotte and this is put in our family calendar, the parents can then follow up throughout the week. Then once the organisation and planning is out of the way, it would be great to focus on her upcoming English/humanities/arts assignments and provide her with some general direction and guidance. I think a tutor that has experience in English would be the best fit.
Ucat Abdul Paramatta Sydney 15-Jan-2020 15-Jan-2020

Ucat Tutor Wanted in Sydney

Ucat Tutor Wanted

Abdul B
Paramatta, Sydney
Need ucat teacher
Year 3 naplan Mona Preston 3072 vic Eastern Victoria 30-Dec-2019 30-Dec-2019

Year 3 naplan Tutor Wanted in Eastern Victoria

Year 3 naplan Tutor Wanted

Mona E
Preston 3072 vic, Eastern Victoria
Year 3 naplan
Year 3 naplan help

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