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Miss Amelia Feng

 Sydney - Ashfield

UCAT tutoring (3310 - 99th percentile) & Med Interview Training

Sydney tutor in Medical Interviews, UCAT

(17 student reviews)

Currently studying Medicine at Western Sydney University (graduating 2025)
Throughout the past 4 years of teaching I have tutored many students who have gone on to study their dream course of medicine! Fantastic results every year from dedicated students with the highest score of 3300 as well as an absolutely incredible score of 890/900 in Verbal Reasoning achieved in 2023!
But don't just hear everything from me! I highly encourage you to read the reviews that students have left for me over the years. I truly believe my teaching speaks for itself and that all my students - regardless of whether they were able to attain the exact goal they had in mind - had a positive experience with me and grew immensely as a student, not only in regards to the specifics of UCAT and med interviews, but also in their confidence and discipline.

In 2020 I completed the UCAT and achieved a percentile of 99 (raw score of 3310). I then undertook the 2020 medical interview rounds and secured myself a place at Western Sydney University! It was not an easy road to get into my dream course but the whole process taught me so much about how to help others do the same.

So why should you seek my tutoring services when there are so many great options available just on TutorFinder alone? Well, though this is certainly not a comprehensive observation, I would say that many UCAT tutors fall within 2 categories - either they are people who have never even sat the UCAT and are frankly just trying to make a quick buck or they are students who HAVE sat the UCAT but these students may be your 99.95 students who are already incredibly exceptional in their own right and so they have little to no experience when it comes to helping more “average” students i.e they don’t know why something that is “easy” for them is hard for someone else.

Though of course my opinion is biased, I can still confidently say that my method works because it worked for ME - within just a few months I was able to raise my mark by 390 points. I know how to take what someone has and make the most of it - not just find an already extraordinary student and claim that all of their results are due to my teaching when most of it can really just be attributed to that student themselves. I know there are many students out there who have what it takes to be great but just lack the direction and confidence to really believe that they could be great. So often they work incredibly hard but in the moment that counts, they trip over themselves and become their own obstacle. I truly believe that every student has immense capability and I'm determined to convince you of the same.

I can help students who may all be at different stages in their learning. If you are struggling immensely I can show you how the UCAT is actually not particularly difficult and help you make the exam work to your strengths. If you are already pretty confident with most of the sections but are just looking for some extra assistance, I can push you to your fullest potential and help you to achieve a mark that will open most if not all doors when it comes to medical interview offers.

Many of the teaching resources available cover simple textbook techniques which may sound easy to apply and effective in theory (e.g the classic "skim read and find key words" method) but do little to actually help students who are struggling to improve. I was one of these students but from my own experiences with setbacks and obstacles I am confident that I will be able to asses the abilities of students and build on them rather than teaching what are essentially shortcut methods that do not work to their strengths and do not promise any long-term results.

With the right methods and the right tutor to guide them as well as consistency and a motivated mindset there is no student who would be unable to achieve in the high percentiles for this exam.

You'll find a lot of different tutors for UCAT including people who post clickbait ads on Facebook, people who tell you they topped the exam when they’ve never even sat the exam, people who tell you things like “just read the first sentence of the entire passage and then you’ll be able to answer ALL 4 questions based on that!”
Im not saying that you will not be able to benefit at all from these tutors. In fact I think if you’re an intelligent student you could probably benefit from anybody who tried to teach you. But I will say that when it comes to exams there are a million “get rich quick” schemes which take you nowhere.

I am currently still in my medical course and of course that is still my main priority. But I take my tutoring seriously. This is not just some “side hustle” to me. I believe I have a responsibility to make you better. Of course this requires your cooperation but I am committed to doing what I can to remove obstacles to your learning. So if you truly believe that medicine is the right choice for you and you are dedicated to working towards your goal then I am dedicated to being your tutor and will do everything I can to ensure you get there

And I couldn't care less what your academic standing is like currently. Contrary to what most people try to perpetuate, this isn’t some “elite” exam reserved for the top 1% of your grade. If you have a decent educational foundation and a strong work ethic then there is nothing in this exam that you are unable to do. So the only question is, how much do you want it and are you willing to work hard? Because you will benefit from my teaching only if you are willing to work with me.

There are not many things I can promise with 100% certainty but there is one thing I can promise.



One-on-one lessons will initially focus on understanding the fundamental skill that is being examined in each of the sections, gauging the students current skill level and then building on these foundations. The student’s progress outside of the lesson will serve as a guide for what to focus on in the weekly lesson. Once the basic skills are mastered, our lessons will involve intensive exam technique training to ensure that techniques can be applied with fluency, speed but at the same time, accuracy.

I will also be running group lessons using my own resources for my weekly teaching, going through all sections of the UCAT in detail (with questions) to ensure that students develop all the necessary skills. Alongside these weekly lessons, students will use online UCAT platforms to practice what they have learnt and will also be able to send me content which they struggle with throughout the week to consolidate in our next lesson. Once the foundational skills are established there will slowly be more incorporations of mock tests so that students can become familiar with exam technique and ensure that they can complete the exam (with the desired level of accuracy) in time. Though many may be deterred by the idea of group lessons - I strongly encourage you to recognise its benefits. The greatest benefit is that group lessons allow students to bounce their knowledge off each other and to learn from each other's triumphs and failures.Many students feel incredibly put on the spot in individual lessons and therefore are more stressed and less receptive to what I teach them. And whilst there may be other students who find it intimidating to learn in front of others, know that I will always work hard to ensure a healthy environment for each and every student - and even if you do not find it comfortable posing a question in front of everyone, you can always do so anonymously and I will ensure that your question is answered


Also available for interview training - WSU, UNSW and JMP programs

Whilst the ATAR and UCAT are both crucial elements of the medicine application process. The interview is the final step which truly makes the difference. It can be incredibly difficult to think on the spot, formulate arguments and communicate coherently. Personally, I found the interview process to be very challenging - both mentally and emotionally - but if there was anything I took from the experience, it's that with the right preparation and consistent practice, anyone can ace their interviews.

I will work with you to perfect your communication, your ability to structure answers and your overall confidence when it comes to answering both personal and scenario questions alike. Whilst it's never a bad idea to aspire to come up with the most original ground-breaking answers, you'll be surprised just how far strong, fluid and flexible delivery of answers can take you.

So far, EVERY SINGLE one of the students that I have tutored for medical interviews has received at least one offer to enter a medicine course (it will be hard to maintain such an impressive streak over the next few years but it is certainly a primary goal of mine to maintain this result!). Of course that is mostly a testament to their hard work, dedication and focus but I do also strongly believe that my personalised feedback, encouragement and strict assessments of their performance played a part in their success.

I know interviews are scary - especially when you are not used to speaking in front of strangers it is incredibly daunting to be forced into a highly intensive, rapid-response type scenario where you must formulate answers with barely a minute to think. Likewise it is just as intimidating to have a long-form interview where you have to grapple with trying to represent who you are as a person with just a few sentences at a time.

I've gone through all these same adversities and I struggled IMMENSELY with my confidence - basically stumbling over every single word when I first started practising. But I was able to overcome all of these difficulties and secure myself a place in medicine! And in doing so I have also learned the skills to help many students also achieve their dreams! I am passionate about what I do and I want to help you become the best version of yourself so you can put your best foot forward in the interviews. If we work together, there is no obstacle that is too great!

Will be running a crash course to medical interviews in September 2024 and will also be offering group tutoring / group mock sessions for medical interviews on top of one-on-one sessions. Group lessons for med interview training may be unappealing for some but I would argue a group environment can be incredibly useful for students. It not only gives you the chance to see how others formulate answers and address different issues but also puts you in a slightly more pressurised environment so you can practice managing your nerves in front of strangers - just like you would be doing on the actual day of the interview!
Please email if interested and also email for any further specific enquiries regarding medical interviews!

And just as a final note, I would like to address my hourly fee. I know that the prices I set may certainly be eyebrow-raising to many but I would like to clarify why I set the price that I do. Like I have said before, tutoring is not just some “business” to me. I am passionate about helping students and I only take on an amount of students that I think is appropriate for my schedule - that is because I want to ensue that each and every student is properly receiving the attention and guidance that they need. I know the hourly price for my services does appear quite steep but that is only because I would be supplying highly personalised feedback and would also be setting time aside outside of the lesson to help plan for later sessions.

Indeed there are many tutors out there who charge significantly higher rates - and of course it’s not a competition but I would just like to remind you that I’m not just pulling numbers out of thin air when deciding upon my hourly fee. I simply set the price based on how much time I have and after thorough consideration of the quality of tutoring that I am providing to my students. The truth is that I am CONFIDENT that I am able to help you. And so I know that the amount I charge is not just some financial scheme but because I KNOW that I can in fact deliver successful results! But of course, it is not my job to tell you what you should/should not be paying as that is up for YOU to decide! Only you know your needs best, I am simply telling you all of this so you get a sense of who I am and hopefully you can see that I’m not just out to make a quick buck!

Currently only offering online tutoring services for UCAT and Medical Interviews. Please contact me if you have any further enquiries regarding any of these services. I look forward to guiding you through the difficult process of preparing for Medicine!



Have been tutoring with Alchemy tuition for a year.
Students in 2020 who achieved scores ranging from the 95th - 98th percentile (highest score 3100)
Students in 2021 achieved scores ranging from 93rd - 99th percentile (highest score of 3240)
Students in 2022 all achieved in the 90+ percentiles with the highest score of 3210


Achieved a score of 97 for the UCAT (on the first attempt)
Achieved a score of 99 for the UCAT (on the second attempt) --> total score of 3310

Currently studying Medicine at Western Sydney University (graduating 2025)


$80 an hour for UCAT groups
$120 an hour for private UCAT lessons
$150 an hour for private UCAT lessons (if starting during June or later)
$250 an hour for one-on-one medical interview training
$200 an hour if starting one-on-one interview training in October or earlier
$150 an hour for group medical interview training




Joined Tutor Finder on 05-Feb-2020 (updated profile on 21-Jul-2024)
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Medical Interviews (Tertiary)
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"Amelia is very passionate and challenges students to think critically in the classroom. She gives detailed explanations and pushes students to a high degree of divergent thinking in their responses. She also supports students mentally throughout the journey and gives wise advice informed by her experience as a non-standard student. She provides mock interviews that are aligned with interview expectations, and I can say that I felt prepared for my interview with Amelia. I would 100% recommend! Adam (JMP Med 2024 start)"

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