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Dr Tammy Humphrey

 Sydney - Epping

PhD qualified Physics teacher with 10 years experience

Sydney tutor in Physics

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Fathoming Physics offers expert HSC, preliminary and physics olympiad tuition with Dr. Tammy Humphrey, an experienced PhD. qualified teacher. Lessons include all practicals required by the syllabus, extensive notes, structured revision as well as a high level of individual attention.

Students attending Fathoming Physics classes:

Learn the complete physics syllabus. Fathoming Physics is the only tuition provider in Sydney in which not just the theory, but also the practicals required by the syllabus are integrated into lessons. Numerous demonstrations and other hands-
on activities increase student understanding and enjoyment of lessons, and prepare students for both theory and practical assessment tasks at school.

Enjoy personal attention. I genuinely care about all my students and am available to answer individual questions and assist with advice about assessment tasks before and after class, as well as by email.

Feel less stressed, with structured, integrated revision. Each lesson's work is revised in class quizzes with exam-style questions at intervals of 1 week, 1 month, 1 term and 2 terms. Students also complete a weekly online multiple choice homework assignment which revises the material in the same sequence. This kind of revision allows students' understanding to develop and strengthen throughout the year. I guarantee that if you attend Fathoming Physics classes you will not need to cram before your physics exams!

Year 12 classes
- Year 12 classes run on Mondays and Tuesdays 5:15-7:15pm. Enrolment is now closed for 2018 year 12 classes.

Year 11 classes
- Year 11 run on Saturday afternoons 4-6pm. In term 3 2018 we will be covering the third topic "Electricity and Magnetism" and revising the first three modules to prepare for the year 11 yearly exams.

Physics olympiad classes - Most material for the August Physics Olympiad selection exam is covered in the year 11 classes.
- Some holiday intensives to cover additional material to prepare for the olympiad exam are usually held throughout the year.
- For students attending the end of year selection camp I also offer lessons to cover the international physics olympiad syllabus. Please contact me to discuss availability.

Previous Fathoming Physics students have come 1st in HSC physics at selective schools and private schools, achieved ATARs of 99.95, and represented Australia at the Asian and International Physics olympiads.

Please visit for more detailed information on the structure of classes and to enrol.

Contact information: The best way to contact me is via direct email to or by phoning (04) 7364 5857. Please leave a message if you don't catch me (I have a 2 year old and two older children so am sometimes unable to answer the phone) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



I work full time as a physics teacher at James Ruse Agricultural High School.
Before teaching, I worked in physics research in Australia, as well as in the
U.S. and Europe. My last academic appointment was as a Marie Curie
Incoming International fellow at the University of Geneva. Since gaining my Dip. Ed.
in 2008 I have been teaching preliminary and HSC physics and preparing students
for the physics Olympiad.


I am a qualified secondary science teacher (Grad. Dip. Ed. from Macquarie University,
2007/8) and have a PhD and a 1st class honours degree in physics from the University
of New South Wales.


$80 (inc GST) per 2hr class.

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Physics (Secondary)

"What more could be said about Tammy apart from these ratings? Tammy's teaching style is unmatched when it comes to mastering both the HSC and Australian Science Olympiad for Physics. Her systematic, methodical approach to tackling each respective syllabus ensures that students are equipped with a deeper level of knowledge and understanding. This enables adept perception and interpretation of even deceptive, often confusing questions. A special point to note is her balanced focus on theoretical and practical components of each course. Never have I seen someone so committed to provide such a whole-rounded, genuine scope to learning. The practicals are amazing; something I could never even wish to experience at school. The amount of time, effort and attention-to-detail she has placed into this particular aspect is something that I can't thank her enough for. Tammy is, most importantly, one of the most passionate and caring person I have met. Reflecting on my time spent learning from her, I realise that I have often failed to treasure her perseverance in helping me understand difficult concepts and problems. She always seems to make it so relatable, yet broadens what I know both in breadth and depth. Thank you, Tammy. I have been blessed to have found you and I hope you will continue to bless the students around you with your talent, integrity and generosity."

Kevin Y     
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