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Dr John G Arca

 Melbourne - Craigieburn

Experienced English teacher

Melbourne tutor in Creative Writing, EAL, English, English Literature, ESL, Essay Writing, IELTS, Italian, Reading, Special Needs, Pronunciation & Accent Reduction, Essay revision, Theses Revision & Editing, Effective learning techniques, Religions and Philosophies of the Far East

Service areas
Craigieburn, Roxburgh P, Mickleham, Greenvale, Meadow H, Broadmeadows, Campbellfield, Epping,Attwood

NO HOME VISITS - This means you will have to come to my place.

Qualified and experienced (25+ yrs) teacher of English and Italian for various levels of tuition. I live in Craigieburn South, bordering Roxburgh Park, Epping, Greenvale, and very close to Meadow Heights, Campbellfield and surroundings, pretty easy to reach for those living in the Northern suburbs. All classes are held in a lounge adjacent to my study, quiet and comfortable.

My professional experience in different fields allows me to offer a number of services to a wide variety of students at different levels. I am constantly increasing the level of all the highly personalised services I provide, which not only offer a comprehensive essay writing training, but consider many aspects linked to learning including tasks tailored to students' personality, culture and specific needs. This involves a relatively great amount of time out of classes' hours, with preparation of specific homework activities, handouts and many different kinds of source materials. All students have access to a personal Shared Folder that contains all the material relative to what they are studying at school and to what we are doing together, and receive personalised emails with memos, activities, info and handouts, plus telephone assistance when necessary, besides guidelines for general school's performance and study management, school's homework assistance, development of critical thinking skills and Selective Entry Schools Exam training. This is not something generally offered, certainly not at this level, and you must consider that this is included in your fees, unlikely any usual tuition assistance.

Please select one of the following sections corresponding to your interests and needs, and find out what I am committed to offer to my students.

---------------------------------------- - PRIMARY, SECONDARY students & VCE (Essay Writing and English or Italian in general)
Improving learning in all subjects, study skills, memorisation (I have experience of English and Italian teaching in two different centres in Melbourne)
- GENERAL ADULT TUITION and ESL TUITION (English as a Second Language)
I have been employed as an ESL teacher in one of the most important Adult Education Centers in the North of Melbourne, member of the NMIT Consortium, and I am as well a former teacher of Italian Language and Culture for the Italian Government Cultural Office (Italian Cultural Institute) in Melbourne.
- IELTS Training English for Permanent Residency VISA and professional qualifications.
- TAFE assistance for your assessments, particularly for the improvement of your speaking, reading and writing skills. My experience as a tutor in a centre of the NMIT Consortium is definitely a plus, for my daily experience with students and other teachers.
- UNIVERSITY and exams preparation. English, Italian, English Pronunciation, Thesis assistance and supervision.
(Besides English and Italian at various levels, I can assist you in Philosophy, Religious Anthropology and History of Religions, particularly of the Far East. Please see my other offers below.)


Individual classes
All School grades $80 per hour
Classes on Demand $100 per hour (one hour and a half $130, two hours $160)

Group classes
Group classes are generally recommended only from Primary School to grade 10 included. Recommended max 3 people for Primary School and grades 7 and 8; max 2 people for grades 9 and 10). Generally no group classes are recommended for VCE students, unless exceptions to be discussed.

They have the following rates:
2 students $60 each - 3 students $50 each (individual class is $80)
PLEASE NOTE: To avoid as much as possible complications, in case of non-attendance of one of the students in any 2 people group classes, the remaining student will pay the fee for individual class. Classes can also be paid in packages of minimum 4 classes (which will cover one month of tuition).

These very small group classes still allow individual essay writing analysis (and useful comparison with the other student, s), as well as shared explanations and common general English learning, in particular regarding essay writing skills.

If the students are not siblings, a group class can be activated only if 2 or 3 families agree to share the tuition. If a family wishes to do so, then they should see if any family friends or relative is interested. I can also do so with my present students, of course, if I will be requested to do so, although my chances are much more limited.

Essay Writing and General individual Classes for Adult, Uni & Tafe level $100 per hr
One and a half hr recommended ($130)

ESL, EAL for adults
(English as a second, additional language for adults) $100 per hr
One and a half hr recommended ($130)
Pronunciation & Accent Reduction $100 per hr OR $130 per 90 minutes
One and a half hr recommended ($130), at least for the first 4 classes.
Twice a week highly recommended for the first two weeks.

ITALIAN language $80 per hr (Adults & Uni level $100 min.)
One and a half hr recommended ($100).

IELTS $100 per hr
One and a half hr recommended ($130).

UNIVERSITY & TAFE $100 -130 per hr (depending on the tuition requested)

Essay Revision (Uni & Tafe) $100 per hr (minimum $100 jobs) Finished jobs are delivered on electronic support and paper. No delivery by e-
mail unless paid in advance. For a specific quote or an approximate number of hours, please send your file with instructions.

Thesis revision and editing: Quotes are based on the number of words
Revision and editing of theses and other major papers are not charged by the hour (it would be too expensive) but on number of words. Specific quotes will also take into account the complexity of the paper and the level of revision requested. This can vary according, in particular, to the level of English of your final draft. Other factors, like formatting, tables, notes, referencing systems, etc., can also determine differences in the quote.

Regular receipts, invoices are available on request. (ABN 39 707 848 805)
No GST is due for private tuition, according to current regulations.

Please allow at least 24 hrs notice for class cancellation. If a cancellation occurs on the same day of a class, a cancellation fee will be due (equal to 60% of the fee)

Tuition is NOT to be intended as a sort of 'emergency' and 'on demand' service, only to be provided when important and urgent assignments and tests have to be delivered. Tuition in English is not the same of other subjects (Maths, for example), because it involves much more than the study of English as 'just' a language, being in fact intimately connected to the Humanities and social studies. Therefore it implies an ongoing learning relationship between a teacher and a student and a mutual commitment. If students often do not attend their classes, they will be asked to leave their place to other students. If only occasional classes are needed, then different arrangements can be made (see 'Classes on Demand').

I am a native Italian speaker, with an extensive experience as Eng>It translation (17 books translated, plus a relevant number of other texts), and 15 years professional experience as Editor in Italian. I have also taught Italian language and Culture at the Italian Government Cultural Institute of Melbourne for several years. I speak both English and Italian fluently since I was a child.


FOR ALL STUDENTS on all levels of training I offer: ------------------------
1. free and continuous E-mail assistance
2. relevant handouts and resources
3. methods and assistance to improve one's general learning skills

For PRIMARY SCHOOL students I offer:
1. improve communication skills through speaking and listening
2. improving reading skills and in particular comprehension
3. special focus on writing
4. ongoing training on critical, creative and analytical thinking skills
5. relaxed, informal and safe environment
6. interrelation with school teachers, if needed
7. close and continuous relations with parents, tutors
8. parents can assist and participate if special circumstances occur
9. 'special needs' of any kind are most (and warmly) welcome

For SECONDARY SCHOOL students I offer :
1. a highly personalised approach and a thorough assessment
2. clear identification of weaknesses and strengths, both for study method and contents
3. practical, effective guidance on how to be less stressed with more results
4. assistance for your homework and study
5. creating or improving your independent learning skills
6. creating or developing your research skills (in particular from grade 9)
7. thorough training in Language Analysis
8. creating or developing your critical and analytical thinking skills
9. a relaxed and informal atmosphere, which creates a favourable working environment

For VCE students I offer :
1. quick assessment and identification of possible issues
2. 'emergency' correction of bad study habits and change of course towards the best possible outcome
3. improving writing skills and full assistance to essay writing
4. improving critical and analytical skills
5. improving Language Analysis (reading and essay writing)
6. advice, information, and some tips and tricks for a successful VCE or VCAL exam
7. 'what next? Assistance and advice for the next step at Uni or Tafe

For NON-ENGLISH students I offer :
--------------------------------- 1. better accent and intonation techniques and assistance
2. integration of language learning within the Australian culture and values
3. instructions on how to quickly speak and understand everyday English
4. audio exercises and techniques to improve oral communication
5. specific resources and internet links (dictionaries, phrase-books, etc.)

---------------------------------------- SPECIAL PRONUNCIATION & ACCENT REDUCTION COURSE (4 MONTHS , 54HRS) - An extension module of 2 more months is possible, if requested.
---------------------------------------- This course is designed to help improving one's English pronunciation, intonation and accent, with specific assessment and techniques for different language backgrounds. All languages welcome. Particular experience with Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Indian languages, Italian and Hmong. A minimum of two 90 minutes classes a week is highly recommended. The course provides ample theoretical knowledge and practical speech techniques, according to individual needs. Effective accent reduction and improved fluency are possible for everybody through the correct application of the techniques. The method is based on the classic naturalistic approach and other more modern speech techniques specifically designed for adult learners. The results I have obtained with my students have been very satisfactory. The 4 months package (36 90' classes, or 54 hrs) allows students of Pronunciation and Accent Reduction to save 10% of the total expense.

---------------------------------------- For JOB-ORIENTED ENGLISH (& ITALIAN) students
----------------------- (when you study the language because you need it to get a specific job or you want to have a better position) I also offer :
6. a personalised study plan, according to your present or prospective job
7. specific resources for your job, like vocabulary, phrase-books, etc.

For the IELTS TEST students I offer :
1. preparation on the original IELTS books
2. effective and practical guide on how to sit the text
3. audio exercises and techniques to improve aural recognition of the test
4. specific resources and internet links (dictionaries, phrase-books, etc.)

For UNIVERSITY & TAFE students I offer:
1. my experience and knowledge of the academic world
2. focus on developing adequate research skills
3. help to improve study and memorisation skills, if needed
4. time management assistance
5. advice and practical suggestions to positively improve the ratio efficiency, time, if you experience the frustration of seeing your results not adequate to your level of effort and to the time you spend studying
6. improvement of your academic writing skills
7. improvement of your oral communication skills, with focus on the development of speaking and presentation skills at an academic level.
8. contacts with your lecturers (if needed)



Teacher of English Language and Literature
Teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL)
Teacher of Italian Language and Culture
Academic Research experience (Monash University)



PhD - Monash University, Melbourne
Ba Hons in Foreign Languages and Civilisations
Teaching Diploma in English Language
Former CSWE Ames Esl Tutor
Former Aiti-FIT/Unesco literary translator
(17 books translated and published from English into Italian)
Editor (24 books edited and published in Italian language)
Academic papers published in peer-reviewed journals.


Group classes (max 3 people) are possible.
They have the following rates:
2 students $60 each - 3 students $50 each (individual class is $80)
PLEASE NOTE: fees for group classes have to be paid in advance and are not refundable. If a student does not attend (for any reason), the fee becomes a credit and can be used for another group class, any time. Alternatively, it can be also used for an individual class (subject to availability) adding the relative difference.
Classes can be paid in packages of minimum 4 (2 only for the first two weeks of tuition).

Student Discount

Special Offer - Free initial meeting with parents and/or students




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Tutoring Location
  • Tutor's Place in Craigieburn
  • Online and Phone Help
  • Private & Group Tuition


Creative Writing (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
EAL (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
English (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
English Literature (Primary, Secondary)
ESL (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Essay Writing (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
IELTS (Secondary, Tertiary)
Reading (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Special Needs (Primary, Secondary)


Italian (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)

Other Subjects

Pronunciation & Accent Reduction, Essay revision, Theses Revision & Editing, Effective learning techniques, Religions and Philosophies of the Far East
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