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Mr Nithin Tharakan

 Melbourne - Kew East

50 RAW STATE RANK Experienced VCE Maths & Science Tutor

Melbourne tutor in Algebra, Anatomy, Calculus, Chemistry, Creative Writing, EAL, English, English Literature, Essay Writing, Further Maths, General Science, Human Biology, Maths, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Microbiology

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My name is Nithin Tharakan, I graduated VCE with an ATAR of 98.50 in 2020. I am currently studying Bachelor of Biomedicine at Melbourne University.

Throughout my high school experience, I have had a passion for learning and teaching Mathematics and Sciences to other students, ensuring they can achieve their optimal results. I found it very crucial that everyone should be able to have access to learning and understanding the fundamentals of the core subjects to be able to have a SUCCESSFUL and FRUITFUL year 12 and get into their dream course, just as I was able to!

During my VCE journey, I had to encounter many ups and downs of lockdown and transferring to online learning. This is exactly why I can understand what your child may be going through with these difficult times where there is a sense of motivational gap to do the work or put it all off. Trust me, I had the same feelings too, but instead of just sitting there and not focusing on school I pushed myself to do the best I could, and I want to help your child achieve the same as well.

The lessons that I create are specifically tailored towards the students' needs and areas for improvement. Each lesson, I will provide practice questions and exams prepared ahead of the class to test their knowledge and make sure they are able to consolidate them under timed conditions. I have over 50+ practice SACs and more than 200 practice exams for both Mathematics and Sciences, as well as additional questions that I specifically created for each subject.

With more than 3 years of tutoring, I know and am able to understand the individual needs and abilities of each student. I fully understand the struggles of being in year 12, especially through such turbulent conditions, so I conduct all my classes online keeping it consistent, convenient, and efficient delivery of lessons. I understand that as a tutor, it is my responsibility and goal that each student of mine can achieve the desired levels of excellence and success.


- VCE Mathematics Further: 50 (Rank 1 in State)

- VCE Mathematics Specialist: 47

- VCE Mathematics Methods: 46

- VCE English Language 44

- VCE Chemistry: 42


- VCE Mathematics Further Units 1/2 & 3/4

- VCE Mathematics Methods Units 1/2 & 3/4

- VCE Mathematics Specialist Units 1/2 & 3/4

- VCE Chemistry Units 1/2 & 3/4

- VCE BIOLOGY Units 1/2 & 3/4

- VCE Mainstream English Units 1/2 & 3/4

- VCE English Language Units 1/2 & 3/4

- Year 6-10 Maths

- Year 6-10 Science

After each session, I will be providing notes and worksheets along with practice questions to attempt. Additionally, I provide:


- 100-200+ PRACTICE EXAMS for EACH subject

While teaching the content a minimum of 1 month in ADVANCE!!

I have 3 YEARS of tutoring experience since 2019 and am more than capable of expressing my full abilities to support other students persevere, strive and bring out their full caliber.

I have received the VCE Further Mathematics Victorian Premiers Award by the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, for being Rank 1 in State out of ALL the other students who obtained a PERFECT raw score of 50 in this subject.

I conduct online lessons through:
- Group sessions (DISCOUNT + Most Popular Choice) - VERY small groups
- Private sessions

Unlike most tutors and teachers who follow a strict logical path of thinking, I understand that not everyone finds Maths/Science their strengths. Whereas, I am casual and flexible with the way I teach, whilst ensuring that ALL the content is taught IN-DEPTH.

As a tutor, it is my FULL RESPONSIBILITY and GOAL to maximise my students' learning potential for them to achieve beyond their desired levels of excellence and success!

Ultimately, I am able to convey the best tips, tricks, and strategies (whether it is for study time management while balancing your own lifestyle, ideal approaches for tackling exams, or even best options/advice for CAREER pathways) that I used to obtain my BACK-BACK 100%'s on my VCE exams!

>Group Sessions Rate: $30-45/hr >Private Sessions Rate: $60/hr

The group sessions start at $45/hr. However, for EACH extra student you bring, I will REDUCE the price by $5/hr (maximum of 3 other students)!! e.g. If you bring along additional 3 friends, the price drops from $45 to $30/hr for ALL 4 students!

CONTACT DETAILS: For any further questions, queries and/or GUARANTEED DISCOUNT, feel free to contact me through:

- Email:

- TEXT: 0449684360

I hope to see you shortly! :)

Nithin Tharakan



Have experience Tutoring:
- Mathematics Methods Units 1-4
- Mathematics Further Units 1-4
- Mathematics Specialist Units 3/4
- Chemistry Units 3/4


- VCE Mathematics Further: 50 (Premiers Award- Rank 1)
- VCE Mathematics Specialist: 47
- VCE Mathematics Methods: 46
- VCE Chemistry: 42
- VCE English/Language
- VCE Physics


$30 per hour

Student Discount

Special Offer - First Lesson is $5 off!

Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in Victoria until 30-Nov--0001 (details available on request)




Joined Tutor Finder on 26-Aug-2021 (updated profile on 25-May-2022)
Tutoring Location
  • Online Tutoring
  • Phone Help
  • Tutor's Place in Kew East
  • Private & Group Tuition


Creative Writing (Secondary)
EAL (Secondary)
English (Secondary)
English Literature (Secondary)


Algebra (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Calculus (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Further Maths (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Maths (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Maths Methods (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Maths Specialist (Secondary)


Anatomy (Secondary)
Chemistry (Secondary)
General Science (Primary, Secondary)
Human Biology (Secondary)
Microbiology (Secondary)

Study Help

Essay Writing (Secondary)

"throughout this year i have fallen behind and struggled a lot with my maths skills, Nithin really did help me catch up and understand concepts i couldn't grasp beforehand. I can clearly see an improvement in my skills and understanding and im getting more and more confident everyday in my skills."

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