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Learn Chinese without Tears using Accelerated Learning

Perth tutor in Cantonese, Mandarin

We travel to these locations
Citiplace, Karawara, Fremantle

Why Study With Us At ACCS?

We have classes in Perth city, Fremantle and Karawara.

1 Does the school have a proven methodology and syllabus in teaching Chinese?
We use Accelerated Learning techniques and materials created by world leading expert, Dr Moni Lai Storz. This means that you will get a very effective and enjoyable learning experience with us.
Our native-speaking teachers are all from China and specially trained by us.

2 Has the school been around for a while or is it just another fly-by-night outfit?
ACCS has been the leading Chinese Centre for the past 25 years in Melbourne! We started in Melbourne in 1992 and in Sydney in 2003. We have also been in London since 2005.
Our teaching faculty has over 30 teachers and we are not dependent on only 1 or 2 teachers.

3 Do you need to spend more money on student textbooks and CDs?
We are extremely well-priced (around $14 per hour for Perth for adult classes). This includes GST, student textbooks and CDs saving you at least another $50! You can also pay your school fees using your credit card.

4 How much flexibility does the school offer you in terms of classes and availability?
We conduct multiple classes at most Levels giving you maximum flexibility in attendance. You can attend any available class each week or even repeat the same lesson, if you like. We seldom cancel classes due to insufficient students. Best of all, if you need to, we allow you to defer to the following Term for a nominal deferment fee of $50. Enrolling is an easy process and you can cancel out at anytime before classes begin without any penalty.

5 How well known is the school?
We have classes in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Also, in London. Average class size is only 8 to 10 students. You do not have to wait till the start of each calendar year to start classes with us. All our classes commences at the start of each Term including Beginners classes and there are 4 Terms per year. You can attend classes in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or London if you happen to be travelling.

6 How comprehensive is the schools teaching materials and its syllabus?
We have a complete curriculum in Mandarin ranging from Absolute Beginner to Advanced Conversation levels. A total of 20 levels!
Learn Chinese writing and conversation using a developmental but highly practical approach where students can focus only on conversation skills, if they choose to.

7 Does the school provide any other learning benefits?
We have a social club, regular events (eg InTune with Chinese) and a regular newsletter, Blog and Facebook with over 1400 fans! We also have a comprehensive set of online study tools. If you like, we can also provide you with an Achievement Certificate.

8 Does the school specialise in teaching just one language or many different languages?
At ACCS, we specialise in teaching Chinese language (Mandarin and Cantonese) studies and nothing else. For both adults and teenagers. We are continually incorporating the latest Chinese vocabulary and improving on our Accelerated Learning techniques.

Most of all, our Chinese classes are fun and interesting - we do not give tests and we do not teach from standard boring textbooks!



This is the first time I have found a system of learning behind the seemingly
incomprehensible, non-alphabetical language. Dr. David Chong

I'd just like to let you know how happy I've been with the ACCS course. I've tried a
few different self-study approaches to learning Chinese and it just didn't happen. The
ACCS course has really helped and I'm enjoying myself as I go. Geoff Wilson

Just wanted to update you with how we are going with our courses, we're loving it
and learning so much!! We love the way that the characters tell a story! It really
sticks in our head!!! Miriam

I have learnt and recognised quite a number of characters since the course and my
conversation level is definitely on the improve. Annie Chew

I have enjoyed the classes and found the story telling, the music and the native
speakers to be most useful. The suggestive element helped memorisation and
motivation. Ian Davidson

I am enjoying the classes immensely! Very interesting, and it's much more fun than
what I did at university! Cleo


Chinese using Accelerated Learning

A 10-week course of 2 hours each week full of fun and rapid learning.

What Students will Learn

In this course participants will be taught how to write the commonly used Chinese
radicals which still form the basis of modern Chinese writing. By mastering these
radicals students will learn other ideographs more easily and how to use a
Chinese/English dictionary more quickly. Students will also learn to converse in
everyday situations. The approach used to teach writing reading and conversing is
based wholly on accelerated learning principles.

What is Accelerated Learning (Suggestopedia)?

Recognised by UNESCO as one of the best approaches for the teaching of a foreign
language, accelerated learning or suggestopedia is the brainchild of Dr. Georgie
Lozanov, a Bulgarian doctor and psychotherapist. When taught with suggestopedic
methods, Dr. Lozanov's students' learning rate was five times greater compared to
normal teaching methods.

Accelerated Learning is an integrated system of learning which stresses that people
learn better:-
- when combining their conscious and unconscious mind
- under conditions of relaxation, pleasure, fun, play & games
- when their self esteem is not threatened
- when their teachers are knowledgeable about the subject
- when the teacher uses a multi-sensory holistic approach (whole brain)


$14 per hour


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Cantonese (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)
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