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Dr Anna Brunken


Expertise and Excellence from VCE to Ph.D

Melbourne tutor in English, Essay Writing, English Literature, Business Studies, Communication, Creative Writing, ESL, History, IELTS, Journalism, Management, Politics, Reading, Society and Culture, Sociology, Teacher, TOEFL, Victorian Certificate of Education and Tasmanian Certificate of Education, English, Literature, Business, Tourism, Hospitality, ESL, IELTS, Police Force Entry Exam, Editing of Graduate work requirements and Post Graduate Dissertations (Humanities, Education and Business Management).

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Doctor Anna Brunken.
**High Quality, Specialist Tutor with over 30 years experience and proven results in teaching VCE, Undergraduate and Post Graduate*

Are you doing VCE, TCE, Undergraduate or Post Graduate Study? Do you need help with understanding and successfully completing your work requirements and thesis? Well AB Tutoring and Editing Services can help. With thirty years of teaching, tutoring and lecturing experience and, proven high quality of results, Dr Anna Brunken has helped many students achieve their potential in English, Social Science, Business, Management and many other areas.

Undergraduate and Post-Graduate students are now able to seek the services of a fully qualified university tutor and lecturer. All the students that have accessed this service have successfully completed their coursework and, or thesis. I can help with essay and thesis planning, writing and editing. I have worked at the highest levels of university and have a proven record of success.

I can help you!

I have a proven record of excellent performance. In 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016 and 2017 all the students I worked with dramatically improved their scores with many achieving close to full marks. All university students successfully completed their course requirements and theses. More importantly they all said they actually enjoyed tutoring and that their tutorial sessions helped them take control of their studies and feel more confident (read reviews). They all coped well with the demands of their subjects and all gained entry into their chosen courses.

The undergraduate and post-graduate students I worked with also improved their marks and some actually received awards.
Lisa (2012) writes: "As an English tutor Anna was just AMAZING. Anna was also a wonderful woman who offered me moral support a number of times. To go through VCE is one of the most stressful times of your life and Anna was one of the people who calmed me down. I was a student who was graded at a C level and from having Anna as a tutor my grades rose immediately to A and A+. You will be lucky to have Anna as a tutor. She is worth every dollar and more!"

**My Tutoring Services**

I have been in education for over 30 years. My extensive experience includes teaching in secondary schools and working as a study skills adviser at La Trobe University, and NMIT (now Melbourne Polytechnic). I have also lectured in Business Management at La Trobe and RMIT universities. I also have extensive post graduate qualifications, including a PhD in Education. All this enables me to successfully assist students at all academic levels. Most
importantly, I am committed to empowering students so they can get the most out of themselves and their academic endeavours and will do so with compassion and care.

While teachers can highlight your stuck points, I am here to show you how to move beyond them. I can show you how to write essays, reports , case studies and your thesis with ease. I can help you understand the content you are given and show you how to create detailed responses. In addition, I can help you with time management and exam preparation. With a proven record of success, I can help you complete your work calmly and to a high standard.
Antony (2012, VCE Units 3-4 English) writes: "Anna's method of teaching is easily absorbed and it has improved my confidence for essay writing as well as other daily activities. Her comprehensive way of teaching is absolutely recommended for those who want help in VCE English"


I also have extensive experience working with international students studying in Australia. I can help with preparation for University, completing work requirements and thesesin the way that is expected in Australian universities.

**Tutoring Locations**

Tutoring sessions take place at either the local library or via Skype. Given how busy many people are, Skype is proving extremely popular as it means parents are able to save time driving children to appointments etc. The sessions allow students to learn in relaxed environments and research shows that this is an important factor in learning. Reviews will verify just how effective Skype sessions can be.

**Contact Details**

Please feel free to contact me, Dr. Anna Brunken, so we can discuss your needs. My number is 0419554026 and my email address is A new website is currently under construction
Costs: Year 11 $70
Year 12 $80 Undergraduate $85 per session and $70 per hour editing.
Phd Negotiable

**Demand is high, so organise your tuition now and be prepared for the year ahead!



Extensive experience in:
Secondary Schools
TAFE colleges
Expert editing and support for Masters and Doctor of Philosophy students


Bachelor of Arts (La Trobe University)
Graduate Diploma of Education (La Trobe University)
Graduate Diploma in Special Education (Melbourne University)
Doctor of Philosophy (Education) La Trobe University


$75 per hour for individual sessions (Year 11)
$80 per hour for individual sessions (Year 12)
Higher Education costs are to be negotiated.

$80 per hour for individual sessions (Year 12)

**Groups of 4 or more are $50 per student per hour**

$85 per hour for individual sessions (Undergraduate) $95 per hour Post Graduate.

Student Discount

Special Offer - Price includes all resources and reviews .




Joined Tutor Finder on 11-Feb-2011 (updated profile on 20-Mar-2020)
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Creative Writing (Secondary, Tertiary)
English (Secondary, Tertiary)
English Literature (Secondary, Tertiary)
ESL (Secondary, Tertiary)
Essay Writing (Secondary, Tertiary)
IELTS (Secondary, Tertiary)
Reading (Secondary, Tertiary)
TOEFL (Secondary, Tertiary)


Business Studies (Secondary, Tertiary)
Management (Secondary, Tertiary)

Social Science

History (Secondary, Tertiary)
Politics (Secondary, Tertiary)
Society and Culture (Secondary, Tertiary)
Sociology (Tertiary)


Communication (Secondary, Tertiary)
Journalism (Secondary, Tertiary)


Teacher (General)

Other Subjects

Victorian Certificate of Education and Tasmanian Certificate of Education, English, Literature, Business, Tourism, Hospitality, ESL, IELTS, Police Force Entry Exam, Editing of Graduate work requirements and Post Graduate Dissertations (Humanities, Education and Business Management).

"Anna is an angel sent from up above, My son and daughter both were struggling with English in VCE , thank goodness we found Anna , Anna is a amazing & compassionate human being who has taken my 2 VCE children to a level I never thought can be attainable. By having the VCE English tutes via skype was a time savour for all involved, there was no stress or running around of dropping off my children to the library for tutes or an english tutor to come to the house. The Skype sessions were a huge success. We thank you Anna & we will be seeing you in a few years for the 3rd child who will be entering VCE... thank you"

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