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Dr Jonathan MedAces

 Sydney - Melbourne

Jonathan - Australia's Leading Medical Interview/Portfolio Coach

Sydney tutor in GAMSAT, Health Studies, Medical Doctor, Medical Interviews, Medicine, Nursing, Physical Education, UCAT, UMAT

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Currently teaching worldwide remotely, Sydney in person

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If you stressed out about the upcoming medical entry process, or need some additional help with portfolio applications, I have a slots available for interview training. I know that navigating the medical school interview system can be quite tricky - with many university specific questions, tasks with different timings and formats including MMI and panels.

I also train medical professionals for every stage of the interview process including internships, residencies, surgical SET training, physician BPT interviews, fellowships as well as recently successfully placing candidates for head of department positions in various hospitals across Australia and New Zealand.

About Me
So I went through the graduate cycle in 2016 and have previously interviewed for undergraduate and graduate positions at Monash, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne University so I have a lot of experience with the different formats from different universities. Having completed a Bachelor of Biomedicine and graduating with a First Class Honours, I decided to commence the Doctor of Medicine course at the University of Melbourne. Through my approach to study and being able to identify weakness areas, I was able to obtain an ATAR of 99.90 and was the dux of both my high school and college. Because of my application performance in 2020 I was able to land the top medical hospital internships in both Victoria (Royal Melbourne Hospital) and New South Wales. I am currently a doctor with NSW health.

MMI Program for Medical School
I’ve written my own set of worksheets that I walk through with my students. I also run through the structure and approach to medical interviews and include a lot of practice questions relevant to the university you are applying to. The questions that we use have been put together with input from medical specialists, past medical school interviewers and the top medical students across Australia.

The introductory session is 2 hours long in which I will run you through a tailored interview program specific for the universities in which you are applying for. If you are applying for multiple medical schools, I'll highlight the areas that are relevant for each university. We will run through interpersonal questions, techniques for ethical, scenario decision making as well as do some practice as well.

I have a unique 3 step approach to helping you ace the interview.

1- Theory
Our medical interview theory takes you through all of the interview questions and all of the background information you should know for your university. We teach you structured frameworks and models to systematically approach all questions.

2 – Application
Each session, you’ll answer real medical school interview questions to practice communication, idea generation and theoretical frameworks. Afterwards, you’ll be given feedback and key takeaway problems to work on.

3 – Simulation
After drilling and training with past questions, you’ll be offered the chance to have simulated medical interviews. Our mock interviews have the same stations, topics and questions as your specific medical school.

Portfolio Program
I also help students with crafting the perfect portfolio applications. Through this program, I'll find out how to make you sound unique, learn how to sell yourself so your application can stand out to the admissions team. I'll work out which details to cut out, which parts of the application need more details and which parts of your life can be written about more relevantly for the medical school admission team. I can also suggest activities for you to improve on weakness areas. My experience with portfolio applications both at an undergrad and postgrad level will help ensure you are able to land an interview at your desired medical school.

Medical Professionals Program
If you are currently a doctor hoping to make the next move in your career, I am able to provide confidential advice of the highest quality. I have significant experience with internship level positions, specialty selection interviews all the way to consultant level job postings. These positions are extremely competitive and require a lot of clinical acumen, ethical decision making, abstract problem solving skills and even business and political ability especially when it comes to head of department questions. Please do get into contact and all information provided will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Please either contact me here or at
In your email, please send your schedule availabilities, what you are applying for and the date of the interview. If you would like a free consult, please also include your phone number and I will call you at a suitable time.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



I have had a lot of experience tutoring groups and privately as teaching is a big passion of mine. I’ve had over 7 years of tutoring experience, tutoring hundreds of students from high school sciences to university level courses. More relevantly, I’ve tutored the medical interview to 250 + undergraduate and postgraduate medical school applicants to universities such as University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Newcastle, Monash university, University of Western Australia, Australian National University, Deakin, Flinders, Griffith, UNDS, University of Wollongong with virtually all applicants getting into a medical school they applied for. I have had the highest success rate (90%+) in the last few years when universities have been weighing the interview component more heavily in the medical school application (some universities weigh the interview component 50% of your application!)

I have also successfully coached many final year medical students into the most competitive tertiary hospital training networks, well beyond their expectations and what their grades and portfolios would traditionally allow them to achieve. I have significant success with coaching health professionals into very selective and specialised training positions from resident level all the way to consultants competing for job positions.

I have a large cohort of students who have had multiple failed attempts in the past who have significant interview weaknesses that often go unrealised. If you have failed before, you are very welcome to get into contact but please do try to do so 9 months prior to your interview date to allow for significant improvement.


- Doctor at NSW Health currently
- Doctor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne (2017 - 2020)
- Harvard Medical School Department of Surgery Researcher (2020)
- Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne (2014-2016)
- Joint MIT/Harvard Department of Physics Researcher (2013)

- Chancellor Scholarship at University of Melbourne
- First class honours (Bachelor of Biomedicine)
- Dux of Queens College, University of Melbourne
- Dux of Cranbrook school with 99.90 ATAR
- Multiple various scholarships

- 200 AUD/hr for medical school preparation
- 280 AUD/hr for internship/residency preparation
- 350 AUD/hr for registrar preparation
- 400 an hour for fellowship/consultant preparation


$10 per hour




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"Hi Jonathan, I'm currently halfway through my first year at Melbourne University and I just wanted to thank you for being such a great tutor and helping me get in despite all my struggles haha. Hopefully your internship applications go well and I know you will be an amazing doctor. Your mannerisms and excellent patients is already a lot better than the doctors I have met already :)"

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