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Dr Soumendra Patra

 Melbourne - Glen Waverley

VCE Chemistry and Adv-Sc for Y9 -10 foundation-Chemistry (now online)

Melbourne tutor in Chemistry, VCE Chem Y 11 & 12 (currently online)

(24 student reviews)

VCE Chemistry Specialist for Year 11 & 12 and Advanced Science for Year 9 and 10. Former university academic, currently a part time researcher. Ensure high marks in Chemistry (VCE).
Currently all classes are online due to Pandemic.
A few revision sessions prior to VCE exam for 12 students are done every year in term break between 3rd week of Sept and 1st week of Oct.
Classes in 6 groups (for Y12 & Y11 Chem) are currently going on, number of students in group is (strictly not more than 4) three or four.
Group 1 : One accelerated class of Y11 on Wednesday 7-9 pm has been started from June 2020 with Y10 students. In first three months (from June 2019- Aug 2019) Combined Sc has been discussed as advanced studies and VCE curriculum of Y11 has been started then after in Sept, 2019. Not many spaces are left for that class, this group will be advanced group of Y12 this year in 2021.
Group 2 : Another class of Y12, Sunday 4-6 pm
Group 3 : Another class of Y12, Tuesday 7-9 pm.
Group 4 : Another class of Y12, Sunday 10-30- 12-30 pm
Group 5 : One accelerated group of Y12 students, Thursday 7-9 pm who started last year when they were in Y11. Group 6 : Another group class of Y11 on Sunday 2-4 pm has been started in Jan 2021. A new group will be started in March/April this year for Y11.

Advance Science (foundation Chemistry) : One new group of Y11 has been started with Y10 students from June, 2020 in fortnightly basis. It will be an accelerated group of Y11 for next year 2021. One written assessment of 30 minutes will be taken before enrolling new students.

Usually, I start Y11 VCE Chemistry curriculum with Y10 students in June on a fortnightly basis. First three months (which generally happens by 7 Fortnight sessions) June, July , Aug I used to take a fortnight session to teach Advanced Combined sciences (with some Maths also like Logarithm) for foundation Chemistry. During these time, I provide 8/10 power points and some study material to make their science-base stronger, so that they can understand Chemistry very well in the following two years to make a high score in Year 12. In Sept every year, I start Unit 1 VCE chemistry on a weekly basis with the same students of foundation chemistry. Currently I have started two sessions of Y10 from 5th Sept, 2020 and it will go weekly basis. They have done a three months foundation as discussed.  I intend to finish first 5 chapters of Year 11 in Nov/Dec and then take a test before new year 2021.

I do an assessment before I take any student of Y 9 and 10 for Y11 VCE foundation Chemistry..

Currently doing a few one on one lesson for Y12 students, $70 is the fee for one on one session for 1 hour; however I do not prefer one on one. I understand students perform better if they study in a small group of three or four. For group lesson the fee is $70 for 2h session.
One GAMSAT session is currently going on. I run a revision session (workshop) every year with Y12 students before VCE Exam which is made of 4 longer sessions, each day one part of Y12is done. Two parts in Unit 3 and two parts in Unit 4 make this revision session of 4 days that happen in early Oct during term break, but this time it will happen in middle of October. Number of previous years questions including mock exam are being done during these 4 sessions of workshop.

I ensure high marks in Chemistry (VCE) with in-depth knowledge, I do give much importance of SACs that make the foundation marks for VCE. I supply notes and question papers to students and books also if necessary. For some basic questions special answers are supplied with additional notes to achieve higher marks in VCE.

One accelerated class of Y12 has been started last year. Y12 course material will be finished soon with an intention to be finished course material in May this year. So students will get enough time to prepare well during SACS, tests and exam of VCE or UMAT (now UCAT). Most of my students are keen to study Medicine or Bio-medicine or Law in coming years.

I am a former university academic and currently working as a part time researcher in RMIT University. My MSc and PhD are in Chemistry from The University of Auckland, New Zealand.I am able to make the Chemistry learning process fun and relevant to the real world. Chemistry is an easy and interesting subject if properly studied. It brings full marks in VCE.

I have 15 years of teaching experience. My passion is Chemistry and I make this subject enjoyable to students for their further learning in Material Sc , BioMed, Medicine, Biotechnology or even in Chemical Engineering. It's a key subject of many areas of higher education. Many students achieved high marks in last year and they are studying Medicine, Biomedicine, Nutrition and Engineering.

Not many spaces are available in the current group. One or two new sessions will be started in Early 2021. Currently all classes are online due to COVID 19.
I am the only tutor to teach. No other tutor and not any branch is available. I prefer group classes with a smaller number of students of three or four and it's currently going on at Wheelers Hill. Two bus stops are available within two minutes walk from my place at Wheelers Hill.

Rate is $70 for 2h session, sometimes session go longer particularly during class-tests without extra charges. Every last Saturday of the month, model Q & A followed by a formal test is strictly done for Y12. This session (once in a month) takes more than 3 hours, just needs to pay for normal 2 hours session. Feedback from Parents and Student for last few years can be seen in this site for peace of mind. I do avoid last minute learning. Create ample time to practice and build confidence to score. Booking for 2021 is almost complete and 2022 is growing. Reservations for 2022, 2023 can be done earlier.
You can find me at Gumtree: https:, s-ad, glen-waverley, tutoring, vce chemistry tutor for high marks and in-depth knowledge, 1143386322.
Note: You can read past 21 student's reference under "STUDENT REVIEW". You can call me at:
Phone:85559310, 0432424110 or



I have almost 15 years of teaching experience.


MSc (chemistry) from The University of Auckland, New Zealand
PhD (Area is organic chemistry and nanoscience) from The University of Auckland, New Zealand


$35 per hour for a small group of 3/4 students for 2 h session. For one on
one lesson $70 per hour and subject to availability of time.

Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in Victoria until 30-Nov--0001 (details available on request)




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Chemistry (Secondary)

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VCE Chem Y 11 & 12 (currently online)

"Dr Patra is very knowledgeable and he prepares me well for my SAC tests and VCE exam. The small group tuition works very well for me as Dr Patra is able to explain the Chem concepts in detail. Also his workshops on exam questions were helpful."

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