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Mr Yas Shimizu

 Sydney - Arcadia

HSC Preparation for Japanese & Maths Teacher (10 years+ exp)

Sydney tutor in Japanese, Maths, HSC Japanese (Beginner & Continuer), JLPT (N5-N1)

Welcome to Japanese/Maths Online tutoring.

HSC preparation 2020 in September:
- Japanese beginners & continuers
- Mathematics Standard 1-2, Advanced, Extension 1-2
Only a limited number of students are available due to quality assistance.

This tutor is a bilingual speaker and has been providing positive learning experiences for over 10 years.
Experienced in online teaching.

This tutor has a strong passion in education (teaching and learning) and qualified Secondary Maths & Japanese language teacher: obtains triple degrees: BEd in Secondary (Maths & Japanese), BA in Psychology & BTh.

Teaching: Providing the simplest instructions that would be available for students, and make their learning memorable.
Most students stay with this tutor over 2 - 3 years average, and 6 years was the longest so far.
Try this tutor and see if you like him or not.

*Updating teaching knowledge and skills via attending professional workshops regularly to provide high-quality assistance for each student and aim students' enjoyable learning.

Students enjoyed and found their lessons very useful: from Year 6 up to Year 12 (Maths & Japanese), and up to senior adults (Japanese language lessons).

***Let's make your success story!***

1. Japanese lessons Expert: HSC prep, High School & University studies, Adult learners & JLPT N5-1 learners, etc.

2. Maths lessons Expert: High school Mathematics Yr7-12 (Standard & Advanced in Yr12)
4 Distinctions at University Mathematics Units in 1st and 2nd year and some of them were very close to HD.

He has been successful to assist his students to improve their maths understandings and skills.

The benefit of learning from this tutor:
* He got trained to teach Secondary Mathematics & Japanese (Yr 7-12) in Australia as a qualified teacher.
* He also got trained in Japan where OECD acknowledged that the Mathematical score was Worldly Top 10 ranking in the past two decades. (Japanese maths education has been known to be great at Problem-solving skill-developing, and it is the 21st-century's one of the essential skills )
* His teaching style is uniquely adjusted to each student for the student's most benefit.
* He teaches patiently and gently by using simple examples with easy words in order to build student's confidence and moving towards more challenging contents.


** A former selective school student (now in UNSW) parent's referral. (Online lesson)
"Years ago, we found Yas on the internet and it lasted many years. Yas is a responsible and passionate teacher, tutor, friend. Yas is flexible, relaxed, detailed, patient and friendly. He is also strict but encourages, and positive. We really appreciated. Thanks a lot!"

*** A Private High School teacher's comment:
"Dear Yas, I would like to personally thank you for your time to come to school and help our students this year.
Speaking is such a difficult and scary prospect for our students, however, they felt comfortable with you and learnt a lot. You have done an exceptional job. The one on one practice time for these students makes the world of difference. They are lucky to have you."

1. HSC JAPANESE Continuers

*** "He thinks he went pretty well. He seems to be happy with his performance. Thank you so much for your help and guidance." (After HSC continuers speaking exam, 2020)
*** "She felt that she answered the questions well. Her exam went OK." (After HSC continuers speaking exam, 2020)
*** "Yes, it was REALLY useful!" from the last minutes HSC preparation student.
*** The latest student found the HSC speaking prep lesson was valuable: "Thank you Yas, my son says he found the lesson very useful.". (August 2020)
*** Mother of a female HSC prep student: "You are an excellent tutor." (August 2020)
*** "I received an 80/100 for HSC Japanese Continuers. Very satisfied with my result. Thank you very much for your help! :)" (Dec 2019 - 1 year tutored)

A father wrote that "her performance at school has definitely improved". (2018-2019) Recently she scored 2nd place in the course for continuers & extension Japanese subject and she was in the middle-ranking 6 months ago without tutoring assistance. Improved listening result from 55% to 75%.

*** Year 12 HSC Continuer level student gained speaking score from 65% to 80% via online lessons.

*** I really would not have been able to get anywhere near that without you, and you honestly helped me enjoy not only Japanese but my student life since I always looked forward to our lessons together. (2018)

** Year 11 student (HSC Continuers level) achieved an excellent result on his Listening and Speaking exam at his school. His teacher was amazed by the wonderful result and progress of the student's Japanese.

** For Japanese, my teacher said I got in the top band! I did get my maths exam back and I got 84% with the average being 69%! Thank you for being such a great tutor! (Yr10 student, Term 1, 2020 - 3 years of Japanese & 1 year of Maths tutoring)
Year 9 student got 100% on Japanese. (2019)

** My high school teacher recommended you as an excellent tutor. (A high school student, Dec. 2018)
* You are a great teacher! I can't believe we found you!. (A mother of students, Term 4, 2019)
* Your students will be very lucky to have you. (A mother of students, 2018)
** Assisted University Student for University's Japanese studies on 3 hard units so far. (2019-2020, 4 years tutoring since High School Yr11)
'Thank you for all your help this semester - I feel like my Japanese has improved further.' (June 2020)
- Having a Japanese lesson and a game of golf are the 2 best things of the week! (CEO, Dec. 2019 - 2 years learning)


Assisted Yr 11 & 12 students for:
- Mathematics Standard
- Mathematics Advanced

Assisted Yr 7-10 students: - A student (5.2) achieved 95% on a recent exam (Term 3, 2020) and this student used to be just around average before taking this tutor's lessons.
- A student who used to be below average improved dramatically: "For my maths assessment, I received 87% which was above average!" (Term 2, 2020)
- A Yr 10 student: "I did get my maths exam back and I got 84% with the average being 69%! Thank you for being such a great tutor!" (Term 1, 2020)
- A Yr 6 student's mom wrote: He did better than he ever did before. His teacher announced that he was the student who improved the most. we are very happy about that. (Term 4, 2019)
- A Yr 9 student got 14% above average and maintained above average constantly through 2019 since she started her tutoring lesson with this tutor this year. (Term 4, 2019)

- A student in Yr9 (5.2) Maths increased score from the early 60s to 80s (ave.70 on the test) in Term 1 after 2 months tutoring, and also achieved 84% for a 2nd test that's average was 74% in Term 2, 2019. (*These exciting outcomes didn't happen when she had a different tutor elsewhere before.)
A mother of this student said that she never heard before that her daughter said her exam went well and the mother was so pleased to hear it the first time in her life. Mother wrote that "I can definitely see an improvement in her Japanese and mathematics. A credit to you! Thank you for all the help you’ve been giving her".) (Term1-2, 2019)



Tutoring Experience: Over 10 years
- Private Tutoring (Online & face to face)
- Coaching College (private & group lessons)
- Community Language School (classroom teacher)
- Senior Primary, High school, and adult teaching
- Internship at Online coaching institution
- Online school lessons


- Qualified Secondary Teacher (Mathematics & Japanese) in Australia

- BEd in Secondary: Mathematics & Japanese (Up to Yr12)
- BA in Psychology (Japan): Education & development: 'Students' Motivation & Learnings'
- BTh
- Certificate in Language Teaching: High Distinction (Sydney University)


Average qualified teacher's rate starts from $60, but I offer $50 for now.

[Regular Private lesson Fee]
1) $50/hour: 1hr Weekly Lesson
2) $60/hour: On-demand Lesson

Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in New South Wales until 30-Oct-2020 (details available on request)




Joined Tutor Finder on 12-Oct-2015 (updated profile on 17-Sep-2020)
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Maths (Primary, Secondary)


Japanese (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)

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HSC Japanese (Beginner & Continuer), JLPT (N5-N1)
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