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Mr Yas Shimizu

 Sydney - Galston

Sydney tutor in Japanese, Maths, HSC Japanese (Beginner & Continuer) Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation (Level N5-N1)

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Lessons are available at a place near Galston or via Online

Welcome to Hills tutoring. Specialised in Japanese (Y6-HSC, Adult) & Maths (Y7-12)

Over ten years of quality teaching experience, and taught over 80 students.

Private lessons are available with a passionate, trained and experienced WWCC number holding tutor via online or at a studio in the Hills district (near Galston 2159).

High school study, business, travel Japanese Language Proficiency Test etc. (All ages and levels)
Experienced high school students, adults and retired people.

High school - The speciality of the tutor is explaining the mathematical concepts in a clearer and more simple way for learners to understand and gain mathematical concepts and skills as easy as possible. The essence of specialty comes from the tutor's own mathematical experience as a learner and his excellent mathematics teachers who had taught him.

- 1st Practicum training in secondary education degree was successfully completed at Killara HS in 2018.
- Internship experience at one of online tutoring institute as a checker of maths questions and solutions (for Y9-12) in 2018. - In university's Maths education earned 3 Distinctions (2 units were just 1 point under HD).

- The tutor had mathematical education in Japan around the time when Japanese maths education level was the top in the world (OECD PISA result).
- The Japanese maths international ranking has been above top 10.

- Proceeding Secondary Education teaching (Maths & Japanese) - Obtain two bachelor degrees (BA & BTh)
- Teaching at private high schools and coaching college
- Certificate of Language Teaching (Sydney University): High Distinction

Students and school teacher expressed their positive experiences with this tutor.

1. Students' results:
- He thinks he did well in all the exams. (A mother of HSC student)
- ... completed his exams on Friday and he was very excited finally HSC is over. Thank you very much for being available for ... we really appreciated. Thank you again for everything. (A mother of HSC student)
- The japanese exam I thought went really well. The writing questions were not too difficult and were quite open and I managed to understand all of the kanji in the reading. I would like to just say thank you so much for all your help in preparing me for the exam. You have truly expanded my skills over the last two years and I would not be where I am with my japanese today with you! It is certainly a skill I am looking to continue at university. (Another Year 12 HSC continuer student's message)

- I just received your letter and i wanted to return the favour by thanking you for being a wonderful teacher, ive learned so much from you and i wouldnt be where i am in japanese without you. Thank you for helping me out and thank you for your kindness.:D. (Year 12 HSC continuer student's message on his graduation)

- Assisted three students to get prepared for trips to Japan by providing individual lessons for 3 to 6months. - Recently assisted a very beginner Y9 high school student to cover and catch up two years contents (Year 7-8) within 6 months. This student achieved 70% mark on Year 9 (Term 2) reading & writing exam. - Year 8 student's mother wrote that "She enjoys her lessons with you very much. Thanks.". - A mother wrote that "Thank you for your efforts with ... we are really appreciated. ... is very happy with your lessons and he is feeling more confident." - Over the past two years, I have enjoyed the lesson and I have learnt a lot. It has been a pleasure to learn from you and have enjoyed the casual environment of the lessons.

- Year 8 student who had struggled school study achieved 78% on the end of year result. - Year 12 HSC Continuer level student gained speaking score from 65% to 80% via skype lesson. - Year 11 student (Continuer level) achieved an excellent result on his Listening and Speaking exam at his school. His teacher said that she was amazed by the wonderful result and progress of the student's Japanese.

2. A high school teacher wrote:
"Dear Yas, I would like to personally thank you for your time to come to school and help our students this year.
Speaking is such a difficult and scary prospect for our students, however, they felt comfortable with you and learnt a lot. You have done an exceptional job. The one on one practice time for these students makes the world of difference. They are lucky to have you."

3. A referral from a mother of North Sydney Boys high school student:
"6 years ago, we found Yas on the internet and it lasted many years. Yas is a responsible and passionate teacher/tutor/friend. Yas is flexible, relaxed, detailed, patient and friendly. He is also strict but encourages, and positive. We really appreciated. Thanks a lot!"

Instructor obtains Working With Children Check number for paid work.



Teaching over 10 years (private lessons, coaching college, private high schools and community language school)

- Currently taking secondary education majors in Maths & Japanese
- The first practicum completed at Killara HS for Maths teaching

- Experienced in Japanese lessons for school students including HSC as well as adult (conversational, travel, business and JLPT)
- Experienced in teaching Japanese conversation lessons at private high schools
- Experienced in HSC Japanese language speaking test preparation (Beginner & Continuer)
- Teaching at Japanese community language school (primary)

* A native Japanese speaker from Tokyo area, currently progressing Education degree in Japanese and Maths units.

- Experienced in teaching Y7-12 at coaching school and private tutoring.


1. Certificate of Language Teaching (Sydney University) - High Distinction
2. Graduate entry BEd (Secondary school teaching in Japanese & Maths) - In progress
3. BA in Psychology (Education: Learning, Development & Motivation) completed
4. BTh completed


[Regular Private lesson Fee]
$50/hour for a Weekly regular lesson

Weekend Fees:
Saturdays: $60/hour

[Last minutes Exam preparation lessons Fee]
$60-90 for a lesson

[Group lesson Fee]
Please inquire.

Student Discount

Special Offer - A trial lesson is available for $40

Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in New South Wales until 30-Oct-2020 (details available on request)




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HSC Japanese (Beginner & Continuer) Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation (Level N5-N1)
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