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Brisbane tutor in Physics, Maths, Calculus, Statistics, Maths Methods, Chemistry, Algebra, Further Maths, Visual Arts, IB Physics SL/HL, Physics Essay, EEI Report and Journal Writing and Editing, Mathematics, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry.

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Welcome to Yong Tuition Online! 1 tutor for 3 key subjects: Physics, Maths, and Chemistry. Visit YongTuition at Youtube for my talks on gravitational wave, advanced calculus, relativity, and the stardard model.

For ambitious students, I provide both single-subject and integrated tutoring in Physics, Maths, and theory of Chemistry at all levels. Regular weekly tutoring is preferred as Rome ne s'est pas faite en un jour.

I started teaching Physics in universities in 1982 and obtained PhD in Physics. Last year, I tutored an IB student on Compulational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). I wish all my students to become independent learners and thinkers, as I have explained a number of basic issues in physics, including the theoretical work for the 2021 Nobel prize in Physics, (Please watch the talks ans online tutoring sessions at Yong Tuition at Youtube.)

Beyond teaching, I was one of the invited authors to write Handbook for electron and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, published by American Institute of Physics Press, for postgraduates and research scientists worldwide I was also responsible for designing and testing new Dynamic Nuclear Polarization instruments for enhancing NMR and MRI sensitivity.

Many students have become successful in their careers internationally, such as Prof Zhang who has published several papers in Physics Review Letters. e.g. 104, 08971(2010) and 103. 186402 (2009). My professional and international experiences over the past 30 years are unique for helping young students who wish to enter into Science, Medicine and Engineering.

Physics is essential for studying Mathematics and Chemistry. For example, Calculus was invented by Newton to describe motion; many Chemical terms, such as anion, cation and oxidation, are either meaningless or misleading. In fact, all interactions among ions and molecules are electromagnetic and can be described by point-charges, electrical and magnetic dipoles. Without learning quantum mechanics and thermodynamics, one can hardly comprehend spontaneity, Pauli exclusion principle etc.

If you just need to know how to solve problems, that's fine, although you only access a fraction of my resources accumulated. Ideally, you are a junior student who wish to strategically study Maths and Physics driven by your intelligence development. For senior students, I can also provide just-in-time training and advice to enable you to be get high marks and become an independent learner before you enter a university.

I am good at teaching you how to build up connections among Physics, Maths and Chemistry, such as linear algebra and Quantum mechanics, atomic physics and chemistry, group theory and the standard model, discrete and continuous functions, which will enable you to master these subjects quickly.

In Brisbane, I have tutored students from public schools, boy, girl grammar, private schools, QA, and university students in QUT and QU. I don't use a particular textbook. Instead, I design lecture note for each student based on his or her profile and potential. If you are writing your thesis, or a paper to be published in a specialist journal, then you can ask me for help.

Not only have I taught Physics at all levels, but also I have been a senior researcher and consultant in several interdisciplinary fields and made some original contributions to the theory, experiment, and instrumentation of electron and nuclear spin resonance. If you are interested in such hot research areas as medical imaging and quantum entanglement, you could have a short-cut to get there by asking me.

I believe no child is incapable of mastering high-school Physics and Mathematics. As it is unlikely for all kids to be properly taught at school en masse, I think the traditional one-to-one tuition at home will prevail in the 21st century.

To watch my Online Tutoring Demo, please visit Yong Tuition at YouTube.



I have taught and tutored many students with contrasting backgrounds and different expectations. As a result, I have developed a numbers of methodologies to cater to their individual needs, such as how to review Physics in a few days and master Survival Analysis in two weeks. By observing how a student solves a few problems, I am able to identify what related basic skills need to be improved.

It is noticed that many students who have experienced all sorts of difficulties in Years 11-12 usually had failed in building related foundations in their junior high years. Unfortunately, the current syllabus does not allow students to strategically develop the related skills and systematical background knowledge. I have been teaching students Physics and Maths as early as Year 7. Some of them have mastered calculus in Year 10.

In many a school, Physics is taught by merely demonstrating how to solve problems numerically without explaining how the original ideas and theories had been developed and what kinds of difficulties the physicists had been experienced. I have helped many students to understand concepts and reveal the relations among seemly irrelevant formulae and ideas. In this way, my students have entered universities with both in-depth understanding and wider horizon in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. (Why also in Chemistry? Because Chemistry is based on Physics: rate equation, atomic physics, quantum mechanics, gas law, and some basic thermodynamic functions, such as enthalpy, entropy, and Gibbs free energy. )

Some highlights in my recent tutoring experiences includes: (i) Applying mathematical knowledge to formulate ideas and models in physics; (ii) Enabling a medical graduate to prepare for a Physics examination in Europe in one month from scratch; (iii) Enabling a QU student to obtain high mark in his ODE examination; (iv) Helping a master-degree student to study inferential statistics.

Recently Tutored Courses in addition to IB and Australian High School.
*Physics (Centrale Commissie Voorteen Natuurkunde)
*Statistics (Master Degree, UCQ)
*Magnetic Resonance Imaging: k-space, relaxation times (University of Queensland)
*Ordinary Differential Equations: (University of Queensland)
*Solid State Physics: Energy-band theory and quantum statistics.
*Quantum Mechanics: Atoms with two electrons
*Reliability Theory: Weibull Distribution (Master Degree, QUT)
*Thermodynamics: Thermal Transfer (Master Degree, University of Queensland)

Apart from my teaching experience, I have worked in many interdisciplinary fields. I had studied drug-DNA binding sites in the presence of metal ions, such as Cu(II); free radicals in irradiated food stuffs, HIV-membrane interaction, and high-temperature superconductors. Using my expertise in microwave technologies, I had independently developed several new instruments for research and medical imaging.

Recently, I have helped a student of a grammar school in preparing for International Young Physicist's Tournament on behalf of Australia.

In passing, I have met/tutored students who asked me for help at the last moment before an assignment is due. Although some emergency treatments are available, it is strongly recommended that some "early symptoms" be identified.


I graduated from SCNU in China with BSc, majored in Physics and Physics Teaching. I also obtained PhD in Physics from Monash University. Part of my PhD Thesis has been adopted for teaching postgraduate students in SUNY, USA. I am one of invited authors to write a Handbook on magnetic resonance spectroscopy for researchers in the field. For more information about my background, click the website in CONTACT.


To be worked out based on subject and level. $80 per hour high school student; $90 for university student; $100 for postgraduate student.

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Special Offer - 30 min free assesment online.

Working With Children Check

Yes, I'm cleared to work with children in Queensland until 08-Nov-2022 (details available on request)




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IB Physics SL/HL, Physics Essay, EEI Report and Journal Writing and Editing, Mathematics, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry.

"I journeyed with Dr. Yong through the horrible reality of Engineering Mathematics with no prior mathematics knowledge. This journey is not for the faint of heart and we strove through it together. Yong is a hidden treasure that should have more recommendation than he really gets. It's a shame he doesn't teach in our universities because the way he explains with interesting world examples that ensures the students understand is really rare in this stone age. Thank you, Dr. Yong, for everything."

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