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Mrs Aki Ueno -  Melbourne - Box Hill

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Student Stars K C P A A P I V Subject Lessons Date
Sam 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Japanese VCE 80 24-05-2023
Although it’s been almost two years since I’ve completed VCE, Mrs Aki Ueno has been a major help for me throughout my VCE Japanese studies. Before my tutoring lessons, I was a mediocre Japanese student. My listening skills were subpar. And to my unbeknownst, my speaking skills were fully lacking. It wasn’t until Mrs Aki Ueno, and her full dedication, patience and knowledge that guided me through this long and arduous journey, could I receive a 45 study score. I cannot not recommend her more as a tutor. Every lesson, she would start with a listening activity. No matter how many times I had to say “もう一回お願いします” (could you please repeat that once more), Mrs Aki Ueno never once lost patience or made me lose faith in myself. Eventually, after a few months, I could finally see that my efforts were rewarded. I no longer needed to listen to the audios multiple times, but instead, once was enough for me. After the listening tasks, we’d move onto reading comprehension. Although I had no trouble with the reading comprehension tasks, I found myself immersed in a new world of fancy terms and grammar that was beyond the scope of VCE, to which attributed to my high scoring, comprehensive and eloquent essays. With the time left over, we would practice speaking. Ranging from the “how is school?” small talk to “what do you think of the social problems of the Japanese ageing society” deep questions, Mrs Aki Ueno covered it all. A great conversationalist and an empathetic listener, Mrs Aki Ueno is guaranteed to provide fun and interacting lessons. Ending off, after each lesson, I was asked to complete an essay before the next following lesson. On my own, I covered a range of topics and essay styles and Mrs Aki Ueno always marked them with high standards, again to which reflected well in my SACS, as well as my final exam.

Mevni 5.0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Japanese 60 11-01-2023
I am an IB student who received an IB 44. Mrs Aki Ueno was my tutor for IB Japanese for one and a half years. Before I had classes with her I was getting around 70% and higher 60% and at the start of my IB journey I thought Japanese was my worst subject. However, by the end of year 12 Aki Sensei had helped me to increase my score to a high 7 in my final test, with Japanese being my highest scored one. I could not have achieved that mark without her help and she was an amazing and supportive tutor who always motivated me to improve. I would recommend Mrs Aki Ueno to any student because she always sends high quality resources to help and is amazing at teaching Japanese.

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